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Emirates ice Brings Outer Space to In-flight Entertainment

An Exclusive with Astronaut Dr. Sultan AlNeyadi

For many, the concept of in-flight entertainment means traveling the world in search of the most thrilling experiences. But for Emirates ice in-flight entertainment, the boundaries of the Earth are merely the beginning. Dive into the deep void of space as ice takes you 400 kilometers above the planet for an unforgettable live chat with UAE’s very own star, astronaut Dr. Sultan AlNeyadi.

A Glimpse into Space Life – Streaming from Above

From September 1, 2023, aboard the Emirates World Channel, viewers will get a front-row seat to Dr. AlNeyadi’s life in space. Dr. AlNeyadi has ventured into a remarkable six-month scientific stint on the International Space Station (ISS). The day marks his journey back home. Interestingly, his trip takes just an hour less than Emirates’ longest 17-hour flight from Auckland to Dubai.

This extraordinary ice interview isn’t just conducted anywhere. With support from NASA in Houston, it’s streamed directly from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) Mission Control Centre, traversing the vastness of space.

Bridging The Galactic Gap: From Space to the Emirates

Under the adept guidance of Emirates’ SVP of IFE & Connectivity, Patrick Brannelly, Dr AlNeyadi opens up about the marvels and mundanities of space life. They discuss his favorite in-flight meals and staying connected with loved ones. The conversation draws uncanny parallels with the opulent Emirates experience, offering viewers a cosmic perspective.

Going to the ends of the Earth in a quest for the best entertainment is nothing new for Emirates *ice*, and this time the award-winning inflight entertainment system will feature a live interview with UAE astronaut Dr Sultan AlNeyadi, chatting about his ‘inflight experience’ in space - as he fearlessly floats 400 kilometres above our planet.

Imagine sipping coffee while floating, conducting scientific wonders, or working out with the blue-green Earth as your backdrop. That’s a day in Dr. AlNeyadi’s shoes on the ISS, soaring at an incredible speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour.

Emirates & Dr. AlNeyadi: A Cosmic Connection on In-flight Entertainment Screens

Dr. AlNeyadi isn’t just another astronaut. He’s the pride of the UAE and the Arab world. Having etched his name in history as the first Arab to embark on a 6-month ISS mission and perform a spacewalk, his feats are truly celestial. Emirates is elated to be part of this galactic journey, documenting an Emirati’s adventures for ice viewers everywhere.

So, buckle up and join Emirates ice as it transcends earthly entertainment, bringing the stars and one special astronaut a little closer to home.

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