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BBN Airlines Indonesia Picks Lido Solutions by Lufthansa Systems

BBN Airlines Indonesia and Lufthansa Systems have solidified a groundbreaking partnership. The Indonesian airline recently confirmed a multi-year agreement with the renowned airline IT provider for its premium charting solutions, Lido mPilot and Lido Flight Management System (FMS).

BBN Airlines is Lufthansa Systems’ first client in Indonesia to harness its elite charting applications. What led to this choice? The unparalleled data quality, the intuitive, user-centric features, and the 24/7 world-class support that Lido solutions offer.

BBN Airlines Indonesia picks Lufthansa Systems Lido FMS.

Spotlight on Lido Solutions

Lido mPilot gives pilots access to necessary navigation charts, key documents, and vital messages on their devices. The charts generated from the certified Lido FMS navigation database exemplify precision and quality. Developed collaboratively by navigation aficionados, licensed dispatchers, IT specialists, and pilots, this solution enhances pilots’ situational awareness for safer and more efficient flights.

And then there’s the Lido FMS. It’s a vast, certified navigation database featuring a wealth of aeronautical data on a global scale. Lido FMS has everything from details about airways and airports to waypoints, holding patterns, and approaches. Certified by EASA and compliant with industry standards, it’s a solution that promises reliability.

Captain Wijaya, head of operations at BBN Airlines Indonesia, shares his enthusiasm: “Safety is paramount for us. The high data quality and user-friendliness of Lido mPilot and Lido FMS align with our values, allowing us to function more efficiently. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Lufthansa Systems.”

Lufthansa Systems reciprocates the sentiment. David Parrish, VP of Sales for Southeast Asia, China, and Indochina, remarks, “We’re honored to serve BBN Airlines Indonesia’s charting and navigational requirements. Our commitment is to bolster their operational growth with top-tier data and services.”

About BBN Airlines Indonesia

A subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, BBN Airlines Indonesia is an extension of BBN Cargo Airlines, an Iceland-based cargo airline since 1999. Founded in 2022, BBN Airlines Indonesia operates from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and dedicated to safe, competitive, and reliable transport.

About Lufthansa Systems

Renowned for over 25 years in the aviation industry, Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the leading airline IT provider. A part of the Lufthansa Group, the company offers a range of innovative IT products and services. The company serves over 350 customers, many of which dominate the market. With a team of roughly 2,800 spanning 16 countries, Lufthansa Systems remains at the forefront of digital aviation.

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