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United’s New Transcontinental Amenity Kits: What’s Inside?

United Transcontinental Amenity Kit Unveiled, Featuring Venus Williams-Endorsed Brand 

United Airlines takes a refreshing leap in enhancing passenger experience, introducing new amenity kits featuring Asutra skincare products for business class passengers on premium transcontinental routes connecting west coast hubs and New York City. Tailored kits, spotlighting products by Hawaii’s Ua Body, are also on offer for first-class passengers journeying between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii. So, what does this mean for the discerning traveler? 

United Business passengers, traversing the airline’s premium domestic transcontinental routes will be the first to experience amenity kits boasting exclusive products from the wellness brand Asutra, endorsed by none other than Venus Williams.

United's new transcontinental amenity kits by Asutra.
United Transcontinental Amenity Kit. Source: United Airlines

Additionally, United First passengers flying between the continental U.S. and Hawaii will be pampered with skincare offerings from Hawaiian brand Ua Body, slated to make their debut onboard later this month. With approximately 65,000 transcontinental and Hawaii amenity kits distributed monthly, United is poised to redefine the in-flight experience. 

“We take immense pride in these amenity kits, showcasing new partnerships, exclusive products, and top-tier ingredients,” declares Peter Wolkowski, United’s Director of Onboard Product Design. “These kits, personalized for our transcontinental and Hawaii-bound travelers, signify our continuous efforts to enhance the United travel experience.” 

What’s inside United’s new premium transcontinental amenity kits?

The new United premium transcontinental amenity kits, created in collaboration with Asutra, offer cruelty-free skincare devoid of parabens, phthalates or petroleum. The kits are designed to ensure the long-haul passenger disembarks feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Each kit houses an Asutra cleansing face towelette, nourishing lip balm, and hand lotion enriched with magnesium, mango seed butter, coconut oil, and almond oil. These ingredients work in harmony to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin onboard. The kit also includes a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, Asutra eye mask, and ear plugs, all nestled in a reusable Asutra-branded pouch made from recycled materials. A card within the pouch inspires travelers with ideas for self-care practices during their journey. 

“We are thrilled to partner with fellow Chicago-based company, United Airlines,” remarks Stephanie Morimoto, Asutra Owner and CEO. “Our mission at Asutra is to democratize self-care by offering accessible wellness products. We understand the challenge of maintaining self-care while traveling. This amenity kit provides an easy, enjoyable solution, ensuring travelers arrive refreshed and rejuvenated.” 

United's New Hawaii Amenity Kit with skincare by UA Body and art from local Hawaiian artist Christie Shinn.
United’s Hawaii Amenity Kit. Source: United

What’s Inside United’s New Destination-Themed Hawaii Amenity Kits?

The new United Hawaii amenity kits transport flyers to the islands even before landing, with skincare products courtesy of Ua Body, a brand proudly made in Hawaii. Each kit features a moisturizing lip balm, hand cream, and refreshing face mist infused with local scents like sandalwood, jasmine, and coconut. Local ingredients such as Kukui oil and Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil add an authentic Hawaiian touch. Each kit also includes an eye mask crafted from recycled materials, a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, and ear plugs. 

“We are honored to partner with United, and continue showcasing our Hawaiian heritage globally through our handcrafted products,” says Leala Humbert, Founder/CEO of Ua Body. 

The eco-friendly Hawaii amenity kit pouch features artwork from local artist Christie Shinn. With four different designs portraying the local landscape, the pouches aim to inspire and excite travelers journeying to the islands. 

These new amenity kits are just a slice of United’s efforts to enhance the premium cabin experience. Last month, United unveiled new United First seats with features like wireless charging, vegan leather upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity, privacy screens, Italian quartzite cocktail tables, and ergonomist-designed cushions. The airline also introduced new wines in United Polaris, brought back the United Polaris Sundae Cart, and inaugurated new clubs in Newark, Chicago, and Denver – with more enhancements on the horizon. 

For a closer look, visit

Discovering United

United is a carrier that firmly believes in leading with integrity, as evidenced by their guiding principle, Good Leads The Way. With major U.S. hubs spanning across Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., United has established itself as the preeminent North American carrier. In fact, United now stands as the world’s largest airline when measured by available seat miles. Are you intrigued by the idea of joining the United team? Discover career opportunities at, and learn more about the company at United Airlines Holdings, Inc., the parent company of United Airlines, Inc., is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol “UAL”. 

Introducing Asutra

Asutra is dedicated to making self-care achievable for all, thanks to its range of accessible wellness products. Their best-selling items, which include magnesium-infused remedies for pain relief, sleep, and mood enhancement, are PETA-certified cruelty-free. Asutra’s mission is to inspire individuals to incorporate simple self-care rituals into their everyday routines. Even tennis champion Venus Williams was so impressed by Asutra’s offerings that she joined the women-led company as a part owner. Learn more about Asutra at and 

Exploring Ua Body

Ua Body ( is a distinctive Hawaiian brand offering high-quality, environmentally-friendly skincare and fragrance products. Each item is handcrafted, encapsulating the Aloha spirit’s heart, soul, and heritage. With a 30-year legacy on the Big Island, Ua Body utilizes all-natural organic ingredients harvested and handcrafted in small batches by Hawaiian natives. The brand offers a variety of products, from lotions and botanicals to scent mists and perfumes. Ua Body is proudly owned, operated, and made in Hawaii, with a portion of every sale contributing to organizations dedicated to preserving the state’s culture, land, and oceans. 

Unveiling Christie Shinn

Christie Shinn is an artist based in Hawaii with a deep passion for surf, travel, and design. Rather than focusing on the typical postcard imagery of Hawaii, Christie chooses to capture the everyday beauty of island life through her signature brushwork and vibrant color palette. Her work brilliantly weaves together elements of surf culture and modern Hawaiiana, offering a fresh perspective on the local landscape. Christie can be found in her woodland studio on the North Shore of Oahu, diligently creating captivating pieces. Visit for more insights into her work.

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