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Muirhead Leather Returns to Pre-Pandemic Lead Times

Muirhead, a renowned supplier of high-performance leather to prominent passenger transport and aviation brands worldwide, has successfully returned to its pre-pandemic manufacturing lead time of just six weeks. 

The Scottish leathermaker attributes this achievement to its unique end-to-end process and an unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation. The company firmly believes these factors have enabled it to withstand the impact of supply chain shortages experienced during the pandemic.

Myles Hobbs, Head of Aviation EMEA and The Americas at Muirhead said: “While lengthy and fragmented supply chains continue to pose challenges to many across the industry, we’re proud to be able to guarantee our usual six-week lead time to customers once again. Thanks to a continued investment in our manufacturing processes and operational excellence, our business is now more streamlined, efficient, and agile. We’re confident that Muirhead’s direct sourcing and unique end-to-end control of the supply chain will continue to set us apart, enabling us to deliver the highest quality, most consistent leather to the aviation and passenger transport industries.”

Muirhead Leather’s End-to-End Sourcing and Production Process 

Muirhead Leather procures 99% of its hides from the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of its commitment to quality and sustainability. The company maintains a strong relationship with local cattle farmers and abattoirs, all of which adhere strictly to the highest possible standards. The entire process, from tanning to finishing, happens in the company’s ancestral tannery, ensuring a constant, short lead time and a stable supply for their clientele. 

A Muirhead craftsman inspects a leather hide.
Source: Muirhead

Unmatched Control Over Leather Production 

At Muirhead Leather, control over the complete tanning process is key to delivering high-quality products. The company’s skilled technicians determine the selection of hides for each product and establish the tanning, finishing, and treatment procedures for each hide. This level of control enhances the overall quality and durability of their products. As a result, Muirhead Leather achieves exceptional consistency across all its leather ranges.

Leather: A Long-Life Material 

Besides a guaranteed start-to-finish lead time, the leather manufacturer also offers an industry-leading seven-year warranty, with many aviation customers reportedly using Muirhead products for ten years or more.

About Muirhead

Established in 1840, Muirhead is a Scottish Leather Group business and one of Europe’s oldest tanneries. It is widely recognized as a leader in responsible and future-looking innovation of a versatile range of Fine Scottish Leather for a select group of prestigious global brands. Muirhead’s leathers are made to travel the world on 160 airlines, in mass transit cabins, and in the marine, furniture, and luxury goods industries.

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About the Scottish Leather Group

Founded in 1965, Scottish Leather Group (SLG) is the leading leather manufacturer in the United Kingdom and produces the finest sustainable leather for the world’s most respected companies.

Through its specialist businesses—Bridge of Weir Leather, Lang and Muirhead—the Group leads the leather industry in the responsible and sustainable production of leather and serves the global automotive, aviation, bus, coach, rail, furniture, and consumer goods sectors from its operations located in Scotland, China, and Mexico.

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