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American Airlines Flight Attendants Picket, Poised to Strike

As Labor Day approaches, American Airlines’ 26,000+ Flight Attendants are readying themselves for a series of powerful demonstrations expressing their dissatisfaction with the airline’s management. The demand? A fresh contract with much-anticipated enhancements.


The US airline industry’s skies might be turbulent as American Airlines Flight Attendants, affiliated with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), gear up for informational pickets across twelve major flight attendant bases in the country this Wednesday. At the helm of these nationwide demonstrations lies the impending revelation of the strike authorization vote results, a pivotal moment that could pave the way for a full-blown strike. The crux of the issue stems from ongoing contract talks that have failed to yield an agreement.

“Contract negotiations with American Airlines have not produced a contract that includes the improvements to pay, onboard staffing, and quality of life that Flight Attendants need to see.”

AFPA Flight Attendants picket will announce results of strike vote.

Quick Facts:

  • Event: Unveiling the results of the strike authorization vote alongside Flight Attendant pickets across twelve U.S. cities.
  • Participants: 26,000+ American Airlines Flight Attendants will keenly await the outcome, a decision that will determine if APFA will escalate to a strike.
  • Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2023
    • East Coast (ET): 1100-1300
    • Central Time (CT): 1000-1200
    • West Coast (PT): 1100-1300
  • Locations:
    • BOS: New Location: Statehouse front steps/sidewalk, 24 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02133
    • CLT: Charlotte/ Douglas International Airport, NW corner of Wilkinson Blvd/Josh Birmingham Pkwy intersection.
    • DCA: Washington National Airport, Terminal 2, ticketing level, North Terrace.
    • DFW: Dallas/ Ft. Worth International Airport, Terminal D, departures, door D40.
    • LAS: Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport, Terminal 1, level 1, near door #16
    • LAX: Los Angeles International Airport, between T4 & Tom Bradley terminal, departures level.
    • LGA: New York/ LaGuardia Airport, Terminal B arrivals/ parking area (outside, past the MTA bus pickups, near the corner of 94th Street).
    • MCO: Orlando International Airport, Terminal B, American Airlines curbside check-in.
    • MIA: Miami International Airport, Terminal D, upper level, Door 1.
    • ORD: Chicago/ O’Hare International Airport, Departures, between T2 and T3 sidewalk.
    • PHL: Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal A West.
    • PHX: New Location: IAM Sky Harbor Lodge 2559, 2727 W. Baseline Rd., Suite 16, Tempe, AZ 85283

UPDATE: 26,000 American Airlines Flight Attendants Ready to Strike

On Wednesday, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) announced the result of the members’ vote, authorizing a strike if American Airlines does not agree to their contract terms. 99.47% of flight attendants voted yes, and 93% of eligible flight attendants participated in the vote.

“Flight Attendants are sending a clear message to American Airlines management: Flight Attendants are fired up and ready for a contract. They ignore this strike vote at their peril,” said Julie Hedrick, National President of APFA and a Flight Attendant. “Our contributions to the success of American Airlines must be respected.”

Thousands of Flight Attendants picketed in twelve cities nationwide, demanding the airline complete contract negotiations. They argue American Airlines has taken more than four years to close “a deal that honors the role of the Flight Attendant.

The flight attendants seek improvements to quality of life and a raise in pay that is urgently needed. Inflation has added undue burdens on these essential workers, as have “additional work duties, difficult scheduling, and passenger aggression.”

“Conducting a strike authorization vote is an important step toward striking, as Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act outlines. Contract negotiations with American Airlines have not yet produced a Collective Bargaining Agreement that includes the improvements to pay and quality of life that Flight Attendants need to see. If American Airlines and APFA cannot reach an agreement in federal mediation, the union could request to be released into a thirty-day cooling-off period, after which 26,000+ American Airlines Flight Attendants would be free to strike the world’s largest carrier. 

With the strike vote announced just days before Labor Day, American Airlines management is on notice that Flight Attendants are joining other workers across the county and demanding change.”


“It was Labor that built this great country, and now it’s off the backs of labor that corporate greed makes its money,” said Julie Hedrick, National President of APFA and a Flight Attendant. “APFA members today sent a strong message to the Company– we are unified and long overdue for a new contract. We are ready and willing to do what it takes.”

About APFA

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) is the voice for over 26,000 Flight Attendants working with American Airlines. As a union with a deep-rooted history and a blend of professionals from various airlines, APFA has consistently championed workplace equality, legislative endeavors, and the fundamental rights of workers.

For more details, further information will be provided here.

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