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ANA’s Pokémon Eevee Jet Delays. What happened?

Update 1 Sept: After a one-day delay, the Eevee jet finally took off this morning.

As AviationWire reports from Japan (link in Japanese):

On September 1, All Nippon Airways (ANA/NH) launched the specially painted aircraft “Eeve Jet NH” (Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, registration code JA784A) on international flights. Initially, it was scheduled to operate from August 31, but it was postponed due to a malfunction of the air conditioner. The first flight was NH211 from Haneda to London, and it departed at 10:04 a.m. from spot 71 of the international flight facility in Terminal 2 with 210 passengers (including 3 infants). The aircraft was nearly full.

It is a new specification of the 777-300ER, with 212 seats in 4 classes. First and Business are private suites with doors, and the world’s first 4K compatible monitor is adopted as a personal monitor in the cabin. The breakdown of the number of seats is 8 seats in first class “THE Suite,” 64 seats in business class “THE Room,” 24 seats in premium economy, 116 seats in economy, and power outlets and USB terminals for charging in all classes.

AviationWire, Japan


The ANA Pokémon Eevee Jet, which should have launched service to London on August 31, was delayed due to technical issues.

Eeevee jet delays. What happened?
ANA Eeevee Jet NH Livery. Source ANA

The airline operated the flight with a non-Pokémon-themed aircraft instead. This sad news, as reported by AviationWire in Japan, follows the spectacular unveiling of the aircraft on August 30. AviationWire has some great pictures of the unveiling event on their website. You should translate the page to read their full story.

“All Nippon Airways (ANA/NH) announced on the morning of August 31 that it has postponed the service of the specially painted aircraft “Eevee Jet NH” (Boeing 777-300ER type aircraft, registration symbol JA784A), which was scheduled to be launched on international flights from this day. Due to an equipment malfunction, flight NH211 to London at 9:55 a.m. in Haneda, scheduled for the first flight, will be operated with another aircraft. According to ANA, the service date for the [Eevee Jet NH] is undecided at this time.”

Aviation Wire

Bummer, but flight safety comes first. While this news disappoints Pokémon fans, no doubt Eevee will fly soon enough. You can still fly ANA’s Pikachu Jet! Or any other airline aircraft also participating in the Pokémon jet collection.

More on the Eevee Jet: ANA’s Latest Addition to Their Pokémon Fleet

Building on the success of the inaugural Pikachu Jet NH, the Eevee-themed Boeing 777-300ER was scheduled to enter service on August 31, 2023. Now, delayed due to technical issues.

With Eevee and its various evolutions, like Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, confidently emblazoned on its exterior, the Eevee Jet NH symbolizes optimism and the endless possibilities of exploration. Eevee’s unique potential to evolve into diverse forms reinforces ANA’s commitment to inspire travelers and society at large to discover the wealth of connections that commence in the boundless skies.

The Pikachu Jet NH is a Boeing 787-9 (with 246 seats onboard) aircraft number JA894A. 

ANA Pikachu Jet, still flying
ANA Pikachu Jet NH Livery. Source: ANA

Specially designed for ANA, the “Pikachu Jet NH” boasts a vibrant livery where the Sky High Pokémon with Pikachu toward the shining rays of hope and endless possibilities of an interconnected world. And keep your eyes peeled when boarding – even more Pokémon are tucked away within the engines! So, prepare to embark on your next adventure with the Pikachu Jet, where the thrill of the Pokémon world becomes your reality.

See What’s Inside Both ANA Pokémon Planes in this story:

Flight Schedules for ANA Pikachu Jet are included!

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