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Japan Airlines’ New Airbus A350 Cabins: What to Expect Inside

JAL A350-900 cabin image collage
JAL A350-900 cabin image collage

Mark your calendars for October 2, 2023! Japan Airlines will unveil details of the much-anticipated A350-1000 aircraft. What can we expect inside? 

The date of the new cabin interior reveal was part of the airline’s announcement of the airline’s new FY2023 Winter Schedule.

UPDATE: Full aircraft details inside JAL A350-10000 Revealed October 2, 2023

Japan Airlines (JAL Group) reports strong demand, prompting updates to the FY2023 Winter Schedule

Catering to the growing demand for travel, the JAL Group is ramping up international flights on several routes. These include the Narita – Hong Kong, Kansai – Los Angeles, Kansai – Honolulu, and Nagoya (Chubu) – Honolulu routes.

JAL will debut the A350-1000 aircraft on the Haneda – New York route.

Keeping customer demand trends in sight, Japan Airlines strategically adjusted flight frequencies. This includes an uptick in the number of flights navigating the Osaka (Itami) – Izumo and Osaka (Itami) – Kagoshima routes.

These noteworthy changes form part of the JAL Group’s recent announcements regarding flight frequency and fleet plans for FY2023, affecting their international and domestic routes.

JAL New FY2023 Winter Schedule: International Flights

Thanks to market recovery and COVID-19’s reclassification to class 5, travel demand in Japan is rising for business and tourism. A weaker yen is also boosting demand. JAL plans to increase its international flights from the summer of 2023 to cater to this demand.

  • Narita – Hong Kong route increases from 3 to 5 flights per week.
  • Kansai – Los Angeles route increases from 4 to 5 flights per week.
  • Kansai – Honolulu route will increase in November from 4 to 5 flights per week
  • Nagoya (Chubu) -Honolulu route will increase from 3 to 4 weekly flights.
  • The airline will update when final schedules for certain routes and periods are established.

What JAL Said of the New Airbus A350-1000 Experience

JAL Airbus A350 Economy Class cabin view
JAL Airbus A350 Economy Class cabin view

“Furthermore, preparations are underway for the new flagship A350-1000 aircraft, scheduled to start operating on the Haneda – New York route in late November. Information on launch date and other details, as well as interior and in-flight services, will be announced in October. Experience a sense of privacy and relaxation in our aircraft cabin, while we deliver products and services tailored to each individual customer’s needs. We invite you to anticipate a new and fitting boarding experience for the days to come.”

What to Expect Inside JAL Airbus A350-1000?

To answer that, let’s first look at the JAL Airbus A350-900

FlightChic was present in Toulouse during the delivery ceremony for the first JAL Airbus A350-900 in 2019, an aircraft dedicated to domestic service.

The design of this aircraft can inform some assumptions about the airline’s choices for the long-haul Airbus A350-1000.

The JAL A350-900 Experience: Unparalleled Comfort on the World’s Best Domestic Flight

It’s a great way to fly short-haul without a private jet.

In 2019, Japan Airlines (JAL) introduced the spacious Airbus A350 for domestic routes, opposing the trend of airlines pushing single-aisle planes on longer flights.

JAL received its first Airbus A350-900 in June 2019 and debuted the new cabins. The first commercial flight occurred from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka in September of that year.

The Airbus A350 was designed to improve long flights. The aircraft environment is less stressful on the body because of the lower cabin altitude and environmental controls. Large windows, programmable lighting, and extra storage add to the sense of space onboard the A350-900.

The JAL A350-900 used on domestic routes features First, Business, and Economy classes. All seats have AC power outlets, USB power outlets, in-flight entertainment, live TV, camera views outside the plane, and free in-flight Wi-Fi.

JAL A350-900 Interiors by Tangerine Design

Created by tangerine, a renowned UK-based design firm, the cabin’s design artfully encapsulates the quintessential Japanese aesthetic of traditional elegance. This results in a visually stimulating and sophisticated experience for passengers.  

Upon embarking on their journey, passengers are greeted by the JAL logo, proudly emblazoned on the aircraft’s interior. The First Class compartment stands out with its exclusive 12-seat layout, featuring a sleek, dark interior color scheme. This is accentuated by a pleated lighting design adorning the center forward wall, adding a touch of opulence to the journey.

The design philosophy expands to the Class J and Economy Class sections, incorporating JAL’s corporate color into their interiors. The overall design exudes tranquility, creating a refreshing ambiance within the cabin. Even the restrooms have not been overlooked, with meticulous design details contributing to a distinctively sophisticated aesthetic.

