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World’s First Digital Travel Document (DTC) Trial at Helsinki Airport

The Finnish Border Guard, in a landmark move, is launching a pilot project for a Digital Travel Document (DTC) at Helsinki Airport, marking a significant stride towards a seamless international travel experience.

Helsinki Airport Passport Control

What is the DTC pilot project?

The DTC pilot project unveils a separate, clearly marked border control checkpoint for passengers aboard Finnair flights destined for London, Edinburgh, or Manchester. This initiative is designed to streamline the border control process, ensuring travelers’ swifter and smoother experience.

A Global First in Border Control

This move is groundbreaking because the digital travel document DTC, as per the Finnish Border Guard’s recent bulletin, will witness its inaugural test in actual border control settings. This makes it the world’s foremost trial of its kind.

Who can participate in the pilot?

This transformative pilot is open to Finnish citizens traveling on the aforementioned Finnair routes. However, potential participants must first register as DTC users at a dedicated service point under the police license services.

Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) Pilot at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: A Seamless Border Check Experience

Starting August 28, 2023, the Finnish Border Guard is set to revolutionize travel documentation through a pilot program at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. This initiative is a collaboration with Finnair, Finavia, and the police.

An Alternative to Paper Passports: The DTC Advantage

The DTC project ensures passengers on Finnair’s flights to London, Edinburgh, and Manchester can swiftly navigate border controls without the usual queues. By registering for DTC, travelers can experience a smoother departure and arrival process in Finland. The key highlight? This real-world test of DTC marks its global debut as a reliable digital counterpart to the physical passport, ensuring speed without sacrificing security.

Here’s How to Join the DTC Testing:

1. Get the FIN DTC Pilot App:

  • For Android users, download from Google Play.
  • For iOS users, download from the App Store. Before installing, ensure your phone has an active screen lock (PIN, fingerprint, or face ID).

2. Register for Testing:

  • Visit the permit service center either at Vantaa main police station in Tikkurila (Ratatie 11 C, 6th floor, 01300 VANTAA) or at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (Lentäjäntie 1 B, 4th floor, 01530 VANTAA).
  • Pre-book your registration slot on the police’s electronic transaction service.
  • Note: Only Finnish citizens are eligible. Bring along a valid passport for identification and digital documentation creation. The registration will involve capturing a facial image and signing a consent form. Consent withdrawal options are available post-registration.

3. Notify the Border Guard Pre-flight:

Before each flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to London, Manchester, or Edinburgh (and vice versa), send the necessary data from the app to the Border Guard between 36 to 4 hours before departure.

4. The DTC Digital Travel Document Experience at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

When departing to or arriving from Great Britain, utilize DTC at the Helsinki-Vantaa border check. The border personnel will match your DTC facial image with the real-time capture. Place your passport on the designated scanner for verification and look at the camera. Remember to use border control line 21 when departing Finland and line 19 upon arrival.

Note: DTC is exclusively functional at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. For UK border checks, follow local guidelines and always carry your passport.

Join this revolutionary approach to international travel, ensuring a swift, secure, and hassle-free experience.

DTC: A Global Initiative

Finland and Croatia are currently at the forefront of this digital initiative. But the ripples of this innovation extend beyond European shores. A parallel project is underway between the Netherlands and Canada. Both endeavors contribute crucial data to inform the European Commission’s legislative decisions. This is integral to the Commission’s comprehensive digital identity policy framework.

As the lines between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, initiatives like the DTC pilot project symbolize the future of international travel. With the potential to revolutionize how we move across borders, the world watches as Helsinki Airport takes the lead in this global transition.

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