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Norwegian’s July Traffic Report Shows Strong Growth

Norwegian‘s July traffic report reflects strong growth. The airline reported a robust passenger count of 2.3 million and an impressive load factor of 92.4 percent.

The airline’s capacity was the highest the airline has experienced this year. It marks a 12-percent increase compared to the same period last year.

This remarkable performance is largely due to the consistent bookings made by travel-savvy Nordic customers throughout July. 

“The traffic figures for July are a testament to Norwegian’s exceptional performance. We have had the privilege of serving more than 100,000 passengers compared to the same period last year. Our dedicated team, both in-flight and on the ground, have been relentless in ensuring passengers reach their destinations safely and with minimal hassle, despite the occasional challenges posed by various European airports,” said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian. 

Norwegian recorded 2,308,417 passengers in July—a 5 percent increase from July 2022.

The airline’s capacity, represented by Available Seat Kilometers (ASK), stood at 3,712 million. The actual passenger traffic, or Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK), totaled 3,430 million.

Norwegian operated an average of 79 aircraft with an impressive regularity of 99.5 percent. Punctuality, measured by the share of flights departing within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, was at 73.2 percent. However, 95.3 percent of all flights departed on schedule or within an hour of the scheduled arrival time. 

Norwegian Traffic Figures July 2023 Infographic.

Booking Momentum Remains Strong 

The booking trend remains strong, with July witnessing a surge in last-minute bookings by Nordic travelers eager for sunnier destinations. This trend shows no signs of slowing down as we move into August. Furthermore, the booking rates for September travel appear promising. 

“The unpredictable weather in the Nordics this summer has undeniably influenced travel patterns, and we continue to see a steady stream of bookings. It is heartening to see a significant number of travelers opting to fly with us this summer, whether it be domestically, within the Nordics, or across Europe. I extend my gratitude to our team for their unwavering commitment in serving our passengers during this peak season. Our impressive operational performance has been bolstered by our exclusive reliance on our own fleet and crew,” said Karlsen. 

Norwegian offers an enticing route network across the Nordics and to European beach and city destinations well into the late summer and autumn.

The airline’s direct route from Tromsø to Copenhagen, launched in July, has been well-received. This route will continue to operate as part of the forthcoming winter schedule.

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