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ParaZero Safety Systems at Denmark’s International Drone Show

Spotlight on Innovative Drone Safety Solutions at the International Drone Show 2023

The world of drone technology stands on the cusp of an exciting era as drones gain prominence across multiple industries. The pressing need for robust safety mechanisms has never been higher. ParaZero Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PRZO) is leading the charge in this pivotal domain. The company is committed to drone safety for commercial applications and urban air mobility.

Copter flight against the blue sky. RC aerial drone. Credit:seregalsv via iStock

ParaZero Coming to International Drone Show in Denmark

The International Drone Show takes place on August 29 in Odense, Denmark. ParaZero will present its safety solutions tailored for drones. Drones are becoming integral to numerous industries globally. The International Drone Show in Denmark is a significant platform for the company’s state-of-the-art safety systems. These are especially needed in densely populated zones and scenarios beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Boaz Shetzer, Chief Executive Officer of ParaZero, said, “The International Drone Show in Denmark presents an opportunity to engage with industry experts. We are thrilled to showcase our latest safety solutions, designed meticulously to cater to the evolving needs of the drone industry.”

Thanks to ParaZero’s technology, numerous global organizations and drone pilots have garnered regulatory green light for pioneering operations. These include BVLOS flights, operations over human crowds and urban areas, and the dynamic domain of drone deliveries. All these strides show the pivotal role of dependable safety systems that quickly resolve unforeseen mid-flight issues. These systems safeguard the drone and the environment it operates in equally.

For a firsthand experience, International Drone Show attendees should visit the company at Booth 37.

About ParaZero Technologies

ParaZero is the brainchild of dedicated aviation experts and drone aficionados, launched in 2014. It stands out as a global frontrunner in devising autonomous parachute safety mechanisms for commercial drones and urban air mobility. Their hallmark is ensuring secure flight operations over populated regions and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS). Discover more at

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