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New United Domestic First Class Seat Unveiled

United Airlines announced the launch of a United domestic First class seat that elevates in-flight comfort and technology. This awesome upgrade combines fine design details and cutting-edge features, improving the passenger experience.

United First Tech-Forward Comfort—Incredibly Cool Tech Innovations

United domestic First Class seat wireless charging.

The brand-new United First® seat, set to be unleashed on the first 737 this month. It comes with a snazzy wireless charging station in each armrest.

United First delivers what modern passengers are after – extra power outlets, roomier spots for gadgets, plus a little privacy.

By 2026, the airline plans to have these swanky seats on over 200 domestic flights. Passengers will find them on the 737 NGs, A321neos, and 737 MAXs.

Get ready to multitask in the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, all in one snazzy seat!

The new United First seat will be introduced on the first 737 this month, includes a wireless charging station in each armrest.
The new United First seat will fly on 200+ domestic flights by 2026, including on 737 NGs, A321neos and 737 MAXs. Source: United

Passengers can keep multiple electronic devices fully charged with three types of outlets – wireless, AC household-style outlet, and USB-C. United is transforming the onboard experience, maximizing space and efficiency for the modern digital world.

United's new domestic First Class seat features multiple power outlets and wireless charging in the armrest.
Wireless charging in the armrest of the new United First Class seat. Source: United

The brand new United First seat takes in-flight entertainment up a notch. The awesome 13-inch screens behind the seats come in high-definition, ensuring you enjoy your in-flight movie or streaming your favorite programs. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can customize your experience to your heart’s content. You can enjoy the entertainment on the seat back screens while catching up on your personal electronic devices.

The New United First: Catering to Modern Passenger’s Lifestyle Needs

The new seat offers extra room for passengers to get their work done or just kick back and relax. You’ll love the 18 × 8.5-inch tray table with a built-in tablet holder, perfect for using your laptop. Italian quartzite cocktail tables and bottle holders add a classy touch. With all this space and smart design, you can easily juggle your gadgets, munchies, and drinks while having everything you need within arm’s reach. Enjoy your flight!

First Class Privacy and Comfort Redefined

Each United First seat features vegan leather upholstery. You’ll have your own personal space with an awesome 11 x 19-inch divider, winged headrests, and tray tables that slide out from the armrests.

United is planning to upgrade the first class seats on over 200 planes by 2025. They’re bringing in new seat cushions, more of that luxurious vegan leather, and winged headrests for extra coziness.

Collaborative Innovation

The United First seat design is the result of a collaboration between United’s engineering and inflight teams, biomechanics researcher Dr. Matthew Reed from the University of Michigan, and the design firm Priestman Goode.

This revamp is a major update to United’s domestic first class seat, proving that they’re in touch with what modern travelers want and determined to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations.

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