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Qantas Group Announces No Expiry Date on COVID Credits: What You Need to Know

The Qantas Group has announced removing expiry dates on their COVID flight credits. This policy change means that Qantas is now setting the gold standard for flexibility on airline credits.

Qantas A350-1000

Key Highlights of New COVID Credit Policy:

  1. Endless Validity: Any COVID travel credits expiring by the end of 2023 will now have no expiry date.
  2. Refunds & More: Qantas customers can now request cash refunds for their COVID flight credits. Meanwhile, Jetstar clients can use their vouchers for any future flights with no expiration.
  3. A Generous Offer: To make the deal sweeter, from 4 September 2023, Qantas will give double the Frequent Flyer Points for flights booked using these credits till the end of the year.
  4. Stay Informed: The Qantas Group pledges to keep reminding its customers about their COVID-19 credits through various communication channels. Additionally, they’re joining hands with travel agents to facilitate refunds for tickets not booked directly via the airline.

A Word from the Top: Alan Joyce Speaks on COVID Credit Policy

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce addressed the change to the COVID credit policy, signaling Qantas’ commitment to its customers. Joyce emphasized how the airline has been listening to its customers and understands the earlier inconveniences faced with the credit system.

Joyce hopes the move will restore faith among its customers. He encouraged travelers to use their credits for their next journeys. Notably, he also highlighted the double Frequent Flyer Point offer for those booking with the Qantas COVID credit.

Alan Joyce explains COVID-19 credits. Source: Qantas

How Qantas Group Customers Can Manage Their COVID-19 Credits

For Qantas:

  • Track your travel credit using the ‘Find My Credit’ tool on
  • Want a refund? Dial 1300 668 885.
  • Utilize your credit by visiting
  • Need more assistance? Contact the Travel Credit Concierge team at 1300 171 505 or reach out to your travel agent.

For Jetstar:

  • Locate your voucher via Live Chat.
  • Redeem your voucher on, valid for all fares, including domestic and international journeys.
  • Check the current balance using the Voucher Balance Checker on
  • Vouchers can be extended indefinitely post-expiry via LiveChat or the contact centre.


  • Why would Qantas Group not issue automatic credit card refunds? Many COVID credits date back to 2019, with associated credit cards likely expired, causing potential refund issues.
  • Why would Qantas Group not send a cheque? Cheques are becoming obsolete, and Qantas doesn’t always have updated postal addresses.

It’s worth noting that while some airlines have let their travel credits lapse and many are on the verge of expiring soon, Qantas’ move to eliminate expiry dates showcases its dedication to customer service and flexibility.


  1. For Qantas customers, a ‘COVID Credit’ refers to travel credits for bookings up to and including 30 September 2021. For Jetstar customers, a ‘COVID Voucher’ refers to all Jetstar Airways vouchers with an expiry date of 31 December 2023 (The airline will extend these on request).
  2. Beyond 31 December 2023, Qantas COVID credits won’t be directly convertible into travel. Due to system limitations, the airline can only issue a refund. At any point, travelers can book Qantas flights up to 353 days in advance, reflecting the system range. On 31 December 2023, travelers can book flights up to 19 December 2024.
  3. Customers seeking a Qantas COVID credit refund after 31 Dec 2023 from a booking made through a travel agent may only be paid the amount that Qantas received from the Agent for that booking.

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