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Lufthansa’s Latest In-Flight Upgrades: Double the Dining Options

Enhancements to Lufthansa’s In-Flight Service: More Choices, Entertainment, and Sustainability

  • Lufthansa doubled the pre-order meal options for Business Class passengers.
  • The new Onboard Delights menu serves hot beverages in reusable cups to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
  • Kids now have more options for entertainment on flights, including movies, podcasts, and a media library.
Lufthansa In-Flight service
Lufthansa In-Flight Service. Source: Lufthansa

Lufthansa Expands In-Flight Services 

Lufthansa is improving in-flight services with more variety, entertainment, and sustainability. Business Class flyers leaving Germany on long-haul flights can savor more main course options from mid-August. Passengers can pre-select their meals between one month and up to 24 hours before departure. Six unique regional and seasonal menus will be available for pre-selection. This move enhances passenger comfort and promotes better use of food resources, reducing waste. 

Lufthansa’s Elevated Business Class Meal Options for Long-Haul Journeys 

Indulge in a high-caliber dining experience during long-haul flights in Business Class. Lufthansa’s Business Class provides superb food, fine wine, distinctive tableware, and dedicated service. 

Business Class passengers can pre-select their main meal a full day before their long-haul flights departing from Germany. With Lufthansa Pre-Select, you can choose from six main meals instead of three. Premium ingredients and seasonal variety make for a great gastronomic journey on board. 

Introducing New Restaurant Service in Lufthansa Business Class 

Lufthansa’s new Business Class restaurant service is more personalized on long-haul flights. Your personal flight attendant will take care of your needs, whether it’s an extra espresso or an additional pillow. Passengers can help themselves to various snacks available in the galley between meals. The new Business Class Restaurant Service is available on almost all of Lufthansa’s long-haul flights. 

Before take-off, the flight attendant will provide a menu with enough time to peruse the dishes. Passengers decide when they’re ready for dessert or when to top up their wine glasses.

Fulfilling Every Culinary Desire with Lufthansa’s Business Class Menus 

Business Class passengers on long flights from Germany get seasonal meals updated every two months. Lufthansa created meals based on passengers’ preferences from a survey of Miles & More members. The survey helped the airline identify the most preferred dishes and combinations. 

Discover Your Business Class Flight Menu 

Even before your flight, you can explore the seasonal meals that await you on board. Enter your flight number and select the menu for your Business Class flight. 

View the menu for your Lufthansa flight 

A Toast to Lufthansa’s Exquisite Wine Collection

Enjoy a glass of fine wine from the airline’s selection with your meal. 

Explore Lufthansa’s wine list 

Sustainability in Focus with New Beverage Service 

From August, Lufthansas Onboard Delights Service will have a wider choice of hot beverages on European flights. To promote sustainability, a reusable cup made of recyclable plastic will replace the previous single-use cup with a plastic lid. New warm beverage options include high-quality, instant coffee specialties such as latte macchiato, three tea variants, and hot chocolate. The airline will serve these beverages in the new sustainable cup.

Lufthansa Group’s passenger airlines have set an ambitious goal of eliminating single-use plastic and aluminum on board by 2025. 

Enhanced Entertainment for Young Passengers 

Lufthansa will have more entertainment for kids and teens on long flights. The airline’s media library will now have more reading options suitable for children in the Children’s Media Box. This will feature an array of journals and magazines in multiple languages, which passengers can download for free. Coloring pages will also be available to keep the youngest passengers entertained during gate waits and in-flight hours. Lufthansa’s children’s podcasts are now free on FlyNet for short and medium flights. 

Over 50 movies, TV shows, and many audio options, will be available for kids to watch on flights this summer. Lufthansa also offers free kids’ entertainment for download via QR codes at the gates in Munich Terminal 2 and Frankfurt Terminal 1 to make vacations more enjoyable.

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  1. Offering passengers a wider selection of meals to pre-order is a good thing. If Lufthansa do a decent job of communicating this to passengers, they’ll probably see increased use of the pre-order service. This in turn will help reduce wastage and catering costs.

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