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Pegasus Airlines Orders 36 New Airbus A321neo Aircraft

Pegasus Airlines Adds 36 New Airbus A321neo Aircraft to its fleet, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

Pegasus Airlines’ New Purchase: 36 A321neo Aircraft

As part of its fleet modernization and sustainability strategies, Pegasus Airlines has made a game-changing move by placing an order for 36 new A321neo aircraft from Airbus. This latest procurement brings the airline’s total Airbus orders to 150, reinforcing its ongoing efforts towards environmental conservation, cost savings, and operational efficiency.

An Increased Commitment to the A320/321neo Family

Pegasus Airlines first dipped its toes into the Airbus pool back in 2012, gradually expanding its commitment to the A320/321neo family of aircraft ever since. Today, this growing affinity for the Airbus family translates into an operation of one of the youngest and most efficient fleets on a global scale, with the full order expected to be delivered by 2029.

Why the A321neo? Advantages of the Airbus Single-Aisle Aircraft

The A321neo aircraft, a state-of-the-art model from the Airbus medium-range single-aisle family, offers several benefits to Pegasus. With a 239-seat configuration and innovative LEAP-1A engines, the A321neo promises substantial capacity utilization and drastically reduced fuel consumption. Airbus further asserts that these new-generation Neo aircraft are 15-20% more fuel-efficient and produce less carbon emissions than their predecessors – a fact that has been validated in operational performances.

CEO Güliz Öztürk on Pegasus Airlines’ Sustainability Strategy

Güliz Öztürk, Pegasus Airlines’ CEO, states that this modernization and expansion of their fleet aligns with their fundamental belief in making air travel accessible to everyone. Öztürk emphasizes the airline’s focus on sustainability by procuring efficient aircraft like the A321neo and increasing the use of sustainable aviation fuels, and seeking alternative energy sources.

“We embarked on our journey with the belief that everyone has the right to fly. Today, we remain equally dedicated to operational efficiency, financial performance, and sustainability for our industry and the world. With these goals in mind, we continue to work diligently and determinedly toward our strategy of fleet modernization, focusing on fuel and unit cost savings and emission reductions. Through our recent agreement with Airbus, by adding 36 new 239-seater A321neo aircraft, which are the most efficient aircraft type in their class, we will both expand and modernize our fleet.”

Average 4.5 years: Pegasus operates the youngest fleet in Türkiye

Pegasus operates the youngest aircraft fleet in Türkiye and one of the youngest fleets among low-cost carriers globally. The average aircraft age is 4.5 years.

“This efficiency makes a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, we are actively pursuing many more initiatives on the road to net zero. Beyond our fleet transformation with new generation aircraft, we are moving towards this goal through our operational efficiency efforts, increasing our use of sustainable aviation fuel and our focus on alternative energy sources,” Güliz Öztürk said. “In 2023 and beyond, our main goal will be to maintain and advance our leading position in the industry with our innovative, rational, principled, and responsible approach.”

About Pegasus Airlines: A Leader in Low-Cost, Sustainable Air Travel

Pegasus Airlines has been a prominent player in the aviation sector since 1990. Today, it has emerged as a leading low-cost airline in Türkiye, connecting Türkiye with various international destinations. The airline is committed to delivering affordable air travel options while continuously upgrading its fleet. Pegasus has also leveraged advanced digital technologies to ensure a sustainable future.

Pegasus Sustainability Center: A Commitment to a Better Future

For more information on Pegasus Airlines’ commitment to sustainability and its initiatives in this area, visit the Pegasus Sustainability Center.

About Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus entered the aviation sector in 1990 and was acquired by ESAS Holding in 2005. The airline adopted a low-cost business model and aims to provide affordable air travel to everyone. Pegasus is known as Türkiye’s leading low-cost airline. They offer flights with young and affordable aircraft. As of 2018, Pegasus is recognized as Türkiye’s Digital Airline and serves 129 destinations in 49 countries, including 36 domestic and 93 international locations. Pegasus operates connecting flights between Turkey and Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Russia, and Central Asia through Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen. The airline prioritizes guest experience by offering digital technologies and unique innovations to enhance the travel experience.

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  1. Whilst not the biggest of orders this must sound alamr bells at Boeing. Pegasus was, for some time, a B73&-exclusive airline and has now, effectively completed the transition to Airbus fleet. Airlines of this size can achieve the transition less painfully than larger single fleet operators, like Ryanair or Southwest, but if they can use the Airbus platform(s) to lower costs and become more competitive it may, eventually compel others to take the pain and do the same.

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