Furthermore, the A350 cabin environment is further enhanced by LED lighting. Offering a range of options, passengers can adjust the cabin’s mood to suit their preference, adding another layer of customization to their flying experience.

General Aircraft Information

JAL LOPA A350-900 Aircraft seat map
JAL A350-900 LOPA(Location of Passenger Accommodation). Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 seat map.

Unveiling a fresh collection of purposefully designed seats for every class, meticulously engineered with an emphasis on practicality and comfort.

  • First Class: 12 Seats
  • Class J: 94 Seats
  • Economy Class: 263 Seats
  • TOTAL: 369 Seats

JAL Airbus A350 First Class (Domestic)

JAL Airbus A350-900 Domestic First Class Seat
JAL Airbus A350-900 Domestic First Class Seat

First-class passengers enjoy recliner chairs with massage settings, privacy screens, personal storage, and 15.6-inch entertainment screens. 

  • Seat Pitch: Approx. 135 cm (53 inch)
Seat Width: Approx. 51 cm (between armrests)
  • Personal Monitor: 15.6 inch

Details of JAL A350-900 First Class

Crafted meticulously by Japan’s renowned seat supplier, JAMCO, the A350-900 First Class cabin seats offer an exemplary level of comfort akin to sinking into your favorite sofa. The soft seat cushion ensures a relaxed journey from take-off to touchdown.

Each seating area is a private oasis, courtesy of the shell-shaped design and center dividers. These features masterfully blend both privacy and personal space for every passenger.

For an unparalleled in-flight experience, the seats come with a power-assisted adjustable feature and a massage function. These features provide comfort throughout your journey.

An impressive 15.6-inch personal monitor adorns each seat, setting a new standard for Japan’s domestic aircraft. Moreover, a PC power outlet and a USB port are conveniently located on the center console, allowing passengers to charge their devices while enjoying a variety of in-flight entertainment options.

Ultimately, these seats are more than just a place to sit. They are a sophisticated and luxurious haven, meticulously crafted from high-quality materials to elevate your travel experience.

What to Expect Inside the JAL Airbus A350-1000 First Class

JAL’s A350-900 Domestic First Class will not suit long-haul routes. We are more likely to see the reveal of a new private suite onboard the JAL Airbus A350-1000. The airline’s supplier, JAMCO, certainly has the capabilities to deliver a unique product. Or JAL may have selected a suite from a different manufacturer.

Given current design trends, the airline’s current First Class suite could become a fully private cabin with a door.

We should expect upgrades to the In-flight Entertainment (IFE). The current screen on the JAL long-haul First Class is large (23″). JAL may update it to a higher-resolution OLED screen. Like the current First Class seat, there will be plenty of personal storage and work surfaces. The design will likely be tasteful and restful rather than flashy. JAL favors natural colors and wood-grain finishes in its current First Class, and we may see those again on the new Airbus A350-1000.

Of course, there may not be a First Class on some JAL Airbus A350-1000 Routes

The airline currently flies long-haul international routes with alternate aircraft configurations. For example, the JAL 787-9 Dreamliner (an aircraft akin to the A350) has three classes onboard: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy.

JAL LOPA Boeing787-9 (789) : Aircraft and seats
JAL LOPA (Location of Passenger Accommodation) Boeing 787-9 (789). Aircraft and seats. Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner seat map.

But the longer A350-1000 could accommodate a LOPA (seat map) closer to Japan Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER, which features four cabins: First Class, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class.

LOPA JAL Boeing777-300ER (773): Aircraft and seats
JAL LOPA (Location of Passenger Accommodation) Boeing 777-300ER (773). Aircraft and seats. Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER seat map.

We’ll have to wait for October to find out if there is a First Class reveal on the Airbus A350-1000. If not, we should definitely expect a big change in Business.

JAL Airbus A350-900 Domestic J-Class (Business)

The Business class (J-Class) cabin on the Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 features 94 recliner seats with leg rest adjustments, storage space, 11.6-inch monitors, personal reading lights, and 38 inches of legroom.

Details of JAL Airbus A350-900 Domestic J-Class (Business)

  • Seat Pitch: Approx. 97 cm (38 inches)
  • Seat Width: Approx. 48 cm (between armrest)
  • Personal Monitor: 11.6 inch

The JAL Group made a strategic selection to partner with RECARO, a distinguished supplier from Germany, to develop an exquisitely comfortable seating arrangement. An adjustable leg rest provides unrivaled support for the calves. The seating experience maximizes passenger comfort by design.

The cabin is thoughtfully designed and has ample storage space strategically located under the monitor and armrest. This clever use of space allows passengers to stow personal belongings neatly, ensuring a clutter-free travel experience.

