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SAS Flight Deals: Plan Your Scandinavian Adventure

Planning your autumn or winter escape? Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) offers limited-time flight deals from Thursday, August 17, through Monday, August 28, for those traveling from September 18, 2023, through May 18, 2024.

Discount fares are also available for those traveling from parts of Europe and Asia to Scandinavia, allowing travelers to explore new places for better rates. 

Discounted Routes 

For the discerning traveler, SAS offers various discounted routes to explore. From bustling city centers to serene landscapes, Scandinavia has it all. Noteworthy destinations on offer include Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.

Remember, these promotional fares are only available for flights scheduled between September 18, 2023, and May 18, 2024. 

SAS Flight Deals Booking Options 

Travelers can choose from three distinct classes SAS offers: SAS Business, SAS Plus, and SAS Go Economy. Each class offers different ticket types to suit your travel needs and provides a unique travel experience tailored to meet the preferences of the modern traveler. 

SAS Travel Classes


SAS Go cabin.
SAS Go cabin. Source: SAS

SAS Go is a good value travel class. You will enjoy good service and great comfort, and you can buy snacks, light meals, and beverages from the airline’s in-flight menu when traveling within Europe. You can also pre-order a meal to enjoy onboard. Meals are included on SAS flights to and from Asia, Canada, and the US.


  • Coffee and tea
  • Wi-Fi for a fee (available on most flights)
  • Pre-book a seat for a fee


  • Meals are included.
  • In-Flight Entertainment system on 9″ HD screen
  • Power outlet
  • Pre-book a seat for a fee
  • Wi-Fi for a fee

SAS Plus

Choose SAS Plus to enjoy more comfort and service. On flights within Scandinavia, Finland, and Europe, the seat comfort is the same as in SAS Go. You get a wider seat and extra legroom on flights to and from Asia, Canada, and the US.

SAS Plus cabin.
SAS Plus
SAS Plus. Source: SAS


  • Coffee and tea
  • Meal/snack
  • Fast Track through security
  • SAS Lounge Access
  • Priority boarding


  • Three-course menu
  • Beverages and snacks during the flight
  • Seat configuration: 2-3-2
  • The first row in SAS Plus has leg rests. The other rows have footrests
  • Wider seats and extra legroom
  • Reclining seat
  • Adjustable headrest
  • In-Flight Entertainment system on 12″ HD screen
  • Power outlets and USB ports
  • Free seat selection

SAS Business 

Experience the Elite Journey with SAS Business 

Step into the world of comfort with SAS Business, where it’s not just about reaching the destination but about relishing the journey. This class is committed to providing the highest standard of service. 

The seats are comfy recliners that seamlessly transform into fully flat beds, designed to provide the ultimate relaxation during your flight. The in-flight entertainment will keep you engaged throughout the journey, with many options displayed on high-definition screens. 

Indulge in Exquisite In-Flight Cuisine 

New SAS Business class meal service/SAS
New SAS Business class meal service. Source: SAS

With SAS Business, dining is an experience to savor. SAS begins the service with a glass of champagne, setting the tone for a gourmet adventure. The three-course meal, offering four enticing main course options, is a culinary delight.


SAS Business is available on SAS flights to and from Asia, Canada and the US.

  • À la carte menu
  • Beverages, fruit, and snacks during the flight
  • In-Flight Entertainment system on 15.4″ HD screen
  • Power outlet
  • Fully flat bed
  • Fast Track security pass
  • SAS Lounge access
  • Priority boarding
  • Free seat selection
  • Free Wi-Fi

Where to Book 

SAS flights are available for booking from multiple North American hubs, including John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), to desirable Scandinavian destinations. Pick your choice of discount flights on SAS’s Low Fares Calendar.  

Offer Period

Take note this unique promotion starts on Thursday, August 17, and ends on Monday, August 28. Book in time to seize these offers. 

Flight Pricing 

Fares start at $449, and the cost varies depending on the origin of travel. Discounted fares also extend to travelers from parts of Europe and Asia, making it a global opportunity to uncover the gems of Scandinavia this autumn and winter at a budget-friendly rate.

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