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Schiphol’s New Danish-design Lifting Aids Help Baggage Handlers

Schiphol invests in 30 new state-of-the-art lifting aids built by Danish firm Power Stow to lighten the workload in the baggage hall.   

With a clear commitment to enhancing the baggage hall work environment, Schiphol Airport has invested significantly in 30 state-of-the-art lifting aids by Danish firm Power Stow. These innovative devices, known as the Transfer Belt from Power Stow, facilitate the swift and effortless unloading of baggage belonging to transfer passengers. They also cater to the luggage needs of the rising number of arriving passengers by ensuring an efficient baggage handling operation. 

Schiphol Airport has invested significantly in 30 state-of-the-art lifting aids by Danish firm Power Stow. These innovative devices, known as the Transfer Belt from Power Stow, are designed to facilitate the swift and effortless unloading of baggage.

Schiphol Baggage Handlers’ Trial of New Baggage Belts Successful

Over the past two months, the new lifting aids have undergone rigorous testing by baggage handling staff at Schiphol. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the aids significantly reducing the physical strain on the workers.

Encouraged by these results, CEO Ruud Sondag recently traveled to the Danish manufacturer to explore the possibility of expanding production.

“One of our top priorities is to improve the working conditions of baggage staff. We’re working hard on that. By, for example, fast-tracking the purchase of 19 new baggage robots and these 30 new lifting aids,” says Ruud Sondag, CEO of Royal Schiphol Group. 

He adds: “People must come first at Schiphol. The reactions from baggage hall colleagues made it clear that they’re positive about this lifting aid. We therefore decided to order them right away. Together with Power Stow, we’re looking for ways to further accelerate the production of the lifting aid and to make adjustments to it as swiftly as possible so that it’s even better.”

Lightening the Load for Schiphol Baggage Handlers

The transfer belt serves as a link between the baggage belt and the container. Importantly, it is movable. Therefore, baggage handlers can tilt it strategically to reduce the physical strain of unloading luggage. Then, baggage handlers simply pull the baggage towards the lifting aid onto the baggage distribution belt. This equipment will be available in various baggage halls for all baggage handlers.

Schiphol is investing in advanced lifting aids to meet Labor Inspectorate requirements. Their goal is to equip every baggage-handling workspace with a lifting aid by April 2024.

The airport previously announced that it would fast-track the implementation of 19 baggage robots.

Schiphol is working with baggage handlers to test three new solutions to ease the workload in different baggage hall workplaces. They aim to put the best measures into place where they are most needed.

More About The Transfer Belt from Power Stow, selected by Schiphol

Power Stow is a family-run engineering firm based in Gadstrup, Denmark, near Copenhagen. The company also has a production plant in Atlanta, GA.

Established in 2003 by Martin Vestergaard, Power Stow aims to enhance airport ramp agents’ working conditions, improve efficiency, and reduce turnaround times without sacrificing quality or performance.

Ergonomic baggage handling

The Transfer Belt is designed to transfer bags from various types of containers and carts onto the inbound conveyor belt.

The innovative baggage handling method offers faster and easier unloading of bags and cargo. Using the Transfer Belt significantly reduces baggage handlers´ workload. Heavy twisting and lifting movements become obsolete. Operators enjoy easier workdays and are more productive.

Improved productivity

Air passenger numbers are rising, placing more strain on airports’ baggage handling. The Transfer Belt is designed for efficient unloading and optimal use of your existing facilities. 

Power Stow’s innovative unloading technology enables quicker, more consistent baggage handling at airports, even during busy times. With the Transfer Belt, one operator can efficiently manage a large volume of items comfortably.

Seamless Integration with Current Baggage Handling Systems

Implementing the Transfer Belt has been designed to cause minimal disruption to maintain the smooth flow of daily operations. By integrating flawlessly into the current setups within the airport‘s baggage hall, this upgrade promises to enhance efficiency without interrupting baggage service for passengers.

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