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Etihad’s Emirati Women’s Day Video: Inspiring Next-Gen Aviators

Etihad Airways recently released a touching video to commemorate Emirati Women’s Day and honor the achievements of nearly 700 Emirati women who contribute to the success of the UAE’s national airline. Emirati Women’s Day, observed on August 28th each year, serves as a reminder of the integral role of Emirati women in society.

Discover the inspiring stories of Emirati women in aviation as they share their experiences during interviews conducted at Etihad Airways

Source: Etihad

In this video, three young Emiratis named Shrina (10 years old), Hind (7 years old), and Khalifa (6 years old) have engaging conversations with First Officer Muneera Al Kaabi, Lead Aircraft Engineer Ayesha Al Zaabi, and Aircraft Dispatcher Noura Haqi Abdulzahra. These inspiring conversations revolve around the roles these professionals have at the airline and the aspirations of the children to join the aviation industry. Shrina asks First Officer Muneera Al Kaabi for advice on becoming a pilot, to which Muneera responds by encouraging her to trust in herself and her ambitions. Muneera believes that with determination, Shrina can achieve her dream of becoming a pilot in the future.

Dr Nadia Bastaki, Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer at Etihad, said: “Growing and nurturing Emirati talent has always been a priority for Etihad, and on this special Emirati Women’s Day we celebrate the talents and contribution they bring to our airline. We are proud to share in their successes and achievements as they continue to push the boundaries of our industry.

“One year ago, we celebrated Captain Aisha Al Mansoori becoming the first female Emirati to reach the rank of Captain in a commercial airline, having joined us in 2007 as a Cadet officer as part of Etihad’s extensive programme of training Emirati nationals to become pilots. Captain Al Mansoori is one of almost 400 Emiratis flying for Etihad. She’s a trailblazer, paving the way for her colleagues to follow in her footsteps and since then, Emirati females have progressed from cadets to Second Officers and continue to grow through the ranks.”

At Etihad, the UAE’s national airline, Emirati women occupy a significant 50% of the workforce. They hold many positions, including pilots, engineers, mechanics, and technicians. Additionally, they contribute to various departments, such as healthcare, finance, legal, commercial, and marketing. Emirati women play a crucial role in shaping the success and diversity of the airline.

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