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Arlanda Airport: Inside the New Marketplace Delights Abound

Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport Ups the Ante on Passenger Pleasures

SkyCity at Arlanda Airport
SkyCity at Arlanda Airport

“The Marketplace represents a significant investment for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, not only in terms of its size but also its potential impact on the passenger experience. We are excited to see the new shops and restaurants open this fall.” — FlightChic Take

Throughout the summer, Stockholm Arlanda Airport has inaugurated several new dining and shopping establishments. This is just the beginning, as even more additions are set to be unveiled with the opening of the new Marketplace in September.

Terminal 5’s cutting-edge security checkpoint at Arlanda was launched earlier this year, providing passengers with a revamped experience. Adjacent to this, the new Marketplace is gradually taking shape.

This space represents the largest-ever commercial venture at Arlanda, boasting a distinct Nordic design spread across 11,000 square meters of commercial real estate. The Marketplace is set to welcome its inaugural set of shops and eateries this fall, with a steady rollout of other outlets planned until its projected completion in late 2024 or early 2025.

However, the evolution of Arlanda extends beyond the Marketplace. This summer has seen the inauguration of a host of new outlets in SkyCity, Terminal 2, and Terminal 5.

The culinary scene has particularly been enhanced with the introduction of café Barino, Upstairs & Bar, and Cornelius Coffee, among others. In terms of retail, the electronics shop InMotion has enriched the shopping options.

Here is a list of all the openings at Arlanda since the beginning of June:


  • Barino Café

Terminal 2

  • Espresso House – Before the security checkpoint
  • WHSmith – After the security checkpoint
  • Upstairs & Bar – After the security checkpoint
  • InMotion – After the security checkpoint
  • Pressbyrån – Before the security checkpoint

Terminal 5

  • FOREX – The first to open in the new Marketplace!
  • Take Away Mart – Gate 17C/C
  • Cornelius Coffee – Gate C37
  • Pressbyrån – Gate F58
  • InMotion – Gate 14
  • Pressbyrån – Gate C35
  • Eton – Gate C39

Openings coming in August:


  • Barino – Italian-inspired cuisine

Terminal 2

  • Brew’d Beans & Hopes – After the security checkpoint

Terminal 5

  • Fresh Forward – In the arrival hall

Get Ready for a Shopping Spree: New Retail Outlets Set to Debut with the Launch of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s Marketplace

A number of retail shops will open their doors when the new Marketplace opens at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Many retail shops will join the new Marketplace at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The new Stockholm Arlanda is taking shape. Several shops will open this summer when the first phase of the new Marketplace is completed, along with a new modern security checkpoint. Retailers, including many well-known Swedish brands, will move in. There will also be a brand-new gift concept focusing on Nordic products. Shops for outdoor life, electronics, and much more. The tax-free shop will have brand-new larger premises.

“Part of our commercial strategy for the public tendering of new shops for the Marketplace has been to create good opportunities for shopping, whether it is planned or more spontaneous in nature. A varied offering and a broad range of prices that appeal to different customer groups have been important aspects,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Marketing Officer at Swedavia and Acting Airport Director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. “Among the newcomers are many Swedish brands such as GANT and J. Lindeberg. The Sweshop concept is also a new feature, with its exciting shops for gifts and an assortment that pays tribute to Nordic handcrafts, culture and heritage. ”People have expressed a desire for more Nordic, Swedish and local goods to buy as gifts, and that is one of many things we are pleased that we will now be able to offer.”

New shops that will open in the Aralanda Marketplace in Terminal 5:

Phase 1, Summer 2023:

Stockholm Duty-Free:

Passengers can visit the new tax-free shop after the security checkpoint. The shop, with a Nordic design, covers 2,000 square meters.


A treasure trove for all things uniquely Swedish, Sweshop’s outlet offers an eclectic mix of gifts, souvenirs, and gastronomic delights. The centerpiece of this vibrant shopping space is a grand Dalecarlian horse, an emblematic symbol of Swedish culture, which will undergo seasonal transformations in style and color to create a dynamic visual attraction. This eye-catching installation is bound to lure tourists and native Swedes for a memorable Instagram snapshot. Apart from its dual presence in the Marketplace, Sweshop extends its retail footprint with an additional outlet in SkyCity at Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter Airport.


A familiar name in Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter, Pocketshop is set to expand its footprint by introducing two brand-new outlets in the Marketplace. This move underscores its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for travelers.


Renowned electronics retailer, InMotion, is expanding its reach by opening three state-of-the-art stores at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, one of which will be a flagship location in the much-anticipated Marketplace. Additionally, they are establishing a presence at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, further solidifying their position as a leading provider of the latest products from globally recognized brands.

