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JetBlue Flights to Amsterdam: What to Expect Inside the Plane

JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU) brings fresh Mint and Core Services on nonstop Flights from New York to Amsterdam. What can you expect inside the plane?

The airline has grown its reach in travel across the pond with new nonstop flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). This service began on 29 August, marking the airline’s third transatlantic destination. JetBlue will also launch service from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to Amsterdam on September 20. This follows JetBlue’s successful entry into the London market in August 2021 and the launch of the Paris service earlier in June.

“JetBlue’s transatlantic service has proven to lower fares and benefit customers in markets that have suffered for decades from high fares by legacy carriers,” said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. “We look forward to introducing our award-winning Mint and core service to business and leisure customers traveling to and from Amsterdam.”

“It is a pleasure to welcome JetBlue to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and their contribution to Schiphol’s network,” said Ruud Sondag, president and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group. “Most importantly, with JetBlue deploying their new Airbus A321neo LR aircraft, they contribute to noise reduction and sustainability efforts.”

Schedule between New York (JFK) and Amsterdam (AMS)

Daily service starting August 29 (Eastbound) & August 30 (Westbound) *all times local
JFK – AMS Flight #2288AMS – JFK Flight #2289
10:00 p.m. – 11:35 a.m. (+1)1:35 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.
Source: JetBlue

JetBlue’s daily flights between the US and Amsterdam fly on the Airbus A321 Long Range (LR) narrow-body aircraft. The plane has 24 Mint Suite® seats, 114 core seats, and an inviting Airspace by Airbus cabin interior.

The A321’s impressive range and cost-efficiency allow JetBlue to bring its hybrid low-cost/luxury/lifestyle airline model across the transatlantic market. The airline is known for its service and affordable fares.

Inside the Fresh JetBlue Mint

JetBlue has updated its highly popular premium Mint experience. In 2014, the airline changed the industry by offering a fresh and affordable take on premium travel. JetBlue has raised the bar with a complete redesign of Mint for flights over the Atlantic. The new Mint experience includes 24 private suites. Each has a sliding door for better privacy. Customers can also enjoy the comfort of custom-designed seat cushions by Tuft & Needle. You’ll find various thoughtful design elements that create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere on board.

The JetBlue Mint Studio: Now Flying to Amsterdam

Additionally, JetBlue introduced the magnificent Mint Studio, offering a roomy premium experience

“Mint was an idea to make premium travel across the U.S. less stuffy and more affordable, and its performance has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations of going beyond New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco,” said Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer, JetBlue. “It’s remarkable how Mint’s thoughtful design has resonated with customers as we successfully grew it to more than 30 routes. We put our heart into this redesign of Mint and were inspired by our original vision of offering customers an exceptional experience at a lower fare – which is what JetBlue is all about.”

Mint’s first major re-design – with Acumen Design Associates – flew for the first time on JetBlue’s London flights in 2021. Later that year, A 16-seat layout debuted on limited flights between New York and Los Angeles.

Inside the New JetBlue Mint Experience

Unmatched luxury

Inspired by the immense popularity of its original Mint cabin, JetBlue improved the experience with 24 individual suites. These meticulously designed spaces offer greater privacy with thoughtfully curated details. Entertain yourself with a 17-inch Thales AVANT seatback screen that can be tilted to your preference. You’ll appreciate the wireless charging, a convenient phone ledge for multitasking, and easy-to-reach in-seat power outlets. Additionally, you’ll find ample stowage space for your laptop, shoes, and handbag, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey.

Introducing Mint Studio: An Oasis of Space and Privacy

With a focus on luxury and exclusivity, JetBlue introduces Mint Studio – a game-changing suite that redefines premium travel. Developed in collaboration with Acumen and AIM Altitude, Mint Studio sets a new benchmark for spaciousness among US airlines. Located in the coveted first row of each aircraft, these two Mint Studios offer a retreat for work or relaxation. Watch programs on a generous 22-inch tilting Thales AVANT seat-back screen. Use the extra side table for work. Have another Mint friend over for a chat on the guest seat. Mint Studio offers comfort and versatility. When it’s time to unwind, the lie-flat bed invites you to recline and relax. Sleep sound.

The proprietary seat design is truly a bed in the sky

JetBlue takes great pride in being the first airline to introduce Thompson Aero Seating’s cutting-edge VantageSOLO seats. Designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft, these herringbone-configured seats were tailored to meet JetBlue’s exacting standards. They offer a truly optimized and immersive flying experience.

For better bedding, JetBlue tapped Tuft & Needle. This innovative mattress company pioneered the bed-in-a-box trend. It now shapes the entire Mint sleep experience onboard. Engineered for comfort, every Mint seat is layered with Tuft & Needle’s proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam and a breathable cover. The combination creates a cool and comfortable sleep experience. The seat complements extra sleep amenities. They include a convertible blanket with a built-in foot pocket and a memory foam-lined pillow with a pillowcase. Mint passengers also enjoy a snooze kit with a matching eye mask and earplugs.

At home, in the skies: the JetBlue Experience on Translatlantic Flights

JetBlue’s Mint is an elegant, cozy cabin interior inspired by residential spaces. Passengers can expect unique JetBlue features woven into the modern aesthetic.

