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Finnair’s New Arctic Flights: Direct from Lapland to Norway

Finnair Introduces Direct Flights from Rovaniemi to Tromsø 

Enhancing Arctic region connectivity, Finnair is will inaugurate direct flights bridging Rovaniemi, Finland, and Tromsø, Norway, starting in December. 

“The Arctic’s unique nature and elite travel experiences attract travelers from diverse global regions, encompassing Asia and Central Europe,” Antti Tolvanen, Finnair’s SVP of Network & Revenue Management, comments. “With this new connection, visitors to the Arctic region can conveniently combine both Lapland and Northern Norway in one trip.”

Strategic Routes

These strategic routes, carefully curated by Finnair, signify the airline’s commitment to providing its customers with efficient connections and comprehensive air travel options. The addition of the Rovaniemi-Tromsø route bolsters the airline’s destination offerings. 

The direct flights between Rovaniemi and Tromsø will operate twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays. The decision to schedule these flights on particular days is based on analyzing passenger demand patterns and the airline’s ongoing optimization of its flight network. Furthermore, this schedule aligns with Finnair’s objective of providing convenient options for travelers in frequency and timing. 

Significance of the New Route 

Establishing the Rovaniemi-Tromsø route is a significant milestone in Finnair’s expansion strategy. Undoubtedly, it enhances the airline’s presence within the Nordic region, strengthening cultural, economic, and tourism links between Finland and Norway. Moreover, it will provide an efficient direct connection for passengers traveling between the Lapland region in Finland and Tromsø in Norway, known for their stunning natural beauty and unique cultural experiences.

As a result, these flights stimulate tourism growth in both regions while affirming Finnair’s role as an instrumental facilitator of cross-border mobility within the Nordic region. In addition, it will enrich the travel options available to Finnair’s customers, reaffirming the airline’s dedication to service excellence.

FAQs about the new Finnair Flights

What type of aircraft will be used for these new Finnair flights? 

The two weekly flights, scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays, will connect Tromsø and Rovaniemi flying a 68-seater ATR aircraft. These flights will operate as tag connections: Helsinki-Rovaniemi-Tromsø and Tromsø-Rovaniemi-Helsinki. The estimated flight duration between Rovaniemi and Tromsø is 1.5 hours.

In addition to the new connection, Finnair will continue offering direct flights from Helsinki to Tromsø. Furthermore, the airline offers routes to Norwegian destinations, namely Bergen, Bodø, Oslo, and Trondheim.

What is the schedule for the new Finnair flights between Rovaniemi and Tromsø?

The inaugural flight is slated for 2 December 2023, with services extending through 30 March 2024. 


Departing Rovaniemi at  10.50, arriving in Tromsø  at  11.20 
Departing Tromsø at  11.45, arriving Rovaniemi at  14.10 

Departing Rovaniemi  at  9.30, arriving in Tromsø  at  10.00 
Departing Tromsø  at  10.25, arriving in  Rovaniemi  at  12.45

The flights are now on sale on

About Finnair

As a leading network airline, Finnair is renowned for its pivotal role in bridging passenger and cargo traffic across three continents – Asia, North America, and Europe. Finnair is one of the world’s oldest still-operating airlines with a venerable history. The airline celebrates its centenary in 2023, affirming its robust standing in the global aviation sector.

Finnair’s commitment to sustainability underpins every facet of its operations. The airline has stated an ambitious target to attain carbon neutrality, a milestone it aims to achieve no later than the end of 2045.

In addition to its independent efforts, Finnair is an integral part of the prestigious one world alliance. Finnair Plc’s shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

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