Kronan (Apotek) pharmacy:

Apotek currently has an outlet in SkyCity with a full range of items, including prescription drugs, but will now also open a shop in the Marketplace focusing on pharmaceutical products for health and well-being and travel-related items.

Also, in Phase 1

  • Forex Currency Exchange
  • Global Blue Tax-Free Shopping

Phase 2, late 2023

As a treat for parents and children, the toy shop at Stockholm Arlanda will also open another outlet in the Marketplace. Travelers can buy everything from toys to different brands of children’s clothing.

  • Sweshop, outlet 2
  • Pocketshop, outlet 2

Phase 3, end of 2024/beginning of 2025

The Airport Fashion Group is set to launch new retail outlets in the Marketplace. Their innovative Multibrand Fashion Store will be intelligently segmented to cater to the dynamic fashion needs of both male and female passengers.

Notably, the renowned Swedish brand, GANT, will establish a presence in the Marketplace. The store will be a hub for fashion-forward shoppers, offering a curated collection of the latest trends in apparel and accessories from this iconic Swedish label.

Additionally, the Marketplace will welcome Aera, a brand synonymous with outdoor leisure fashion. Upon its grand opening, Aera will present a comprehensive selection of outdoor attire designed for the active lifestyle enthusiast.

Get Set for December Delights! Lakritsroten Makes Its Debut in Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s Marketplace

Swedish retailer Lakritsroten opens at Stockholm Arlanda Airport Marketplace
Swedish retailer Lakritsroten opens in December 2023 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport Marketplace

It’s an acquired taste, but you can’t have a genuine Nordic experience without licorice!

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is set to tantalize the taste buds of all licorice lovers with the opening of Swedish retailer, Lakritsroten in the new Marketplace this December. The store promises an eclectic mix of licorice favorites and boutique sweets, catering to a broad spectrum of palates.

This fall, Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda will witness the grand unveiling of the initial phase of the new Marketplace. Many shops and eateries are slated to commence operations, adding to the airport’s vibrant atmosphere. The second phase of the Marketplace is scheduled to open just before the holiday season. Lakritsroten is one of the new enterprises strategically choosing the airport as their business location.

Demand for Nordic treats makes licorice essential to Arlanda Airport’s commercial strategy

Arlanda’s commercial strategy for the Marketplace, its most substantial commercial venture to date, was meticulously planned to offer various products at various price points. Including niche shops like Lakritsroten, offering both traditional licorice and boutique sweets, perfectly aligns with this vision, further enhancing the overall shopping experience for airport visitors.

“There has been an explicit demand for more Nordic, Swedish and local goods at the airport, and a liquorice store has been on our wish list. Lakritsroten will provide a memorable experience for passengers that they will want to share with others and experience again,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Commercial Officer at Swedavia.

Passengers at Arlanda Airport are in for a delightful treat as Lakritsroten unveils its new shop. This modern marketplace will redefine the shopping experience by offering an unparalleled assortment of licorice. With a strong emphasis on quality and artisanal production, Lakritsroten is a haven for licorice enthusiasts.

The store prides itself on exceptional service provided by well-trained licorice connoisseurs. Whether you’re a seasoned licorice aficionado or a curious newbie, there’s something for everyone. The vast range features over 600 liquorice-themed products from an impressive roster of over 70 brands. This promises an exciting exploration of the world of licorice right within the airport.

“The set-up at Arlanda is Lakritsroten’s biggest investment to date, and we are really looking forward to welcoming the millions of passengers at Arlanda to our magical world of liquorice,” says Erik Dahlén, Head of Retail at Evanoff Group, which owns the Lakritsroten chain.

As the premier specialist in licorice retail in Sweden, Lakritsroten boasts an extensive range of products catering to many palates. The product lineup spans various categories, including but not limited to traditional licorice sweets, small-batch confectioneries, culinary ingredients, literature, beverages, and even health and beauty products, all unified by a shared highlight – licorice.

With its inaugural store opening in Stockholm in 2007, Lakritsroten has since expanded its footprint to 11 locations across Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Uppsala. Since 2018, it has been a proud member of the distinguished Evanoff Group.

Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport is Cooking Up its First Ever Food Hall!

Stockholm Arlanda Airport to get its first food hall
Stockholm Arlanda Airport to get its first food hall as part of the new Marketplace

The transformation of Stockholm Arlanda Airport is steadily unfolding. With the completion of the new security checkpoint and Marketplace, Arlanda is unveiling many new dining establishments and bars. A notable addition to the airport’s gastronomic landscape will be its inaugural food hall. This will be a culinary haven for passengers, offering an array of cuisines ranging from classic hamburgers to rich Middle Eastern flavors.