  • Customers feel at home in the air. Residential textures include flannel privacy dividers, concrete lampshades, wood-grain tables, and vegan leather seats.
  • Gradient panels custom-made for the suite bring light into the cabin. Patterned door shrouds with the signature Mint leaf make a bold brand statement.
  • Before the flight, passengers can enjoy a unique mood lighting experience on board while a blue floor arc helps guide them during boarding.
  • Transatlantic Mint offers an elevated flying experience. Premium features, design elements, and award-winning service from hospitality-trained crewmembers make this cabin a treat.

From Coach to Core: An Economy Class That Takes the Strain out of JetBlue Amsterdam Flights

JetBlue’s designed the Core experience for travelers who previously flew in other airlines’ “economy” or “coach” offerings.

“From generous personal space to our innovative build-your-own dining concept, every detail has been thoughtfully designed and will be made even better with the attentive service standards that a single-aisle aircraft allows,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty at JetBlue. “We know all too well the pain points of international flying – the dreaded center section, the ‘choice’ of assembly-line chicken or beef, and the lack of connectivity. JetBlue is ready to change all that with our take on transatlantic travel where you are well taken care of and fully connected if you want to be.”

More Legroom and Nicer Nosh

JetBlue Airlines improved in-flight meals on transatlantic travel with a unique meal concept. The airline developed the in-flight menu in collaboration with New York’s renowned restaurant group, Dig. Passengers on JetBlue’s flights to Amsterdam can customize their complimentary meals on the seat-back of the airline’s spacious seating. JetBlue prides itself on providing the most legroom in coach and wider seats.

First-class In-flight Entertainment from Nose to Tail

Core and Mint passengers can enjoy unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout their journey for uninterrupted connectivity. JetBlue also offers live TV channels covering news and sports and a vast library of seatback entertainment. This onboard entertainment system ensures passengers can enjoy a seamless, multi-screen experience that rivals the comforts of home.

All the Space: Upgraded with Airspace by Airbus Cabin

To elevate the flying experience, JetBlue introduced the Airbus A321 Long Range single-aisle aircraft with the Airspace by Airbus interior. This aircraft allows JetBlue to deliver personalized, boutique-style service. Enhanced comfort features include larger overhead bins and customizable lighting. This cabin design provides the spacious feel of wide-body planes.

Dig and JetBlue Collaborate on a Delicious, Sustainable In-Flight Menu

JetBlue Airways joined forces with Dig, a renowned culinary brand, to reimagine onboard dining options for its passengers.

As a treat for passengers, JetBlue and Dig have a shared vision to redefine and elevate traditional airline food. The in-flight menu emphasizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients and artisanal recipes. It offers various delectable meals that cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

Passengers can look forward to an enticing menu featuring a fusion of global flavors with innovative cooking techniques. Each dish will be carefully crafted to balance exquisite flavors, enticing presentation, and nutritional value. JetBlue and Dig offer a feast for the senses that considers passenger well-being.

Furthermore, JetBlue and Dig are committed to sustainability and minimizing waste. The partnership strives to create an eco-friendly dining experience through responsible sourcing and portion control. This aligns with both brands’ commitment to environmental consciousness.

Build-your-own In-Flight Meal from the Comfort of Your Seat

JetBlue has introduced an exciting addition to its Core dining experience – a unique build-your-own meal concept. Passengers now have the opportunity to customize their inflight meal directly from their seatback screens.

Celebrated for its emphasis on plant-based options, JetBlue has partnered with Dig to offer a thoughtfully curated menu. The selection includes a variety of seasonal proteins, vegetables, and grains. All ingredients are sourced consciously from minority and women-run farms, and Dig’s own farm, Dig Acres. Customers have three main options. Pick a protein or vegetable, paired with a base, and two hot or chilled side dishes.

The in-flight menu includes delightful and hearty creations. For example, succulent roasted chicken thighs served over a bed of brown rice with fragrant herbs. Vegetarian options include spiced eggplant with coconut cauliflower quinoa. Tempting sides feature Dig’s famous mac and cheese. Also available is a fresh, mixed heirloom tomato salad sourced directly from Dig Acres in upstate New York. In addition, for morning flights, passengers can relish a mix of sweet and savory breakfast dishes. Options include a tasty mixed berry bread pudding and a refreshing citrus salad drizzled with local honey.

With this innovative dining concept, JetBlue continues to elevate the inflight culinary experience. The airline allows passengers to savor a personalized meal that suits their preferences.

Additional food and beverage offerings for Core customers:
  • First, treat yourself to the specially designed onboard Pantry. This self-serve grab-and-go snack basket is there for customers to enjoy throughout their flight.
  • Also, enjoy complimentary soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and liquor.
  • Finally, there’s a dessert for a sweet treat post-meal and a light bite before arrival.

Committed to flying green, JetBlue uses reusable containers and provides customers with environmentally friendly cutlery.

