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Schiphol’s New e-GPUs to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Electrifying Schiphol’s Ground Operations

Schiphol Airport is introducing 30 new electric Ground Power Units (e-GPUs) for parked planes as part of their commitment to environmental responsibility. These e-GPUs, touted as a significant stride towards a greener airport, align with the airport’s broader strategy to electrify its entire ground service operations by 2030.

“With the arrival of these e-GPUs and additional electric PCAs, the aircraft’s auxiliary engine can remain switched off more often. That’s good for a variety of reasons. Thanks to these investments, CO2 emissions will decrease and the air quality on the apron, and thus the working conditions for staff, will improve. We are pleased that, together with KLM, dnata and Aviapartner, we have been able to create a pool where all employees on the apron can use available equipment.”

Denise Pronk, responsible for sustainability at Royal Schiphol Group

The Role of KLM Equipment Services

KLM Equipment Services is pivotal in this transformation, serving as the proactive pool manager and GPU owner. The airline company manages the fleet of e-GPUs.

By committing to e-GPUs, Schiphol is making a considerable leap toward reducing emissions on the ground. Jorben Sprong, Unit Manager of Operational Support Apron Services at KLM Ground Services, notes that this initiative signifies a critical step towards a fully electric future for the apron. While the current e-GPUs cannot service widebody planes, Sprong assures that their team, in partnership with the sector, is diligently exploring solutions to this challenge.

“The 30 new e-GPUs are another great step towards equipping the entire apron at Schiphol with electric ground equipment in the future. By pooling these e-GPUs, we can make optimal use of the ground equipment and emissions are significantly reduced. We are working together with the sector to introduce more e-GPUs at Schiphol as quickly as possible and to find a solution for widebody planes, for which the e-GPU cannot yet be used.”

Jorben Sprong, Unit Manager Operational Support Apron Services, KLM Ground Services

Greener Skies Ahead

With the deployment of e-GPUs, Schiphol is contributing to the global aviation industrys push toward sustainability. At the same time, the airport reiterates its commitment to curtail carbon emissions. With such bold and decisive action, Schiphol sets an example of how airports can adapt and adopt sustainable practices. This bolsters optimism for greener skies ahead.

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