Embracing the concept that “eating is the new shopping,” the Marketplace will allocate ample space for various restaurants and bars, catering to the evolving tastes of future passengers. The emphasis will be on providing diverse options and healthier food choices. The airport will enforce a price cap to ensure affordability. Limits on the price increase to no more than 10% compared to equivalent offerings in the city.

“It will be easy for passengers to choose from a varied range of options, with flavours from different parts of the world, and the offering will meet all the different kinds of needs that passengers can conceivably have no matter the time of day. All in all, the offering and experience should contribute to a memorable experience that people will want to share with others and experience again soon,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Marketing Officer, at Swedavia.

HMSHost: the future food hall at Arlanda Airport’s new Marketplace.

As a renowned leader in providing food and beverage services for travelers, HMSHost already operates several restaurants and bars at Arlanda Airport. In a significant development slated for the summer of 2024, HMSHost will unveil Arlanda’s inaugural food hall within the Marketplace. This dynamic setting will serve as a melting pot for a diverse range of eateries, including the likes of La Neta, Bun Meat Bun, and Baba Grill. Adding to the eclectic mix, two smaller pop-up restaurants will rotate regularly, making room for unique and tantalizing food concepts.

Aside from its impressive array of restaurants, the food hall will also feature a new bar, affording patrons a magnificent view of the runways bustling take-offs and landings. But the Marketplace’s offerings don’t end there. HMSHost is also planning to launch additional outlets, such as 60 Degrees – Bar and Brewery, a pub that will spotlight local beers and traditional pub fare. Fresh Forward will provide a grab’n-go concept for passengers in a hurry, ensuring quick and easy access to nutritious food on the move.

“The development of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s food and beverage offering gave us an opportunity to expand our concepts. Our extensive brand portfolio and strong local relationships created the perfect platform from which we could create a beautiful, genuine Swedish experience for guests. We are so pleased to work together with Swedavia as a long-term business partner and continue to create places where people want to be, and we look forward to opening our new restaurants next year,” says Sytze van der Aa, HMSHost International’s Regional Managing Director for Europe.

Here are the outlets that HMSHost will open at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the Marketplace:

The food hall, which will feature La Neta, Bun Meat Bun, and Baba Grill, together with a bar and the pop-ups Asia Street Cooking and Bread Break, will open in the summer of 2024.

  • Espresso House will open in the autumn of 2024.
  • 60 Degrees – Bar and Brewery will open this summer, 2023.
  • Fresh Forward will open one outlet in 2023 and a second in winter 2024.
  • Brew’d will open in autumn 2023.

Discover Fresh, Local Fare and Shopping Galore at Stockholm Arlanda’s Exciting New Marketplace

More organic and local food options at Stockholm Arlanda and the new Marketplace
More organic and local food options at Stockholm Arlanda and the new Marketplace

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is transforming into a foodie and shopping destination. With an array of shops and restaurants slated for launch in the early summer, the initial phase of the new Marketplace, along with a fresh security checkpoint, is nearing completion. The latest additions to the airport’s culinary offerings have been finalized, promising an eclectic mix of organic homemade ice cream, a taste of Nordic cuisine, exquisite French pastries, and flavorsome Asian dishes.

Arlanda understands that the culinary journey of passengers significantly influences their overall airport experience. Therefore, the Marketplace will host an expansive array of restaurants and bars, all tailored to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow’s travelers. The focus will be on offering a wide spectrum of services, catering to various budgets while emphasizing healthier options and locally sourced food. A noteworthy development is a recent agreement with RC Café & Pâtisserie, set to launch several enticing new outlets at Arlanda.

“Passengers should be able to easily take advantage of a wide variety of food options, with flavours from different parts of the world or more specifically from the Nordic region. This range of options will satisfy all the different kinds of needs that travellers can conceivably have, no matter the time of day. With RC’s concept, we get a lot of the local, authentic food connections that we’re looking for,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Commercial Officer at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The Family Tradition behind RC Café & Pâtisserie at Arlanda Airport

Since launching its operations at Arlanda in 2013, RC Café & Pâtisserie has progressively expanded its presence, currently boasting two thriving cafés in Terminal 5. This December, patrons can look forward to a third RC café, set to open its doors in the same terminal. Between 2023 and 24, RC will have a significant growth spurt, with plans to inaugurate five new outlets. Interestingly, Terminal 5 Marketplace will be the location for four of these upcoming establishments.

“Our objective is to create added value at the airport, where we want to offer a unique taste experience, with efficient and personal service for everyone on the move. RC will be a natural, good meeting place for all passengers at Arlanda. Guests will be able to enjoy everything from organic coffee, a freshly baked croissant, hearty baguette, fresh salad and sushi for take away to a hot meal for the whole family. We are really excited about the new openings and look forward to meeting every traveller at our fantastic workplace at Arlanda,” says Charlotta Söör, founder and co-owner of RC Café & Pâtisserie.

