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Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport Breaks Ground on New Terminal

This month, work began to prepare for the new Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (YHU) terminal.

Continued Operations Amidst Construction

While ground-breaking initiatives take off, the airport is committed to smooth daily operations, safeguarded by security measures like enclosing safety fences.

Unveiling Partnerships and Plans

Earlier in February, Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (YHU) partnered with Porter Airlines and the airport will build a sprawling 21,000 m² terminal equipped with nine boarding gates.

Earlier in February, Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (YHU) heralded its partnership with Porter Airlines. The highlight? A sprawling 21,000 m² terminal with nine boarding gates. This venture, buoyed by investments crossing $200 million, signals YHU’s strengthened foothold in commercial aviation.

“The YHU transformation will increase the airport capacity of the Greater Montréal Area and consolidate regional air service in Québec. With this major infrastructure, travelers can expect a better experience while the region receives significant economic return. We thank Porter for their profound contribution to the airport developments, as well as the regional stakeholders for their crucial collaboration on this infrastructure project.”

Yanic Roy, CEO of Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport YHU.

Steering the Project: The Development Committee

A pivotal cog in the project’s success, the Development Committee, includes regional elected officials and stakeholders. The YHU Committee has assigned four task-focused working groups to delve into mobility, sustainable development, noise climate, innovation, and tourism.

PCL: Crafting Architectural Marvels

The torchbearer for this transformation is PCL’s Montreal division—a general contractor celebrated for their deep-rooted expertise in the airport sector. With a legacy of over 30 North American airport projects, their mark in Quebec includes landmarks like the Deloitte Tower and the Library and Archives Canada Building in Gatineau.

What’s Next?

An official unveiling this fall promises to satisfy our curiosity, with a detailed construction timeline. Fast forward to mid-2025, and Montreal will boast a fully operational, avant-garde terminal.

A Closer Look at YHU:

Steering the helm since 2000, the non-profit organization overseeing Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (YHU) took ownership from Transport Canada in 2004. The vision? Unleash the airport’s untapped potential for Montreal, always with an eye on best practices and community well-being.

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