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AirJapan Brings Bluebox IFE System Onboard

AirJapan has made the strategic decision to leverage the advanced features of Bluebox’s Blueview Onboard Retail and IFE. The Blueview digital services platform will be integrated into the airline’s Boeing B787 aircraft, elevating the in-flight experience. 

In a clear demonstration of the Blueview digital passenger services platform’s versatility, Bluebox has announced that AirJapan, an emerging airline under ANA HOLDINGS INC., will deploy the platform’s onboard retail and in-flight entertainment (IFE) modules across its widebody fleet.

With operations expected to commence in February 2024, AirJapan plans to progressively expand its network, focusing on medium-haul markets in Asia. 

Bluebox IFE box.

The Blueview onboard retail solution will allow passengers to use their own devices to order from AirJapan’s extensive food and beverage menu and retail catalog. Supported by the Bluebox Wow portable wireless system, Blueview will also deliver a captivating IFE experience, allowing passengers to stream content directly to their own devices. The IFE content will be meticulously curated to cater to the unique tastes of the markets served by Air Japan.  

Air Japan B787 rendering.

Hideki Mineguchi, President of AirJapan, stated, “Our focus since launching our new brand has been our concept of ‘Fly Thoughtful’. This new service offers our passengers the freedom to make purchases at their leisure from the convenience of their seats and the familiarity of their own devices. This is another innovative service we have introduced since our brand launch that encapsulates our innovative spirit and reinforces our commitment to ensuring an outstanding in-flight experience.” 

Bluebox IFE delivers content and digital services to passengers on all personal electronic devices.

Kevin Clark, CEO of Bluebox, expressed his pleasure in supporting AirJapan in delivering order-to-seat and IFE services on Blueview, stating, “We are committed to providing the most flexible solution on the market, offering numerous benefits of a digital in-flight experience for passengers in any cabin and operators of any business model and route network.” 

As the 2023 recipient of the PAX Tech Readership Award for Technology, Blueview is a sophisticated software platform that provides a browser-based portal for passengers to access a range of digital services, such as onboard retail and in-flight entertainment. Its underlying functionality ensures secure content delivery, third-party app integration, content management, and analytics. This digital ecosystem allows airlines to engage, entertain their passengers onboard, and generate ancillary revenue. 

The Bluebox Wow facilitates quick and cost-effective deployment of digital services to passengers. This award-winning hardware delivers the Blueview digital services platform to passenger devices wirelessly in any aircraft cabin. Compact and lightweight, Bluebox Wow can easily be deployed in overhead lockers, offering scalability and availability in portable battery-operated versions or certified solutions with fitted partitions, aircraft power, and additional options such as PA pause.

What are the benefits of using Bluebox IFE for airlines? 

Bluebox IFE provides airlines with a cost-effective solution for offering in-flight entertainment to passengers. The wireless system eliminates the need for expensive hardware installations and reduces maintenance costs.

The Bluebox IFE system is easy to install and can be integrated with an airline’s existing Wi-Fi network. This means that airlines can quickly and easily upgrade their in-flight entertainment offerings without disrupting their operations.

Bluebox IFE is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for passengers to navigate and find the content they want to watch or listen to. This enhances the overall passenger experience and helps to keep them engaged throughout their flight.

Bluebox IFE offers a wide range of content options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games, that can be customized to meet the needs of each airline and its passengers. This allows airlines to offer a unique and personalized in-flight entertainment experience.

The Bluebox IFE system also provides airlines with valuable data and analytics on passenger behavior and content preferences. This information can be used to improve the in-flight entertainment offerings and tailor them to the specific needs of each airline’s passengers.

What other airlines have implemented Bluebox IFE? 

Earlier this month, Bluebox announced that Icelandic low-cost carrier PLAY Airlines will trial Bluebox’s Blueview onboard retail service via a Bluebox Wow portable streaming system in its battery-operated format. The Blueview solution will help PLAY fulfil it’s ‘Pay less, Play more!’ ambition by providing the airline with a platform to add new channels of revenue generation in support of its low-cost carrier strategy and, at the same time, enhance passengers’ in-flight experience.

For the trial, Bluebox will integrate Blueview with MOST’s retailing and payment platforms to present PLAY’s retail offering wirelessly to passengers on their own devices, enabling touch-free ordering of food & beverages. Upon successful completion of the retail trial, a full deployment would add additional services to the Blueview platform, including paid access to in-flight entertainment.

