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Southwest Airlines Makes Shopping In the Sky Easier with Help from MOST

Southwest Airlines Teams Up with MOST for Retail Transformation

Southwest Airlines has teamed up with MOST—a fintech company that aims to revolutionize in-flight shopping by simplifying payments. Their partnership will make the in-flight shopping experience more enjoyable for passengers, and make collecting information about sales more efficient for airlines.

Making the Most of MOST’s Technology

MOST’s unique technology makes it easy to create a new shopping experience. The system helps airlines manage products, handle payments, and includes a digital shopping cart as part of the MOST system.

Improved Shopping Experience for Passengers

MOST’s CEO, Jan Blanchard, is happy with the results of the implementation. “Deploying a solution at the scale of Southwest Airlines and at a rapid pace was a huge accomplishment for our team,” said Blanchard. “Adopting the MOST solution makes for smoother exchanges between the airline’s Flight Attendants and Customers.”

A Better Retail Process with MOST

Ron Freer, Senior Manager In-flight Mobility at Southwest Airlines, talks about the benefits of the new system. “As we reimagined our in-flight retail process, we needed a solution that eased workloads and improved our data collection, while reducing the time to handle each passenger transaction,” said Ron Freer, Senior Manager Inflight Mobility at Southwest Airlines. “MOST’s agile development process and rapid iterations allowed us to continuously revise the application, ensuring a successful deployment on a very aggressive timeline.”

Easier Payment with most.Onthego

MOST’s advanced payment tool, most.Onthego, combines an iPad Mini 6 with a special payment device into one easy-to-use unit. It can handle payments made with credit or debit cards using NFC/Contactless tap (like Apple and Google Pay), Smart Chip, or swipe.

Passenger pays for in-flight purchases using smartwatch for contactless payment on Southwest Airlines' new MOST IEFB tablet for flight attendants. // Stephen M. Keller
Southwest Airlines new IEFB for flight attendants. // Stephen M. Keller

Smooth Transactions with most.Pay

MOST’s special payment system, most.Pay, manages all the transactions during the flight. It also helps to send information about offline payments for processing. Data about sales and product management can be sent quickly to office systems using the most.Retail system.

About MOST: Making Payments Easier

With its headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth and offices in Chicago and Dublin, MOST operates at the crossroads of fintech and travel retail. MOST creates payment technology solutions including software platforms, a safe payment gateway, mobile payment tools, and smart recommendation tools. Their aim is to help retailers move away from old payment systems and start using more innovative methods designed for a world on the move.

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