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FAB Upgrades at Helsinki Airport’s Food Court

Where to Eat at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport has upgraded its food court to provide a better experience for travelers. The upgraded food and beverage options offer diverse cuisines and dining styles that fit different tastes, diets, and budgets. The food court has a mix of international and local flavors with fresh ingredients and innovative menus. 

SSP Launches Its Largest Ever Food Court in Finland 

The Finnish airport company, Finavia, has made a significant stride in its ‘one roof’ redevelopment program at Helsinki Airport. Since the commencement of this initiative in 2014, SSP has opened its largest food court in Finland, boasting six diverse brands. 

Upgraded food court at Helsinki Airport
Upgraded food court at Helsinki Airport. Source: Finavia

Location and Offerings 

Strategically situated in the heart of the airport, the food court is designed to harmonize with the terminal’s architectural theme. It offers a rich selection of food concepts designed to cater to the palate of international travelers. Of the six units, SSP Finland uniquely created three brands. Among these is the Café Tori – a free-flow restaurant and café that has been a favorite at the airport since 2011. Open 24 hours a day. It offers a menu comprising Finnish traditional home-cooked food, fresh pastries, and a range of healthy options. 

Diverse Food Selection 

‘Asian Corner’ brings a taste of Asia’s best food stalls to the terminal. Its diverse menu, regularly updated to reflect current trends and tastes, offers flavors from across the continent. Pala Pizza Bar serves delicious pizza made from dough rested for 48 hours and topped with fresh ingredients. 

International Concepts 

Bastard Burgers, one of the many international food options available at Helsinki Airport's new food court.
Bastard Burgers, one of the many international food options available at Helsinki Airport’s new food court. Source: Finavia

The Food Court also features three established international concepts. Bastard Burgers offers classic New York-style burgers with a Scandinavian touch. The Middle Eastern-style Finnish favorite, Fafa’s, offers filled pitas, mezes, and salads with vegetarian and vegan options. For caffeine lovers, the iconic Finnish chain, Robert’s Coffee, offers a taste of home to Nordic travelers and a novel experience for international visitors. 

Self-ordering Kiosks and Communal Seating 

Guests at the Food Court can make their selections via a self-ordering kiosk, which allows quick and easy ordering and payment. At Tori Café & Kitchen, customers can use self-checkout tills for fast payments without queueing. A communal seating area further enables passengers traveling in groups to enjoy their individual food choices. 

Expansion Beyond the Food Court 

Apart from the food court, SSP has opened other new outlets at the airport. A third WHSmith opened in February and offers customers travel essentials. Kaffet Bakery, which opened in April, greets customers with the aroma of fresh baking. It invites travelers to enjoy a cup of great Finnish coffee alongside freshly baked goods. The company opened its fourth Starbucks in the award-winning departure hall in June. 

“These openings are a reflection of the hard work of our team, the efficiency of our operations at the airport, and our long history as a trusted partner at HEL. With particular appeal to the airport’s ever-growing percentage of leisure travellers, the new bars, restaurants and shops will offer something for everyone.” – Elena Heiska, Managing Director of SSP Finland

“We are excited to further develop the food and beverage selection at the airport together with our long-term partner, SSP. We are positive our passengers will enjoy the new restaurants in the food court at the heart of our airport. The variety of restaurants significantly increases the supply of hot food options and take-away products at Helsinki Airport.” – Nora Immonen, Director of Commercial Business at Helsinki Airport of Finavia

Must-try Locations 

  1. Tapio Café: Named after the Finnish spirit of the forest, this café offers an eco-conscious menu featuring organic and locally sourced ingredients. It’s the perfect spot to grab a light breakfast or a quick, healthy snack.
  2. Pier Zero: If you’re looking for a gourmet meal with a view, Pier Zero delivers. Offering local and international dishes, this restaurant provides a striking runway view, adding extra excitement to your dining experience.
  3. Helsinki Market: Helsinki Market is a must-visit to get takeaways at arrivals or the restaurant by gate 14. Enjoy a delectable meal with a wide variety of dishes made to order, including juicy burgers and meatballs made with free-range Finnish beef. 

Special Dietary Requirements 

Recognizing the growing demand for dietary-specific options, Helsinki Airport’s food court establishments are committed to accommodating a range of dietary needs. For those with dietary restrictions, options include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The staff is trained to handle specific requests. 

The Pre-Take-Off Takeaway at Helsinki Airport

Kaffet Bakery at Helsinki Airport.
Kaffet Bakery at Helsinki Airport. Source: Finavia

Embarking on a journey and in search of appetizing food options to accompany your flight? Helsinki Airport presents a diverse array of takeaway food choices to satiate every palate. Here are five top-notch culinary stops you should consider. 

1. Alepa

Located in the arrivals hall, Alepa operates around the clock, catering to your cravings at any time of day. Their extensive menu encompasses a variety of snacks to suit every preference, from freshly sourced fruits to savory baked delights. For lighter bites, Alepa offers an assortment of snacks such as nuts, sweets, and chips – ideal for tucking away in your bag as you navigate the airport.  

2. Subway 

Subway, a global sandwich favorite, offers a comprehensive selection of bread and toppings, ensuring a custom-made sandwich experience tailored to your taste buds. Available 24/7 in the arrivals hall, grabbing a Subway sandwich for your morning or evening flight has never been easier. A second Subway outlet opened at gate 16 in June. 

3. Kaffet Bakery 

For those with a sweet tooth, Kaffet Bakery in the arrivals hall offers an irresistible selection of fresh buns and pastries, all lovingly baked in-house. Apart from their sweet offerings, Kaffet Bakery also offers more substantial options such as hearty salads and lunch sandwiches, providing a fulfilling meal you can conveniently carry onto your flight.  

4. Asia Street Cooking

If you’re yearning for a dash of Asian flavors, make a beeline for Asia Street Cooking at gates 37–39. The restaurant showcases a tantalizing array of Asian street food. Options include filled bao buns, steamed dumplings, and delectable banh mi baguettes. Quench your thirst with a glass of bubble tea, a specialty unique to Asia Street Cooking among all eateries at Helsinki Airport. 

5. Jamie’s Deli

Positioned at gate 40, Jamie’s Deli offers a rustic culinary experience, with food freshly cooked on-site and available for takeaway. Committed to freshness and local produce, the restaurant’s menu boasts scrumptious artisan pizza, mouth-watering ciabatta sandwiches. Beverages include freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

No Need to Fly Hangry in Helsinki 

Whether you’re searching for an exquisite three-course meal, a quick snack to fuel your journey, or a coffee to recharge, the FAB upgrades at Helsinki Airport’s food court offer a culinary journey that will impress. From local delicacies to international staples, Helsinki Airport is a gastronomic destination in its own right.

Find What You Crave Among Helsinki Airport’s Diverse range of restaurants and cafés

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