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Thai Airways Extends Software Partnership with Accelya


Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is set to delegate its passenger revenue accounting operations to Accelya. This strategic move is aimed at optimizing resources and enhancing operational efficiency.

Building on an 11-year partnership with THAI, this new arrangement is designed to support the airline’s long-term transformation. Accelya, known for its expertise, currently extends its outsourced revenue accounting services to more than 30 airlines worldwide.

Accelya, a global leader in providing software and technology solutions to the airline industry, announced its commitment to managing THAI’s passenger revenue accounting operations. As per the new agreement, THAI, a decade-long user of Accelya’s Passenger Revenue Accounting system, will delegate its revenue accounting duties to Accelya.

By doing so, THAI can refocus on its core competencies and channel resources toward areas that foster innovation and growth. It’s worth noting that since 2012, Accelya has equipped THAI with a comprehensive suite of top-tier solutions for both its passenger and cargo segments.

Commenting on the renewed partnership, Ms. Cherdchome Therdsteerasukdi, THAI Chief Finance, and Accounting, said, “Our enduring partnership with Accelya has been instrumental in driving our transformation over the years. As we commence a new chapter in our collaboration, we are enthusiastic about harnessing Accelya’s financial expertise to further optimize our resources and achieve greater operational efficiency.”

Andrew Wilcock, Chief Revenue Officer at Accelya, emphasized the company’s commitment to THAI, “Having worked closely with THAI for over a decade, our revenue accounting solution is deeply integrated into their ecosystem and has been continuously refined to meet the airline’s unique needs. We are eager to fuse our market-leading platforms and airline finance expertise to robustly meet THAI’s current revenue accounting requirements and support their long-term transformation.”

Accelya, as a certified NDC and ONE Order Capable provider, leads the industry as the largest outsourced services provider for passenger revenue accounting. The company’s highly skilled domain experts manage passenger revenue accounting for over 30 airlines worldwide.

Accelya: Leading Global Software Provider for the Airline Industry

Accelya stands as a global leader in providing software to the airline industry. It empowers over 200 innovative airlines with its open, modular software platform, designed to drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction and give airlines command over their retailing.

Under the ownership of the Vista Equity Partners’ long-term perennial fund, Accelya boasts more than 2,000 employees distributed across 10 global offices. It has earned the trust of industry leaders for its reliable and future-ready solutions.

Accelya’s platforms cater to passenger, cargo, and industry needs, supporting airline retailing from offer creation to settlement, both above and below the wing. The company prides itself on delivering cutting-edge technologies to its customers. This is evident in its partnership with AWS and its Miami-based product team’s pioneering expertise in NDC.

Accelya is committed to fostering innovation-led growth in the airline industry and returning control to the airlines.

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About Thai Airways

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) stands as the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. Established in 1960, it offers domestic, regional, and intercontinental flights, with operations spanning European, Australian, and Asian routes.

Over its 60-year history in the airline industry, the focus of THAI has consistently been on ensuring safety and delivering high-quality service. The ‘THAI touches’ enhance passenger comfort throughout the journey and have led to the airline’s recognition as one of the world’s best, as evidenced by numerous prestigious awards.

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