“When we shook up premium travel with Mint, one of the biggest ‘wow’ moments for our customers was our fresh take on dining. Great food doesn’t have to be limited to the premium cabin, and our customers in core also deserve a dining experience that is thoughtfully prepared and offers choices,” said O’Brien. “Dig has earned a big following in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, where customers love the fresh ingredients and customizable concept. We wanted customers in the air to have the same freedom to design their own meal, just like they would if they were dining at a Dig restaurant.”

A Soothing In-flight Experience

JetBlue offers a boutique service that offers customers luxury and personalization. Passengers enjoy more personal space in surroundings designed to create a sense of calm.

In fact, JetBlue was the global launch partner for the Airspace by Airbus interior. This re-imagined cabin environment delivers wide-body aircraft features to the narrow-body A321.

The airline’s Core experience on flights to Amsterdam offers a 32-inch pitch for extra leg groom. The airline picked roomy Collins Meridian seats designed with customer comments and comfort in mind.

  • 114 seats with an expanded width of 18.4 inches.
  • Four rows of Even More® Space seating with up to six inches more legroom.
  • Redesigned sidewalls that provide additional shoulder space and larger window bezels for increased spaciousness and better views.
  • Enhanced cushion comfort and adjustable headrests with premium Ultraleather®, a softer, more breathable vegan leather material.
  • Contoured seatback design at knee level, creating additional living space for every customer.
  • Custom-designed seatback storage with mesh pockets, perfectly sized for water bottles and loose items.
  • Easy-to-reach in-seat power featuring AC and USB-C ports.

Fast In-Flight Wi-Fi: Keeping All Passengers Connected on JetBlue Amsterdam Flights

JetBlue offers a better flight experience with Thales AVANT and ViaSat-2 in-flight entertainment and connectivity. Keep in mind that JetBlue offers unlimited, free, fast Wi-Fi on all transatlantic flights. Passengers in both the Mint and Core cabins can connect their devices and enjoy entertainment streaming, web browsing, or chatting. No doubt, passengers will be delighted to know the service is on from the moment you board until you land.

JetBlue’s State-of-the-Art In-Flight Entertainment

JetBlue passengers on Amsterdam flights can connect multiple devices to the Wi-Fi network and enjoy free seat-back entertainment. This technology creates a truly at-home experience above the clouds.

What is more, JetBlue offers a wealth of in-flight entertainment options. From curated live TV channels to an extensive library of entertainment content, the airline ensures passengers have choices throughout the flight. Passengers on JetBlue’s flights to Amsterdam will find:

  • 10.1 inch, 1080P high definition screen at every seat.
  • A curated selection of international live TV channels focused on news and sports.
  • Robust library of on-demand content, including full seasons of shows, hundreds of movies, and premium content from HBO & SHOWTIME.
  • Expanded Fly-Fi® connectivity, covering nearly the entire JetBlue network, including the Atlantic.
  • The multi-screen experience allows customers to use various devices simultaneously. They can use HD seatback entertainment as they would in their living room.
  • Picture-in-picture function.
  • Enhanced, 3D flight map offering multiple ways to track time to destination.
  • Personal handheld device pairing capabilities for use as a remote or gaming controller.
  • Personalized digital seatback experience allows customers to browse and customize their Dig meal on their touchscreen.

Form, Fit, and Function: Designed to Elevate the Passenger Experience on JetBlue Flights to Amsterdam

Importantly, JetBlue maximized the Airspace by Airbus interior to create an elevated customer experience throughout the cabin. Every aspect of the aircraft was meticulously customized to create a perfect environment to deliver JetBlue’s award-winning service. Passengers on JetBlue’s Amsterdam flights can expect:

  • Spacious overhead bins for additional carry-on bag capacity.
  • Custom LED mood lighting is designed to reduce jetlag by creating an ambient environment that supports the body’s natural circadian rhythms.
  • Iconic glowing ceiling with a pattern designed exclusively by JetBlue.
  • Striking redesigned entryway featuring bright lights and welcoming residential finishes.
  • Four lavatories featuring subway tile patterns – a nod to JetBlue being New York’s Hometown Airline®.

JetBlue Sustainability: SAF Fuel on Flights to Amsterdam

Importantly, JetBlue’s new flights to Amsterdam mark the launch of a customer-centric, affordable travel experience, both for leisure and business travelers.

A key focus for JetBlue is its commitment to the environment and the communities it serves. The airline has set ambitious climate goals aligned with the Paris Agreement. By 2035, JetBlue aims to reduce aircraft emissions by 50% per seat compared to 2019 levels. The airline is actively pursuing partnerships and advocating for industry advancements in sustainability. Additionally, it is implementing internal measures to enhance operational efficiency. JetBlue’s ultimate objective is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of industry targets.

JetBlue strongly believes in the power of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to address carbon emissions. As part of its commitment, the airline supports the growing SAF market. It collaborates with three SAF suppliers in the United States and is involved in partnerships and investments for future SAF technologies. JetBlue has sourced more SAF from AirBP for its inaugural flight from Schiphol Airport. The airline remains dedicated to finding new SAF opportunities in its European destinations as part of the collective effort towards a more sustainable future of flight.

For more details on JetBlue’s service to and from Europe, visit the airline’s transcontinental website


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