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IN ATX Announces New SUSTA.IN Alliance

IN Air Travel Experience (IN ATX), Antos Environmental, and 2030 Markets have forged a new sustainability alliance called susta.IN. The firms bring their combined expertise in resource recovery, circular economy, and energy transition to international aviation. The new susta.IN alliance builds on IN ATX’s sustainability strategy, first launched in 2019.

susta.IN will bring innovative technologies and know-how to underutilized end-of-life materials from airlines, airports, and caterers, creating new revenue opportunities and improving environmental performance within global aviation.

Source: IN ATX

As initial priorities, the alliance will work with industry and key technology stakeholders to develop next-generation waste-to-resource solutions such as:

  • AI-enabled Food Waste Tracking & Reduction
  • Advanced Recycling: sourcing aviation polymers for “plastics-to-plastics” recycled content opportunities;
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel: identifying SAF feedstocks within aviation, such as biomass and waste oils/greases (HEFA);
  • New Energy Installations: converting end-of-life materials generated at airports to renewable natural gas or hydrogen. This converted fuel can be used for on-site backup or emergency energy systems;
  • Supply Chain environmental assessments and product recommendations; or
  • Elevating organizations’ performance through education in new sustainability-based operations.

About Susta.IN Alliance Founders

Anne De Hauw is the Founder of IN Air Travel Experience, a boutique consultancy specializing in Customer Experience, Innovation, and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) for air travel.

Tony Schifano is the Founder & CEO of Antos Environmental, a US-based global ESG Consulting firm specializing in organizational performance related to sustainability, resource management, and economic development.

Jonathan Cocker is the Founder of 2030 Markets, an international professional services firm dedicated to commercializing the intersection of circular economy and energy transition, including the decarbonization of aviation, advanced recycling, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen end-markets.

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