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Emirates Recognizes Emirati Women in Aviation

Emirati Women Lead the UAE’s Flourishing Aviation and Travel Industry

The Emirates Group, in a heartwarming gesture, recently highlighted the invaluable contributions of Emirate women to both the local community and the nation’s financial framework. These women are at the heart of the UAE’s soaring aviation and travel sector, and their dedication has been indispensable to the country’s economic surge.

An exclusive event at the Emirates Group headquarters celebrated Emirati women’s achievements in aviation and travel. The event recognized their pivotal role in steering the UAE’s aspirations to greater heights. The gathering was a unique blend of creativity, music, and professional networking. It included a panel discussion featuring women from diverse professional backgrounds.

Spotlighting Remarkable Women in Aviation

The event’s highlight was an impressive panel that shared captivating tales of their professional journey. Nayla Al Khaja, a trailblazer as the UAE’s inaugural female film writer, director, and producer, joined Diana Wilde, the Co-founder of Aurora50, and Hend Al Rumaithi from ENOC, among others. In a soulful interlude, Shamsa Al Jasmi, the first Emirati woman to master the Oud, mesmerized attendees with her performance.

Empowering Emirati Female Leaders

In all, 40% of the Emirates Group’s Emirati employees are women. Over 180 of these incredible women have ascended to leadership roles, influencing decisions across varied business sectors. To bolster the professional growth of these women, the Emirates Group offers them access to leading mentorship and training programs. They include the prestigious Rolls-Royce Leadership Programme, the GE Aviation Programme, and the INSEAD Women Leaders Programme.

In its continual effort to champion female empowerment, the Emirates Group recently joined hands with Aurora50’s NOORA initiative. The Group further reinforced its commitment to gender equality by signing the UAE Gender Balance Council’s pledge.

Emirates: Championing a Diverse Workforce

Emirati women have consistently furthered the UAE’s global ambitions with their skills and unwavering dedication. For example, the Emirates Group introduced its first female Emirati pharmacist and nurse. This reflects the breadth and depth of talent within the Group. Roles for women in the Group span technology, auditing, and fleet management. These trailblazers epitomize the UAE’s ethos of innovation and progress.

In line with this year’s Emirati Women’s Day theme, ‘We collaborate for tomorrow’, and the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability’, Emirati professionals at the Emirates Group champion sustainability initiatives. True to this commitment, two Emirati women from the Group currently participate in the United Nations Global Compact’s Target Gender Equality accelerator program. The program aims to set benchmarks for gender representation and pay parity in the corporate world.

As the UAE continues its trajectory toward global leadership in various sectors, it’s clear that Emirati women will remain at the forefront of this journey with their talent, dedication, and passion.

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