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UK’s Leading Aviation and Aerospace Charity Offers Career Enrichment Program to State-School Students
Source: The Air League

Over 200 eager students from across Hertfordshire, North London, Yorkshire, and the West Midlands recently embarked on a thrilling journey into the world of flight. Their exciting adventure in the skies began with a unique seven-month program.

This program called “Soaring to Success” is arranged by The Air League, the UK’s premier aviation and aerospace charity. The aim is to spark an interest in aviation and aerospace careers among students in state-funded schools. 

Many enterprises generously support the program. Sponsors include Airbus, Boeing, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the Department for Transport (DfT), and the Careers and Enterprise Company also back the program.

Changing Lives, One Flight at a Time: The Air League’s Mission to Inspire and Educate Young Aviators

Source: The Air League

“Our Soaring to Success program is a powerful tool to inspire young students who might not have previously considered a career in aviation. Witnessing their growth over seven months, from their confidence to their ability to work constructively with one another, has been incredibly rewarding,” said Ian Morrison, Chief Executive at The Air League. “We are deeply grateful to our partners and sponsors. Their invaluable contribution has played a vital role in shaping the future paths of these students.” 

Participants, aged between 13 and 17, hailed from various schools, including Edmonton Academy, Hertswood Academy, and Birchwood High School. The program united a total of 200 students, all sharing a budding enthusiasm for aviation. 

Established in 1909, the Air League is a leading UK aviation and aerospace charity. It seeks to foster social mobility by demonstrating that the aviation industry is a welcoming space for everyone. 

“Soaring to Success is instrumental in equipping students with the knowledge required to pursue a career in aviation and aerospace,” said Sophie Jones, Head of Organizational Capacity and STEM sponsor at UK’s Civil Aviation Authority. “Through the Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund, we can offer outreach and targeted projects to students from diverse backgrounds, helping them develop essential skills for the sector. We are hopeful that the program continues to inspire young talent to chart the future course of aviation and aerospace.” 

The Ultimate Aviation Experience: A First Flying Lesson

Source: The Air League

For 42 students from schools across Hertfordshire and North London, their seven-month training course was capped off with Air Experience Days. The event took place at the iconic London Elstree Aerodrome. Students plunged into a series of Air Experiences at the aerodrome, including team-building workshops and flying lessons. 

“The day was extraordinary, with many individuals generously dedicating their time to interact with students and expose them to the myriad of opportunities within aviation. It’s been fantastic,” said Judith Crimes, Careers Leader at Birchwood High School in East Hertfordshire. “Students who previously had a narrow view of aviation being only about pilots now have a broader perspective. They showed great interest in the engineering aspect and were introduced to various facets of aviation, thanks to the ambassadors and volunteers from all areas of the industry.”

The UK’s Leading Aviation and Aerospace Charity

The Air League is a sector-leading aviation and aerospace charity focused on changing lives through a passion for flight. Its core purpose is to inspire young people from all backgrounds into the industry. The Air League champions the future of the British aviation and aerospace sectors.

Hundreds of disadvantaged students benefit each year from Air League support. The organization helps them start a career, build self-esteem and well-being, and make them feel valued. Kids who participate learn what they can achieve.

The Air League breaks down the barriers to the aviation industry. Its scholarships and outreach programs create a life-long impact on students. Many stay involved in aviation throughout their careers.

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