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Norwegian Reports Record Number of Passengers

More people were greeted by the friendly faces of Norwegian’s cabin crew this past month than at any other time this year.

  • Norwegian surpassed 2 million passengers in June, which equals the highest number of passengers since July 2022. The load factor was 86%. 
  • Booking numbers for the summer are positive, as is the outlook for air travel demand in August and September.
Source: Norwegian

Norwegian’s passenger count in June soared to 2,026,413, marking a 5% increase from the same period in 2022. The airline’s capacity (ASK) stood at 3,130 million seat kilometers, while actual passenger traffic (RPK) clocked in at 2,686 million seat kilometers. Complementing these figures was the operation of an average of 78 aircraft in June, with a near-perfect regularity rate of 99.6 percent. 

Norwegian’s punctuality also painted a promising picture, with 76.4 percent of its flights taking off within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time. Also, 95.5% of all departed flights arrived either on time or within just one hour of their expected arrival time. These numbers showcase Norwegian’s commitment to delivering seamless travel experiences to its passengers amidst challenging times.

In May of this year, the experts in airline analytics, Cirium, rated Norwegian as the most punctual airline in Europe. 

The airline expects July’s figures to climb even higher as air traffic control issues at Copenhagen airport have cleared. 

Strengthening the position as a leading airline in the Nordics

Source: Norwegian

“I am pleased to see that we have welcomed the highest number of passengers on our planes so far this year. We are looking forward to meeting an even larger number of passengers onboard our planes in July, the busiest travel month of the year,” said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

“Although our operations were impacted by air traffic control issues, particularly in Denmark and France, our punctuality, when measured by arriving within 60 minutes of our scheduled time, was satisfactory. This demonstrates our ability to perform under challenging circumstances. Demand for summer air travel has been strong, but some seats are still available for any last-minute sunseekers,” Karlsen concluded.

Norwegian also reported positive bookings for August and September.

With the announcement yesterday of its acquisition of regional carrier Widerøe, Norwegian is steadfastly propelling its mission to fortify its presence as a dominant player in the Nordic aviation landscape.

Norwegian Sweetens Loyalty Program with Strawberry

Geir Karlsen Konsernsjef, Norwegian. Petter Stordalen  Eier, Strawberry  Foto: Espen Solli
Geir Karlsen CEO, Norwegian. Petter Stordalen Owner, Strawberry Foto: Espen Solli

In a notable move last month, Norwegian joined forces with Strawberry, marking a significant change in their loyalty program strategy. 

Norwegian and Strawberry are teaming up to form a joint venture, promising to expand the offerings for their respective loyalty program members.  

Get ready for a unified loyalty currency and a brand-new platform. This allows members to rack up and redeem points across various programs. Norwegian and Strawberry will co-own the new entity, each holding an equal stake in this innovative venture.

A New Loyalty Currency for Norwegian Rewards

The aim is to expand services for loyalty program members and invite more partners. A shared loyalty currency and a system where members can earn and use points across various programs will be created. Norwegian and Strawberry will co-own this entity. 

The digital loyalty currency will substitute current loyalty point systems. Thus, members can use earned points for different services like hotel stays or airfares.

“We are developing our already popular loyalty program, Norwegian Reward, by thinking outside the box and cooperating with new partners. I am very pleased to have found Strawberry as a partner and that by joining forces, we are developing a new platform which will give even more customers the opportunity to choose from a broader selection of services. We would also like to invite more partners to join this collaboration as we move forward,” said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

Expect Fresh Experiences from Norwegian and Strawberry Loyalty Partnership

The partnership currently includes the Norwegian Reward and Strawberry’s loyalty programs. The goal is to expand with more Nordic partners, offering members increased opportunities to earn and spend points. The new company will initially target a substantial portion of Nordic households.

“We currently offer a universe of exciting experiences and an attractive loyalty program with fantastic partners. Strawberry’s ambition is to be relevant to more people more often. Uniting two companies with Nordic roots and histories to create a common loyalty currency is part of reaching this ambition. This will be a game changer for members and guests, providing people in the Nordic countries with better and more frequent opportunities to earn and use their loyalty points. We look forward to embarking on this journey together with Norwegian,” said Petter A. Stordalen, owner and founder of Strawberry (former Nordic Choice Hotels).

Norwegian and Strawberry loyalty programs have about 7.5 million Nordic members. More information on the company and loyalty currency will be released during the year-end launch. Norwegian and Strawberry will keep their current customer offers and retain ownership of their loyalty programs.

Getting to Know Norwegian

As the crowning jewel of Norway’s aviation industry, Norwegian stands tall as one of Europe’s premier low-cost airlines. With a committed crew of around 4,500 employees, this airline has been weaving a comprehensive web of routes across Nordic countries and the wider European continent since 2002. Over 300 million passengers have enjoyed the freedom and affordability that Norwegian brings to the sky. 

But Norwegian is far more than just an airline. It’s a catalyst for change, a powerhouse propelling the aviation industry towards a more sustainable future. With a bold goal of slashing CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030, Norwegian is not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Its strategies? An upgraded fleet, championing sustainable aviation fuel, waste reduction, and harnessing wind and weather data to map out the most fuel-efficient flight paths. Norwegian is on a mission to become the go-to choice for eco-conscious flyers.

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