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SAS First Electric Flight: Fully Booked to Take-Off 2028

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) opened advanced seat reservations for its pioneering commercial electric flights this June. There’s a catch: these flights are scheduled to launch in 2028. Also, a second catch: only travelers from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark could book. And, finally, a third catch: All seats are already sold out.

The electric flight reservations promotion is a way to support the airline’s bold ambition to take the lead on sustainable flights. It costs passengers nothing until the airline is ready to deliver.

Rendering of electric aircraft that will fly the SAS first electric flight in 2028.

An Important Milestone in Aviation

With just 30 exclusive seats available on each of the three inaugural flights, participants will be a part of aviation history and SAS’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. In line with its ambition of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SAS is actively exploring innovative solutions, including using electric aircraft for shorter journeys.

As Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS, put it: “Since its inception in 1946, SAS has been one of the pioneers in the airline industry, being, for instance, the first commercial airline operator to fly over the North Pole to significantly shorten flight time between continents. A groundbreaking activity for which SAS received the Columbus Prize. The fact that we can now invite our passengers to the next major milestone in the future of aviation is a natural continuation of that pioneering spirit and a significant step on our journey towards more sustainable aviation.”

Special Tribute Fares

In honor of the year SAS took to the skies, tickets for this monumental flight were priced at SEK/NOK/DKK 1946. This pricing is a nod to the airline’s heritage and the innovation-driven ethos encapsulated by founder Wallenberg’s words: “Moving from the old to the new is the only tradition worth preserving.”

How to Reserve:

Well, you can’t. All available seats are already sold out. But here are the details of what was on offer:

  1. Qualifying Scandinavian travelers (from Denmark, Norway, or Sweden) could reserve these well-in-advance tickets at
  2. Each individual could reserve a maximum of two seats.
  3. Payments (1946 kr, including all fees and taxes) are due 30 days before the confirmed flight date. The airline will email travelers when this happens.

SAS will announce the exact date and city of departure closer to the launch of the flights. Passengers can transfer or cancel their seat reservations. Again, there aren’t any seats left, but the site is worth checking out for a treat.

What Electric Aircrat will SAS fly?

The airline hasn’t decided yet, though the plane’s rendering and the animation on the reservation page suggest the airline is considering Heart Aerospace’s ES-30 4-engine electric turboprop.

“The final decision is not made with regards to which electric aircraft will operate the specific first flight. SAS has multiple initiatives underway towards zero-emission flights, and final selection will be done in time for the first electric flight which is estimated to be carried out in 2028.”


SAS’s Sustainability Drive

SAS continues to lead with its commitment to sustainable aviation. Major sustainability milestones and future targets include:

  • 2019: SAS partners with Airbus, promoting the adoption of low- and zero-emission commercial aircraft.
  • 2019: Collaboration with Heart Aerospace, leading to the addition of the electric ES-30 to the SAS regional fleet in September 2022.
  • 2030 Goals:
    • Achieve a 50% noise reduction compared to 2010 levels.
    • Use sustainable aviation fuel equivalent to SAS’s domestic production.
  • 2050 Goal: Attain net-zero carbon emissions, in line with IATA’s updated ambitions.

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