“At PLAY we are committed to providing safe, effortless travel and great value to our passengers, but in line with our ethos – and our name – we also want to provide passengers a happy and pleasant journey, and so we chose Bluebox to help introduce the potential to ‘play’ through a digital services platform,” said PLAY’s Birgir Jónsson, CEO. “Though we’re trialing retail initially, Blueview’s impressive flexibility as a broader digital platform would give us plenty of scope to expand the portfolio of digital services we offer on board in the future. Bluebox’s credibility in this sector and their willingness to deploy a solution that will evolve with us demonstrate they are the right partner to have on our side in this exciting and very challenging environment in which we’re growing PLAY.”

“Our Blueview solution – with its capacity to increase retail sales on board and the flexibility of adding additional ancillary revenue-generating services including paid access to IFE content – epitomizes the value of a digital passenger experience to airlines, especially low-cost carriers such as PLAY,” said Kevin Clark, CEO, Bluebox. “We’re working closely with PLAY’s team to trial onboard retail to start, and following a successful trial, we will introduce new elements in future phases – from retail initially to retail plus other digital services; and from a battery-powered deployment on Bluebox Wow to an aircraft-powered solution. This kind of flexibility – both as partners and in the technology options we can offer – is crucial for airlines seeking new channels of revenue and additional value for their customers in the digital world in which we operate.”

In a recent move, Air Malta chose Bluebox Aviation Systems to introduce the Blueview digital passenger experience on its new Airbus A320 neo aircraft. This selection, made in February, will provide passengers with an enriched in-flight entertainment experience, including games, a moving map, and other entertainment options. This addition will be part of a linefit Airbus Airspace Link installation and is anticipated to be active for passengers as soon as the aircraft initiates service next month. 

Last May, the Israel-based full-service carrier El Al announced the Bluebox Wow wireless IFE system deployment across 26 of its Boeing 737 aircraft. This decision enhanced in-flight entertainment during the airline’s connectivity rollout, further emphasizing Bluebox’s growing influence in the sector. 

In a distinctive initiative, Kenyan carrier Jambojet partnered with Global Onboard Partners in November 2021, to introduce the Bluebox Wow wireless IFE across its fleet. The venture resulted in the launch of an innovative travel platform by Jambojet, offering unique destination experiences both in the air and on the ground. Passengers can access this service, named JamboPlay, via their personal devices during the flight, marking a significant advancement in the digital passenger experience in Kenya. 

In September last year, the Jetstar Group confirmed plans to incorporate Bluebox’s digital passenger experience, Blueview, on its new Airbus aircraft equipped with Airbus Airspace Link. Furthermore, Jetstar added Bluebox’s portable wireless system, Bluebox Wow, in its aircraft-powered format for its existing A320/A321CEO aircraft. This dual deployment ensures a consistent passenger experience across the entire fleet. 

In September 2021, Bluebox Aviation Systems announced that QantasLink would incorporate its Bluebox Wow W-IFE system across QantasLink’s fleet. Initially, the system was to be installed on Airbus A320 aircraft before expanding to Fokker F100, Boeing 717, and Alliance Airlines’ Embraer E190 aircraft. The IFE content includes movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts. For passengers’ convenience, access to the Bluebox Wow system will be integrated with the Qantas Entertainment app, ensuring a seamless flight-to-flight IFE experience, and will also be available app-free via simple browser access.

About Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd.

Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. stands as a renowned designer and deliverer of innovative digital passenger experiences, tailored specifically for the commercial aviation sector. These experiences have garnered numerous accolades for their unique technology and customer engagement blend. 

The company’s flagship product, Blueview, is a comprehensive digital services platform. It offers a wide array of digital content and services, which can be streamed directly to passenger devices or through airline-owned tablets. The platform facilitates onboard retail and advertising activities, in addition to traditional in-flight entertainment options such as a diverse collection of films, TV shows, audio, games, and other digital content. Blueview is compatible with various hardware platforms, including the company’s award-winning Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming platform and Airbus’ Airspace Link (OSP) as a line-fit solution. Bluebox provides a suite of professional services with each deployment to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. This includes design and development, project and content management, and a highly-praised customer support system. 

Bluebox is headquartered in Dunfermline, Scotland, but its influence extends globally, with a vast support network spanning Europe, the US, Australia, and Singapore.

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About AirJapan 

The latest airline brand in the ANA Group, AirJapan, is expected to launch medium-haul international flights in February 2024. Under the compelling banner “Fly Thoughtful,” AirJapan aims to redefine air travel. Infused with quintessential Japanese creativity and a commitment to quality, this new airline brand seeks to craft a unique air travel experience.

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