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Inside the New Hygge SAS Comfort Kits

SAS Travelkit Studio Bon

Indulge in Ultimate Comfort with the New SAS Comfort Kits on Select Flights

As the peak travel season buzz fills the air, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), your trusted companion on the skies between the US and Scandinavia for over seven decades, is elevating the travel experience.

Travelers journeying between Scandinavia’s ethereal beauty, the USA’s pulsating energy, or the enchanting mystique of Asia will find a new hyggeligt comfort onboard.

For their esteemed Business Class passengers on these routes, SAS has introduced an array of luxurious onboard amenities. These new SAS Comfort Kits are set to redefine your travel experience.

Discover What’s Inside the SAS Comfort Kits for a Luxurious In-Flight Experience

Imagine unwrapping your very own suitcase organizer during your flight, an exclusive treat from SAS in partnership with DUX.

You’ll receive one of three distinct and incredibly useful comfort kits, each containing amenity items you’ll appreciate in-flight as much as you’ll enjoy using their elegant DUX containers once you are back home.

Each flight offers a unique combination—a handy travel pouch, a chic shoe bag, or a practical laundry bag—all designed to elevate your travel experience. They come in two color varieties: Orange and Gray.

Prepare to be pampered in-flight with the following exclusive amenities:

  • Immerse yourself in tranquility with an eye mask from the Swedish Sound Sleep Experts at DUX, designed to ensure you enjoy restful sleep even +30,000 feet above the ground.
  • Refresh your smile mid-flight with the Humble Co. Dental Care kit. The toothbrush, sporting a cornstarch handle and toothpaste, boasting a natural fresh mint flavor, will keep your oral hygiene in check while on board.
  • Experience the ultimate comfort with Swedish Stocking Socks. These cozy socks, made from recycled materials and dyed with eco-friendly colors, will keep your feet snug and warm throughout your journey.
  • Pamper your skin with Verso Skincare products. This pioneering brand delivers quality skincare with minimal ingredients to lessen environmental impact. Their subtly scented, gentle skin lotion, tailored to match the in-flight air quality, is complemented by a refreshing mint-flavored lip balm.
  • Block out the noise and enjoy a peaceful journey with Swedsafe Ear Plugs. These discreetly colored ear plugs, produced under a stringent quality control system, are designed for a perfect fit that reduces noise emissions and assures passenger comfort.

What Makes the New SAS Comfort Kits Stand Out from Other In-Flight Amenities?

The Contents of the SAS Comfort Kit 

Each SAS Comfort Kit is a treasure chest packed with thoughtfully curated items designed to enhance the inflight experience. These inflight amenity kits include an eye mask, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and earplugs, all essentials for a comfortable long-haul journey. Additionally, the kits also feature a selection of skincare items. In that sense, they follow the playbook of essential luxury amenities that premium passengers will expect to find onboard. 

Sustainability at Heart 

What sets these comfort kits apart, however, is their “keeper quality.” This isn’t just another readily disposable item the airline gives out. It is a personal gift of useful items that will outlast the journey. 

New Hygge Kits from SAS Travelkit Studio Bon

SAS Airlines has built a reputation for its commitment to sustainability. These stylish comfort kits are another step in that direction. 

Exclusive to Select Routes 

The SAS Comfort Kit is not a standard amenity, and currently, they are exclusively available on flights between Scandinavia, the US, and Asia. You must pay for a Business Class ticket to get a nifty SAS Comfort Kits. But the whole experience of SAS Business class is worth it. The exclusivity of the kits, available only on limited flights, adds an extra layer of allure to the travel experience, making the journey as pleasing as arriving at your destination. 

SAS Comfort Kit Review: Perfect Inflight Hygge

SAS picked the brands included in the kit and the functional, understated design to represent the Scandinavian lifestyle. They are a hygge kit at altitude (minus the candles, for safety reasons). You’ll surely find chocolate and coffee onboard to round off your hyggeligt flight.  

So, whether you’re catching some sleep, freshening up, or simply indulging in inflight meals or catching up on inflight entertainment, the SAS Comfort Kit is there to further elevate your inflight experience.

It’s not just a bag of essentials; it’s a statement of SAS Airlines’ commitment to sustainability, innovation, and Scandinavian design.

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