Steeped in family tradition, RC Café & Pâtisserie is a gem that was born in the quaint town of Sigtuna in 2002. This brainchild of Charlotta Söör and Ronny Latva continues to thrive under familial guidance, preserving its unique charm. Since 2015, the twin dynamos, Joakim and Niklas Blomquist, have owned a significant 50% stake in the firm, infusing their own unique flair into the family business.

Here are the new outlets that RC Café & Pâtisserie will open at Stockholm Arlanda:

  • Nordic Lounge by RC: Offering the best of modern and Nordic cuisine.
  • RC Glacier & Café: This cool Café offers homemade organic ice cream with flavors from Italy and France.
  • RC Café & Pâtisserie: The French pâtisserie with everything from pastries to sandwiches and salads. The RC Café & Pâtisserie will have two outlets, one in the Marketplace and one in the area for Gates C30-C44)
  • RC Café & Brasserie: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a focus on classics from all the corners of the world.
  • Indochine: Minimalist Asia food such as sushi, dumplings, wok dishes, poké bowls, and salads. Indochine will have two outlets, one in the Marketplace and one in the area for Gates C30-C44.

Get Ready for a Revamped 7-Eleven and a Quintet of New Pressbyrån Stores at Arlanda this Summer!

Did you know? Scandinavia thanks heaven for 7-Eleven too! US travelers will find that 7-Eleven is a popular and ubiquitous one-stop shop in Denmark and Sweden. You’ll find a handy 7-Eleven at many railway stations and airports.

New 7-Eleven at Arlanda
A new 7-Eleven with a new concept and as many as five new Pressbyrån convenience stores will open at Arlanda this summer.

Among the exciting additions to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, passengers can look forward to a newly-conceptualized 7-Eleven outlet. Plus, not just one but five fresh Pressbyrån convenience stores.

In a bid to enhance the travel experience and meet the diverse needs of its passengers, Arlanda Airport is ushering in a new era of shopping convenience. The airport caters to your desires whether you plan your purchases ahead or are prone to spontaneous shopping sprees. Introducing kiosks represents an innovative and efficient retail approach, providing various options at competitive prices. This concept appeals to a broad spectrum of customer preferences. As part of this retail transformation, the airport announced the launch of six new kiosks at Arlanda this coming summer.

“Our customer surveys show that many passengers are mostly looking for the same assortment as in their everyday lives. There is also demand for outlets with a wider range of prices, and it should be easy to shop there. At our airports, a kiosk should always be nearby in all of our terminals and piers. We are really pleased that so many new outlets are opening this summer,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Commercial Officer at Swedavia.

Reitan Convenience Innovates on a Classic

Reitan Convenience will unveil a fresh concept with the launch of a new 7-Eleven at Arlanda Airport. This innovative venue will offer passengers convenient breakfast, lunch, and dinner, adding a new dimension to their travel experience. Additionally, the company is expanding its footprint. It will introduce five new Pressbyrån convenience stores, with one strategically located in the bustling new Marketplace. Furthermore, Reitan Convenience is broadening its horizons beyond Arlanda. The retailer plans to open another 7-Eleven and a Pressbyrån at Göteborg Landvetter.

“We always want to be in places where there are a lot of people, with our affordable range of food, drinks and everyday services. With these outlets, we will be able to reach out to both Swedish and international customers at the airports with our new concept. In tough economic times like these, it is especially positive for us to have a big business deal like this that ensures good revenue over the longer term,” says Anna Wallenberg, CEO of Reitan Convenience Sweden.

Reitan Convenience Sweden AB (RCS) franchises high-profile brands like Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, and PBX. It boasts a commanding stature in Sweden’s retail landscape. RCS has carved out a solid customer foundation. The company reports a footfall of nearly 350,000 patrons daily across a broad spectrum of 400 retail outlets.

About Swedavia Airports Group

Swedavia, a prominent group in the aviation industry, proudly owns, operates, and innovates 10 airports across Sweden. Our mission centers on fostering Sweden’s connectivity, thereby enabling seamless travel, boosting business opportunities, and promoting interpersonal meetings. At the heart of Swedavia’s operations lie our travelers – their satisfaction and safety form the bedrock of our business.

As a global frontrunner in sustainable airport development, Swedavia is committed to minimizing climate impact. A testament to our green initiatives is the fact that since 2020, all ten of our airports have been operating entirely on fossil-free energy.

Regarding financial performance, Swedavia boasted approximately SEK 4.8 billion in turnover in 2022. The robust workforce of roughly 2,400 employees continues to drive our success and uphold our reputation in the industry.

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