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Well, That Was Quick: Monarch Relaunch Gets the Kabash

Further Update 31 Aug: Stand by for more heart-racing action in the Monarch relaunch story. (Pending further updates).

We have been approached with new options to continue launching Monarch.  Monarch’s Chairman has stepped down and is to be replaced by a new industry veteran with immediate effect.

Monarch Communications

Earlier today…

The new Monarch Airlines relaunch is no more. Future flights are canceled. The airline’s official website was updated with the following statement:

A statement from our Board:

It is with immense regret that we announce today that we have been forced to put the brakes on our process to relaunch Monarch.  This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, however since taking over the business two weeks ago we have drawn close to exhausted the start-up funding provided to us far more rapidly than anticipated.

We have been seeking alternative routes, such as partial divestment of share capital, and will continue to do so, however at the current stage there is no practical option to move forward in the immediate future.

The Board
31st August 2023

Let’s just say this raises a lot of questions.

For a recap of this failure to relaunch, read my previous updates.

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