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Norwegian Opens Route from Aalborg to Madeira

Norwegian Air has unveiled a new addition to its route network originating from Aalborg Airport. The airline is set to commence flights to the enchanting Portuguese island of Madeira starting in February, reinforcing Norwegian’s commitment to enhance its service for travelers from North Jutland, Denmark.

Denizens of North Jutland will have another exciting opportunity to escape the local chill with a direct flight from Aalborg Airport to the warm shores of Madeira. The service, provided by Norwegian, will be operational from February, offering weekly departures.

Nestled off the North-West African coast, Madeira is a prominent choice among travel enthusiasts seeking a blend of extraordinary natural beauty, rich cultural experiences, and favorable weather conditions during the typically frigid Danish winter months.

“We are happy to be able to announce the new route to Madeira. Together with our five direct routes from Aalborg to sunny Spanish destinations, we now offer a wide range of attractive routes over the coming winter. The fact that we can once again announce a new route from Aalborg underlines our growth ambitions. The travelers have welcomed us, and North Jutland is an important region for Norwegian. That is why we are interested in the right opportunities to increase the route offer,” says Magnus Maursund, commercial director at Norwegian.

“Norwegian is once again expanding their winter program from Aalborg Airport, where we are very happy about the good cooperation Norwegian has with us and the North Jutland tour operators. Undoubtedly, their increasing range of routes from Aalborg Airport is of great importance to us as an airport and especially to travelers, who have even more travel options to choose from. Madeira is, therefore, excellent news that complements a strong program for the Canary Islands in the winter program, where sun and heat are the big draws,” says Niels Hemmingsen, director of Aalborg Airport.

Norwegian has augmented its offerings from Aalborg by inaugurating a new route to Madeira. This marks a significant addition to the airline’s existing routes from Aalborg, which include popular destinations such as Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga, Mallorca, and Copenhagen.  As part of the airline’s commitment to enhancing travel convenience, Norwegian has recently disclosed the launch of another direct route from Aalborg to the sunny shores of Tenerife.

“We are very satisfied with our existing Spanish routes. On the Barcelona flights, for example, we also see that we have a large proportion of Spanish travelers going to Aalborg. We are happy that with the routes we can also contribute positively to North Jutland’s tourism,” Magnus Maursund concludes.

About Norwegian’s Aalborg-Madeira Flights

View from Norwegian Plane
View from Norwegian Plane. Source: Norwegian

Norwegian will fly once a week, on Tuesday, from Aalborg to Madeira (Funchal). Tickets are already on sale, and the route has its first flight on 6 February 2024.

Flights are operated on the airline’s Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Passengers can pick their choice of seats (for a fee on low-fare tickets).

Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment is available onboard most Norwegian flights.

Passengers can pre-order their choice of in-flight meals or buy snacks and beverages onboard. 

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