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Corendon’s New “Adult-Only” Zone: What You’ll Find Inside the Plane

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Dutch airline Corendon announced it will introduce an “Adult-Only” zone on its leisure flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao, starting November 3.

But is this decision a clever ploy by the leisure carrier to boost ancillaries, or will it benefit passengers? Let’s have a look inside the plane.

Corendon Promises a Peaceful Journey

The newly announced zone, primarily targeted at passengers without children and business travelers, will provide a serene atmosphere perfect for those aiming to work or simply unwind during their flight. Moreover, the airline promises this zone will alleviate parents’ concerns, who often worry about the potential reactions of fellow travelers should their children become restless or start crying.

What to Expect in Corendon’s Adult-Only Zone?

What to expect inside Corendon's Adult-Only Zone?

Situated at the front of the Airbus A350 aircraft the airline uses to operate this flight, the Adult Only zone will comprise:

  • Nine XL seats provide additional legroom for an even more comfortable experience.
  • 93 standard seats.
  • Physical separation from the main cabin by walls and curtains ensures a tranquil environment.

Passengers over the age of 16 can access the zone. The pricing to reserve a seat in the Corendon Adult-Only Zone is set at €45 for a standard seat and €100 for an XL seat, per journey. That’s an ancillary charge, in addition to the fare.

Corendon’s Founder on the Inspiration for the Adult Only Zone

In a statement about the innovative move, Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, shared, “On board our flights, we always strive to respond to the different needs of our customers. We are also the first Dutch airline to introduce the ‘Adult Only’ zone because we try accommodating travelers looking for extra peace of mind during their flight. We also believe this can positively affect parents traveling with small children, who can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make a little noise.”

For those eager to experience this new offering, flights can be booked via,, and

Inside the Plane: Corendon A350-900 flights to Curaçao operate through collaboration with Spanish leisure carrier World2Fly

World2Fly is part of the Spanish World2Meet and the Iberostar Group, a major player in Spain’s travel industry and agent of Corendon Holidays. Corendon leases the World2Fly A350-900 to operate flights to Curaçao.

The Spanish carrier offers us a 360º view of the Airbus A350-900 cabin.

Corendon and World2Fly A350-900 Cabin Features

It is an all-economy and economy+ wide-body aircraft with 2 aisles and a 3-3-3 seating arrangement. There are 432 seats onboard, divided into 3 main cabin sections.

Corendon promises, “You always have enough choice of seats and more legroom than you would expect.”

The Corendon XL seats (available in all three cabin sections) feature:

  • Deployable Seat-screen
  • USB In-seat power
  • Adjustable wings headrest
  • Recline 15,23 cm
  • Extra leg room
  • Fixed armrests

The Corendon Standard seats (available in all three cabin sections) feature:

  • Seat-back screen
  • USB In-seat power
  • Adjustable wings headrest
  • Recline 15,23 cm

Parents Flying With Small Children on Corendon Would Likely Book the Two Back Cabins Anyway

Take A Closer Look at the Corendon and World2Fly Seat Map

According to the World2Fly (LOPA) Seat Map, the A350-900 only features bassinets (baby cots) on the bulkheads of the last two cabins on this aircraft.

  • Cabin 1 (Adults-Only) has no bassinet in the bulkhead and has 12 rows of seats. All rows are 3-3-3.
  • Cabin 2 has a bassinet in the bulkhead middle seats, and the bassinet seats are also XL seats. All front-row seats are XL. There are 21 rows in his cabin, including two two-seater rows, both XL seats.
  • Cabin 3 also has a bassinet in the bulkhead middle seats, and the bassinet seats are also XL seats. There are 17 rows in this cabin, including four two-seater rows. Two of the two-seater rows (at the front of the cabin) are XL seats. The two remaining two-seater rows are at the back, with convenient access to the galley and lavatories.
Very Back. Cabin Seat Map (LOPA) Family-Friendly with bassinet. Corendon's A350-900 (World2Fly)
Very Back. Cabin Seat Map (LOPA). Corendon’s A350-900 (World2Fly)

Parents miss out on little with Corendon’s ‘Adults-Only’ offer, except having to pay extra to be closer to the front. Those who prefer quiet isolation can pay for it. That said, even for couples or singles, the two-seaters at the back of the Corendon/World2Fly seat map are attractive seating choices.

The A350 cabin offers a very comfortable flying experience, even when flying in an economy seat, no matter what cabin you fly.

The FightChic Take:

So, will putting families at the back make a difference for Corendon’s ancillary revenue and bottom line? It’s a very clever strategy targeting some passengers preference for a quiet flight to boost ancillaries. However, unlike a silent cabin on a rail car (which requires all passengers to keep quiet regardless of age) Corendon makes no such guarantees. Unfortunately, adults can behave worse than children on a plane (especially after a few drinks). Regardless, it will be a curious development to watch.

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