The cabin also features a generously sized cocktail tray and a personal reading light, adding to the ambiance and functionality of the space. Conveniently positioned on the center console, a PC power outlet is available for those who wish to work or play during their flight.

Furthermore, a USB port is discreetly located under the personal monitor, ensuring your devices remain fully charged and ready for use throughout your journey.

What to Expect Inside the JAL Airbus A350-1000 Business Class

We can expect something far better in long-haul business class on the JAL Airbus A350-1000 than in the domestic A350-900. And even something better than the SKY Suite III business class seat.

JAL Sky Suite III Business Class
JAL Sky Suite III Business Class

Given the trend toward private business class suites and the competition, this should be the big reveal in October.

JAMCO has done some very special premium work for Singapore Airlines. They have the capability to surprise with a new business class development for JAL.

RECARO’s CL6720 business class suite is another good choice. It has the option of a sliding door for privacy.

And, of course, the airline can always surprise us. But of these two options, a special development with JAMCO is more likely if there is no First-Class product on the JAL Airbus A350-1000. Otherwise, if the airline will debut a new first-class product, we might expect a customized version of the CL6720.

JAL Airbus A350-1000: What to Expect in Premium Economy and Economy Class.

The JAL A350-900 Domestic Business Class seats would suit a possible Premium Economy class on the JAL A350-1000.

JAL A350 Class J seat
JAL A350 Class J seat

Although the airline’s current long-haul SKY Premium Economy class product offers an excellent experience for longer flights. We hope JAL makes a similar choice if there is a SKY Premium Economy cabin on the new JAL Airbus A350-1000.

JAL SKY premium economy
JAL SKY premium economy

JAL’s A350-900 Economy class seats 263 passengers with 17.3-inch wide seats, adjustable headrests, cup holders, extra storage pockets, a jacket hook, and 10-inch entertainment touchscreens.

  • Seat Pitch: Approx. 79 cm (31 inch)
  • Seat Width: Approx. 41-44cm (between armrest)
  • Personal Monitor: 10.0 inch

The Economy class seats on the JAL A350-900 also came from RECARO.

JAL Airbus A350-900 Economy Class seats
JAL Airbus A350-900 Economy Class seats

While these offer many attractive comfort features for shorter flights, something closer to the plush SKY Economy class would be more attractive for long-haul journeys.

JAL SKY Economy class
JAL SKY Economy class

We might have a row or two reserved on the JAL A350-1000 LOPA for an extra-roomy economy class, like the airline’s SKY Wider Economy.

JAL SKY cabin Wider Economy seat
JAL SKY cabin Wider Economy seat

Bottom Line: Expect a Superior Flying Experience on JAL’s New Airbus A350-1000

JAL A350
JAL A350

Even when configuring the A350-900 for a short-haul flight, JAL didn’t compromise on service. Maintaining high service standards for both long-haul and short-haul is important to JAL.

JAL was the first airline to fly an Airbus A350 on short routes. Airbus modified the JAL A350-900 aircraft for higher frequencies and shorter turn-around times.

JAL has a history of using long-haul planes for domestic flights. It has also flown the Boeing 777 on this same route. In the 1970s, Japan Airlines modified the Boeing 747 to serve the domestic market.

The introduction of the Airbus A350-900 was also the first time Japan Airlines flew an aircraft made by Airbus. JAL chose the Airbus A350 for being more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and quiet. There are many advantages to the Airbus A350, which make the aircraft a pleasure for passengers onboard. Whatever JAL reveals in October, we should expect it to be delightful.

JAL Also Announced New Domestic Flights

As the aviation market rebounds and customer demand grows, the JAL Group strategically adjusts its domestic flight schedule. This update aligns with emerging trends in passenger needs and preferences. A notable highlight of this adjustment is the inauguration of fresh routes from Sapporo’s Okadama Airport. Japan Airlines will fly the newly commissioned aircraft from Hokkaido Air System (HAC) on this route, with operations starting on October 25.

  • The airline has determined the inaugural flight date, flight frequency, and schedule for the Sapporo (Okadama) – Nemuro Nakashibetsu route.
  • Osaka (Itami) – Izumo route will increase from 4 round-trip to 5 round-trip flights per day from October 29.
  • Osaka (Itami) – Kagoshima route will increase from 7 round-trip to 8 round-trip flights per day from December 1.

About JAL Group

The JAL Group strives to generate social and economic value by creating “relationships and connections” through air transportation, aiming to provide a comprehensive route network that caters to the evolving needs of our valued customers.

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