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Northern Pacific Airways Doubles Its Bet in Vegas

Northern Pacific Airways Amplifies Services – Additional Flights from Ontario to Vegas Commence 

Northern Pacific Airways has announced a substantial augmentation in their flight frequency between Ontario, California, and the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The airline will more than double the number of flights operating on this popular route commencing August 3. 

As a further enticement, the airline offers budget-friendly fares of $69 to the vibrant city of Las Vegas, a destination renowned for its entertainment, attractions, bright lights, big bets, and magic.

Rob McKinney, CEO at Northern Pacific Airways, says of the expansion, “We recognize the significance of delivering flexible and convenient travel arrangements to our esteemed customers. Our strategy to more than double the flights between Ontario and Las Vegas is a response to the growing demand for this route, providing passengers with an increased range of options for their travel planning.”

A press representative for Northern Pacific tells FlightChic, “Load factors have been very good at between 70% and 85%, which is well above plan, and they are adding more flights as expected. Also, the support from the team at Ontario International Airport has been beyond exceptional.”

The new flight schedule offers trips between Ontario, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Passengers can experience Las Vegas during the weekend or midweek. Also, for maximum convenience, return flights from Las Vegas are on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. These flight timings provide a quick, hassle-free journey, getting passengers back to Ontario in less than an hour. To make the most of time in Las Vegas, flights are scheduled to leave at 2 pm and arrive at 3 pm.

“We understand the importance of providing our customers with flexible and convenient travel options,” said McKinney. “By more than doubling the flights between Ontario and Las Vegas, we aim to accommodate the growing demand for this route and offer travelers increased flexibility in planning their trips.”

Northern Pacific Airways Flights to Vegas can be booked via

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