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SWISS Celebrates Zurich Airport’s 75th Anniversary 

75 years of aviation excellence: SWISS pays tribute to Zurich Airport

SWISS, Switzerland’s largest airline, celebrates the 75th anniversary of its home hub, Zurich Airport.

A SWISS aircraft on the tarmac of Zurich Airport.

As a part of the ‘Flughafenfest’ celebrations, SWISS is thrilled to engage attendees with various activities and offer them a unique glimpse into the captivating world of aviation. Visitors can expect a series of live commentary aircraft turnarounds. They can also participate in the official naming ceremony of a SWISS Airbus A220.

Next month, Zurich Airport will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a three-day ‘Flughafenfest’ from 1-3 September. Being a significant part of the celebrations, SWISS will offer its visitors exclusive behind-the-scenes insights throughout the three-day period. 

An Intriguing Journey into the SWISS Universe 

SWISS will organize a multitude of activities and attractions during the three-day celebration. Aviation enthusiasts can closely inspect a SWISS Airbus A220, deployed on short- and medium-haul routes, and one of the company’s long-haul aircraft. They can also meet SWISS specialists and ask questions. 

SWISS pilots and cabin crew members will provide comprehensive insights into their careers. Moreover, SWISS’s technical apprentices will give visitors a unique opportunity to work on a replica engine, giving them firsthand experience as an aircraft engineer. Visitors can also get a close look at an Airbus A320 simulator. 

At specific times across the three days of the fest, visitors will be offered an in-depth view of an aircraft turnaround, including fueling, cargo loading, and baggage handling, all complemented by live expert commentary.

SWISS: Emphasizing Sustainable Aviation 

Sustainable air travel remains a primary focus for SWISS. Specialists on-site at the ‘Flughafenfest’ will explain how Switzerland’s leading airline is steadily progressing towards its ambitious carbon goals. 

Another festival highlight will be the formal naming of a SWISS Airbus A220 as ‘Bad Zurzach’ on the party site at 15:30 on Saturday, 2 September. Attendees of all ages can witness the naming ceremony. SWISS has teased that a “surprise VIP guest” will be there as attendees become a part of this aircraft’s history. 

From Friday, 1 September, to Sunday, 3 September, Zurich Airport’s ‘Flughafenfest’ takes place on the airport site. More information is available on the Flughafenfest website.

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