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JAL Any Wear, Anywhere Clothing: Pack Light, Save the Planet

Wondering what to pack for your next Japan Airlines flight? Fancy flying with just your hand luggage? Japan Airlines (JAL) “Any wear, Anywhere” clothing service encourages passengers to pack light and travel sustainably. 

Traveling light is very FlightChic. If this trial is successful, it might inspire other airlines. 

JAL’s “Any Wear, Anywhere” Clothing Share Service for International Visitors 

Japan Airlines' (JAL) "Any Wear, Anywhere" clothing share service aims to improve travel sustainability by letting travelers pack lighter for their trips.

Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corporation are trialing an “Any Wear, Anywhere” clothing-sharing service. This initiative targets foreign tourists and business travelers using JAL-operated flights to Japan, focusing on quantifying the environmental benefits derived from the Service. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as global travel resumes, sustainability has become a significant focal point. Worldwide initiatives promoting sustainable tourism cater to eco-conscious travelers. Many are increasingly concerned about sustainable choices in their travel destinations, accommodations, and transportation. Despite these advancements, limited options are available in areas such as clothing. Most travelers bring their own clothes from home. 

The Service aims to offer a travel experience with limited luggage. Mainly, it offers rental clothing at the destination, at the same time creating environmental value. The objective is to help travelers find local options for all their needs, including clothing, food, and accommodation. Essentially, this approach transforms travel and business trips into more sustainable experiences. 

In implementing this Service, Sumitomo Corporation will handle the development of the reservation system and manage the procurement, laundering, and delivery of clothes. All rental clothing items will be sourced from surplus apparel stocks and pre-owned garments, thus endorsing the concept of a circular economy. JAL will monitor alterations in passengers’ checked-in baggage weight to validate the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the decreased airplane weight due to the Service’s utilization.

Overview of JAL’s Pack Light and Save the Planet Trial

The trial began on July 5, 2023, and runs through August 31, 2024. There is still time for eco-conscious travelers to take it for a spin. 

How to Use the Clothing Share Service

"Any Wear, Anywhere" service infographic.
  1. Visit the “Any Wear, Anywhere” reservation site:
  2. On the Reservation page, select the clothing set that best fits the season and purpose of your visit to Japan.
  3. Enter your JAL flight booking number, the dates you’ll pick up and return the clothing set, and your pickup location. Then, you proceed to payment. (Critically, travelers should reserve clothing at least one month in advance. Generally, the return date should be within two weeks of the pickup.)
  4. Next, board a JAL-operated flight with reduced luggage.
  5. Finally, pick up and return the reserved clothing set at your hotel.

Under “JAL Vision 2030”, which targets the year 2030, the JAL Group is striving to build a “safe and secure society” and a “sustainable future,” with ESG forming the core of its management strategy. The Service is an integral part of the JAL Group’s ESG strategy. JAL aims to address societal issues and create sustainable flows of people and distribution channels. 

Sumitomo Corporation focuses on social issues and technological advancements to develop businesses in the “Beyond Mobility” domain. Interestingly, the concept of the Service came from the “0 → 1 Challenge,” an in-house entrepreneurship program. Sumitomo Corporation is driving a company-wide reformation of its business model to create new value by leveraging the individuality and creativity of each employee in response to significant global changes. 

Beginning with this trial, both companies will explore other efforts that cater to customer needs while helping the environment. 

Collaborative Partners in the Trial 

  • WEFABRIK Inc.: Established in 2005 by Mr. Fukuya, a former textile trader employee, WEFABRIK aims to make fashion more enjoyable and sustainable. The company addresses the issue of massive waste in fashion, causing serious environmental problems worldwide. WEFABRIK operates an online apparel matching platform called “SMASELL” and procures the rental clothes for the “Any Wear, Anywhere” service.
  • Hakuyosha: A pioneer in the cleaning industry in Japan from the beginning. Hakuyosha has been influential since introducing Japan’s first independently developed dry cleaning service in 1906. In 2018, it won the “Sustainability Grand Prize” at the Global Best Practices Awards held in Milan, Italy, for delivering high-quality services that respect the environment. For this trial, Hakuyosha launders and cleans the clothes available for rental through the JAL “Any Wear, Anywhere” service.

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