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Electric Car Charging at Helsinki Airport: A Quick Guide

Looking for convenient and sustainable ways to park and charge your electric car at Helsinki Airport? Good news! Helsinki Airport now offers electric car charging in all its parking halls, ensuring a seamless experience for environmentally-conscious travelers.

Helsinki Airport Electric Car Charging Stations

Travelers can conveniently charge their electric cars at Heslinki Airport.

Unparalleled Charging Station Numbers at Helsinki Airport P2 Parking Hall

Helsinki Airport stands out, especially with its P2 parking hall. According to Jukka Isomäki, Head of Parking and Landside Traffic at Helsinki Airport, “The number of charging stations is the highest in the P2 parking hall, where the entire third floor is exclusively reserved for charging electric cars.” Such forward-thinking infrastructure underscores the airport’s commitment to sustainability and convenience.

New Parking Halls with Enhanced Features

Recently, Finavia unveiled the P1 Premium and P2 parking halls adjacent to the Helsinki Airport terminal. These modern infrastructures boast a whopping 250 charging stations collectively. If you opt for P1 Premium, you’ll find charging stations strategically placed at the front and back of the Premium floor.

Extensive Charging Facilities in Other Halls

Frequent flyers and visitors will be thrilled to know that the well-frequented P3 and P5 parking halls also have charging stations. Specifically, P3 offers 30 stations, while P5 impresses with its 70 charging stations.

Pre-Booking: Save Money and Secure Prime Parking Spots at Helsinki Airport

“Our parking areas at Helsinki Airport are located closest to the departure gate. Some are right next to the terminal,” remarks Jukka Isomäki. But the icing on the cake? Parking becomes even more affordable when you pre-book. Not only does this ensure cost savings, but customers also get their choice of parking spots. Plan ahead and book your parking on Finavia’s website to snag the best deals.

It’s worth noting that the charging points are exclusively for electric vehicles. Electric car parking spots are available on first-come-first-charge, allocated based on demand.

Want to know more about how the charging process works at Helsinki Airport? Check out the guide on How to charge your electric car at Helsinki Airport.

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