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Is Your Ken’s Job Plane? Here’s Where Barbie Flies!

Barbie takes flight: here’s where to find her onboard your plane!

By joining forces with Mattel in a timely IFE partnership, Spafax highlights its uncanny knack for capturing the pulse of the times. It masterfully combines its proficiency in entertainment and travel, perfectly embodying the spirit of the age.

Barbie, the beloved cultural icon, has taken flight in the airline market. Now, passengers can enjoy Barbie-themed content on many In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) platforms. Whether you prefer traditional seatback screens or fancy streaming on your personal devices, Barbie is ready to accompany you on your journey.

A Mile-High Adventure with Barbie 

In a remarkable turn of events, Spafax, an esteemed in-flight media agency, has joined forces with Mattel to launch a unique Barbie-branded channel on in-flight entertainment systems (IFE). This significant development comes during the thrilling, pink-tinted summer of 2023 for the Barbie brand. Recognizing the widespread Barbie mania, prestigious global airlines like Qatar Airways, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, and Aer Lingus have all introduced this Barbie-themed channel, crafted specifically for their younger passengers, into their in-flight entertainment repertoire

A Game-Changing Collaboration 

This ground-breaking content deal marks a first for the industry, involving Mattel, the creators of Barbie, and Spafax, a leading force in in-flight entertainment media. The content is now accessible to a vast airline market across various IFE platforms, whether it be on seat-back screens or passengers’ personal devices. 

Immersive Barbie-Themed Entertainment 

The Barbie-branded channel offers a rich array of Barbie-centric animated content, featuring a library of nearly a dozen films. Barbie Mermaid Power, a gripping underwater rescue mission led by Malibu Barbie and her companions, and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, a delightful new series that follows Barbie and her entourage’s fun-filled exploits at home and on the road, are among the stand-out offerings on this exclusive channel.

“It’s an exciting moment for Mattel, as we continue our movement into being an IP-driven company with a full franchise approach. This deal with Spafax helps us expand our entertainment offering to consumers, meaning that wherever they are fans of our shows can enjoy the content they love,” said Alex Godfrey, VP Content Distribution. 

Spafax & Mattel: A Strategic Alliance for Sky-High Entertainment 

With its strategic IFE partnership with Mattel, Spafax once again showcases its ability to sync with current trends, harmoniously blending its proficiency in both the entertainment and travel sectors. Spafax’s unwavering commitment to aligning its offerings to airline passengers’ preferences currently manifests in catering to the relentless fascination for Barbie. 

Seamless Content Distributions: The Spafax Promise 

Spafax’s content activations stand firmly on creativity and cultural sensitivity pillars, carefully crafted brand alignment strategies, and a state-of-the-art collection of personalized content delivery and playback technologies. This perfectly orchestrated combination ensures smooth content distribution and an unrivaled viewing experience for flyers at 30,000 feet. 

From the moment of her grand debut in 1959 to her present-day global renaissance, Barbie has left an indelible mark on popular culture. With a formidable clout of over two million followers on Instagram and numerous titles under her belt, Barbie’s enchanting charisma remains undiminished. The staggering 151 million minutes spent on Barbie’s YouTube channel and the 18 billion minutes devoted to fan-created content annually are a testament to her enduring allure.

“At Spafax, we’ve always had an instinct for what resonates. This partnership is yet another instance where we’ve tapped into the global pulse at just the right moment, melding our entertainment know-how with travel expertise amidst the Barbie renaissance,” says Emma Gunn, Spafax Director of TV acquisitions and partnerships.

About Spafax Group   

Spafax is a travel media network with one purpose: to entertain, inform and inspire travelers everywhere. Spafax delivers content technology and media assets at scale for the world’s leading airlines and curates a vast catalog of global Movies, TV, Audio and Games across every major entertainment market. 

Current clients include Air Canada, British Airways, Emirates, Explora Hotels, JetBlue, LATAM, the Lufthansa Group, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and many others. Spafax provides brands unique access to a global network of nearly a billion passengers across hundreds of touchpoints. 

The group is headquartered in London with over a dozen offices around the world. Spafax is a WPP company.

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