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Alaska Airlines’ Mobile Verify for International Travel: How does it work?

In today’s fast-paced world, travelers need more efficient ways to navigate the often time-consuming airport process. Recognizing this demand, Alaska Airlines introduced a game-changing solution: Mobile Verify. But how does it work?

Speed through the airport by verifying your passport with Alaska Airlines' Mobile Verify for International Travel.

Breeze Through Passport Verification with Mobile Verify

While verifying your passport before leaving or entering the US is mandatory, Alaska Airlines has streamlined this process with the Mobile Verify program. It’s now available for passengers traveling on Alaska flights using US or Canadian passports.

No more wasted time waiting for airport agents to check your passport before an international flight. With just a few quick photos, Alaska Airlines now allows you to securely verify your passport from the comfort of your home. Use that extra time for last-minute shopping or indulging in a pre-flight beverage.

How does it work? Getting Started with Alaska Airlines’ New Mobile Verify

Setting up Alaska Airlines’ Mobile Verify on your phone couldn’t be easier.

  1. Download the Airside Digital Identity mobile app from your iOS or Android app store.
  2. Snap a selfie.
  3. Scan your passport’s photo page.
  4. Scan the embedded chip inside the passport’s back cover.

Before each trip

Once set up, the Alaska app will guide you through a few simple steps before each trip to ensure your documents are verified for international travel.

Alaska Airlines' Mobile Verify is easy no matter how often you travel internationally.
Alaska Airlines’ Mobile Verify is easy no matter how often you travel internationally. Source: Alaska Airlines

You’ll only have to go through two simple steps. The Alaska app will prompt you to open your Airside app to:

  • Select your departure date and location.
  • Enter your confirmation code.

This gives Airside a one-time consent to use your digital identity. It alerts Alaska Airlines that you have verified your documents for international travel. You do not need to see an agent. You’ll follow the same simple process for each international trip you take.

Source: Alaska Airlines

And for those who prefer the conventional method, Alaska’s customer service agents are always available for assistance.

Mobile Verify: A Step Towards a Seamless Airport Experience

The Mobile Verify platform is fueled by Airside, a product of Onfido. This is just the tip of the iceberg in Alaska’s strategy to make every traveler’s journey as effortless as possible.

As Charu Jain, senior vice president of innovation and merchandising at Alaska Airlines, explains, “We’re reimagining the entire guest experience at our airports with the goal of getting you through the lobby in 5 minutes or less. We’re investing in technology that takes processes traditionally only available at an airport and makes them possible from your smartphone. This new Mobile Verify technology creates a seamless airport experience for guests traveling internationally — eliminating the uncertainty that comes with having to wait in airport lines.”

Prioritizing Privacy and Convenience

In this digital age, data privacy is paramount. Alaska Airlines has prioritized this by choosing a system where users have full control over their information. All details are stored securely on the user’s smartphone, giving travelers the autonomy to decide where and when it’s shared.

“Alaska has highly loyal guests thanks to the quality of their service and their commitment to consumer privacy,” said Adam Tsao, General Manager for Airside at Onfido. “We’re proud Airside is helping deliver on this commitment and empower all those who travel on Alaska Airlines with fast, private, and easy airport experiences by putting digital identities in the hands of their flyers.”

Moving Beyond Verification to a Seamless Journey for Alaska Airlines Flyers

Alaska Airlines is not just stopping at passport verification. They have a vision: to transform how travelers experience the airport. With the integration of biometric identities, they aim for an airport experience where guests move smoothly from the lobby to boarding, using their digital identity on a smartphone.

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