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Excitement Over Monarch Airlines Relaunch

Monarch Airlines Sparks Interest with announced plans for relaunch.

This is a developing story. FlightChic has contacted Monarch directly for comments and will update this post as more information comes in. (Updated 30 August to reflect new branding).

Further Update 31 August: Statement from Monarch Comms (pending further updates)

We have been approached with new options to continue launching Monarch.  Monarch’s Chairman has stepped down and is to be replaced by a new industry veteran with immediate effect.

Monarch Communications

Update 31 August: Like the old Monarch, the new Monarch is no more.

Monarch Airlines, a beloved airline that succumbed to bankruptcy in 2017, recently ignited speculation by returning to Twitter with a series of intriguing posts:

In fairness, Monarch Airlines announced a relaunch in January of this year.

You can follow the airline on Twitter: and @letsmonarch on Instagram.

Monarch New Branding Revealed

The would-be once-and-future-king carrier has also published an enigmatic and simple new landing page for a future website under

The nascent Monarch website gives little information. While the new Monarch had adopted the old Monarch’s distinctive Crown emblem when it first teased the return, it has, one week on, opted for a less-is-more approach to branding. This is evident in the newly updated website and in the new livery:

New understated Monarch logo, brand and livery.

Stripped of pretense, the underlined M logo works for me, as does the airline’s rendering of the new livery. Though some FlightChic readers disagree, having an understandable fondness for the classic Monarch logo, they should take heart. Change can do a world of good.

Updated Plans on Monarch

When will the new Monarch launch services?

The airline has revealed more information on its timeline to return to the skies by 2024 “as a new and sustainable airline.”

In a word, no. The airline also clarifies that it has no ties to the old Monarch. “Whilst the original Monarch did enter administration in 2017, we are a brand new and unrelated company with a new focus and team.”

What are the New Monarch’s plans for flights and airports? Will Monarch fly from Luton again?

While the company’s listing is at an address in Luton, the airline is still reviewing options. “We’re currently talking to lots of UK airports but are yet to finalize these discussions – stay tuned to see where we will fly in the near future.” 

In terms of flights, they will need to obtain a license to operate first. “We can’t yet confirm dates for our inaugural flight, but we are hoping to begin operations in time for summer 2024, depending on regulatory permits.”

Is Monarch hiring?

Well, not quite yet. However, the airline is preparing to hire and has set up a page on LinkedIn for recruiting. “All jobs will be posted via our dedicated LinkedIn page – just click the link [follow that page] to be notified of all future job posts.

The UK’s Companies House has the following information on the air carrier:

Registered office address:

960 Capability Green, Luton, England, LU1 3PE

This address is for an office building in Luton, near the airport but not on airport property. In fact, it’s closer to the golf course.

Both organizations are Private Limited Companies incorporated in January of this year. 

FlightChic has reached out to Monarch Airlines for more information on the airline’s and tour operator’s plans, launch dates, fleet, crew, timeline to obtain Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), and everything else you’re probably wondering about. 

They have shared information with The Times (which is behind a Paywall). The headline cut close to the bone despite the airline’s chipper reaction.

Remembering The Former Monarch

Is the Monarch Airlines Relaunch Real?

It all hints at a possible resurgence and restoration of operations in the UK, but what lies ahead is still cloudy.

Let’s hope the sky clears for this cherished brand. 

“We’re working harder than ever to introduce you to the sun again. It’s time to celebrate a new Monarch.” – Monarch Airlines (@letsmonarch) August 20, 2023

Yes. That would be nice.

2 thoughts on “Excitement Over Monarch Airlines Relaunch”

  1. The proposed livery is rather disappointing! Most people assumed we’d see the crown make a return – a re-imagined for the 2020’s would look rather fabulous and be quite a talking point. Maybe, just maybe they launch with a livery that’s more exciting than this. 🤞

    1. I understand how you feel. I also had a strong fondness for the old Monarch, having previously worked with some wonderful members of their Cabin Safety team. Still, I must admit that the new less-is-more brand is appealing. If that notion transfers to their launch offering: less hassle, less cost, more service, then it could be a good thing! Still. Early days. We’ll need to keep watching. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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