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Introducing Aisle Class: Inside the Plane, BermudAir Reimagines Premium Air Travel

BemudAir’s refreshing new offer for dreamy escapes to Bermuda introduces an exclusive, elegant in-flight experience. For every traveler inside the plane, the journey will feel like flying on a private jet. BermudAir connects the East Coast of North America and Bermuda in style.

Set to launch on November 1, 2023, Aisle Class promises to transform journeys. It offers unprecedented luxury, convenience, and service in the skies. BermudAir’s Aisle Class redefines premium air travel, delivering a seamless experience that aims to surpass every traveler’s expectations. Let’s explore what’s inside BermudAir’s new Aisle Class. We’ll also get to know the brand and cabin designers behind this welcome in-flight revolution.

Experience Luxury at New Heights

With a bright livery that speaks to the destination’s natural wonders, BermudAir has marked a distinctive brand. Upon boarding BermudAir’s aircraft, passengers will be greeted with an atmosphere of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.

Elevating the In-Flight Journey with Aisle Class

BermudAir introduces a novel All-Aisle seating.
Source: BermudAir

BermudAir introduces passengers to a new age of air travel with Aisle Class. Moving beyond the traditional cabin designs, the airline offers a truly unique experience.

BermudAir operates Embraer E175 planes with a 30-suite configuration. Each of the 30 suites is an oasis. You don’t have to worry if you can never decide between the window and aisle seats. On BermudAir, you always get both!

BermudAir’s Vision of Comfort and Convenience

BermudAir champions the belief that every air journey should be a luxurious experience. Aisle Class suites, designed with this ethos, offer passengers exceptional comfort while ensuring privacy. Whether for work or relaxation, the suites provide the perfect ambiance.

Revolutionary Seating by BermudAir

Passengers no longer have to choose between a window view and aisle accessibility. BermudAir’s unique seating configuration in the Aisle Class offers uninterrupted scenic entertainment. And there’s no need to compromise on the ease of an aisle seat to enjoy the view.

When You’re Not Looking at the Scenery, Enjoy Wireless In-Flight Entertainment

BermudAir offers a Wi-Fi network that lets you connect your own device to watch a selection of TV programs, movies, magazines, and more. You can also send and receive text-based messages using WhatsApp.

Enjoy Pampering and Local Fare Before You Land in Bermuda

At the heart of Aisle Class is BermudAir’s commitment to top-tier service. The airline’s cabin crew is trained meticulously to provide personalized care, tailored amenities, and impeccable attention to detail. Thanks to their collaboration with local culinary establishments, travelers will savor the island’s renowned hospitality above the clouds.

“We believe that food is an essential part of the travel experience. That’s why we’ve created a menu that offers a delicious selection of tasty items developed in partnership with some of Bermuda’s finest food specialists. Additionally, we offer a variety of refreshing beverages, including iconic favorites like Bermuda’s signature cocktail…the Dark ‘n Stormy.” 

The Dark and Stormy, a Bermuda favorite can be enjoyed on BermudAir flights.
Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail is a refreshing cocktail blending dark rum, ginger beer, and lime. Bermuda’s signature cocktail is available on BermudAir flights. iStock Photo Credit: bhofack2

Inside the Design of the All-Aisle Experience

As Adam White, Director, Factorydesign Ltd, explains, the unique All Aisle seating concept came together quickly but was no less meticulous in crafting.

“Our journey with Bermudair began at the start of this year. We were approached to support a very rapid design program. We were to develop the interior of their Embraer E175 aircraft. This meant taking it from a sixty-seat to a thirty-seat layout, with a premium experience throughout.” This all-premium concept was a better fit for the newly launching National carrier for the islands of Bermuda. “The entire cabin has been overhauled and updated with careful attention to the aspiration of the new brand positioning. This was well defined by the work already completed by paulwylde, the California-based Brand Agency with considerable experience,” White explains.

“The most significant part of the program was the inspired idea to take an economy double seat, remove the outboard passenger position, and replace this with side furniture and an aisle partition. Doing so gave the seat the manner of a modern Business product. This allowed a fast-track program with a modified seat rather than an all-new product.

“Also, the whole passenger experience was re-evaluated and added to. The overhead bins were removed to provide a significantly better cabin experience. Good-sized in-seat stowage is available for your carry-on luggage and other items. The new lighting adds the sophistication passengers have become used to in premium travel on wide-body jets. This ambitious interior for an E175 will offer a delightful travel experience.”

Working together with the team at BermudAir, Factorydesign has enjoyed the best kind of collaborative cabin design program. The striking new cabin speaks volumes about this approach.

“At Factorydesign, we are hugely proud and privileged to have created a truly unique cabin environment for BermudAir.  This exciting new airline will run services from the US East Coast to Bermuda in a private jet-style environment for a fraction of the cost,” White says. “The suites are complimented by a sophisticated, premium cabin environment with delightful touches, such as the lighting which bathes the cabin in blue light on the way to the USA and pink light on the way to Bermuda. You will know why if you’ve ever caught a bus in Bermuda. (The buses that run from the capital Hamilton to other areas use markers colored blue on outward journeys and pink on return). It’s a simple but charming bit of color coding.”

Enlightened Adventure: The Ethos of the Brand

Helping the new airline to craft the BermudAir brand was a passion project for Paul Wylde, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of California-based brand, innovation, and design consultancy paulwylde.

“We are thrilled and delighted to announce our key role over the past two years in the positioning, design, and expression of a truly unique airline brand proposition,” Wylde said. “Working closely with the leadership team, our role included defining and articulating the brand’s soul. Then translating it into a beautiful and distinctive visual identity. A key initial creative idea was the concept of “Enlightened Adventure.”

This notion inspired the BermudAir brand identity, architecture, and guest experience.

“There’s so much more to Bermuda than initially meets the eye,” Wylde added. “We intended to convey that concept in BermudAir’s brand identity.”

The logo form elegantly reflects the curvature of the earth – connoting flight and travel. It is supported by an energetic color palette inspired by life in Bermuda. The livery design features a specially created layered abstract artwork. It represents the island’s vibrant and sophisticated local culture. The art also embodies the natural environment that often reveals its magic to visitors and locals over time.

“We are incredibly excited with the particular opportunities of this quite unique project and in the inspired vision of Bermudair’s dynamic leadership,” Wylde continued. “We are the perfect team to articulate and design for the needs of a particularly demanding, discerning, and sophisticated new modern global traveler. A traveler who seeks new forms of service, luxury, and a flying experience delivered through more meaningful and intrinsic ways. This brand is one of a new generation. It’s among the few airlines that will show us what the future of air travel will look like. Everything is right for this venture – the people, the product, and the presentation.”

Adam Scott, Founder and CEO of BermudAir, added, “We’re very pleased to have had Paul’s expertise and deep insight for the design of our aircraft livery. BermudAir will provide a premium travel experience for our guests, reflecting Bermuda’s vibrant colors, unique culture, and renowned hospitality. Paul and his team captured the essence of what our brand delivers to the market. They aligned perfectly with our vision.” 

How to Fly BermudAir


StartingFromToDepartArriveFlight Days
Aug 31stBermuda (BDA)Boston (BOS)7:50 am9:05 amMon‚ Wed-Sun
Aug 31stBoston (BOS)Bermuda (BDA)9:50 am1:05 pmMon‚ Wed-Sun
Aug 31stBermuda (BDA)Westchester (HPN)3:55 pm5:00 pmMon‚ Wed-Sun
Aug 31stWestchester (HPN)Bermuda (BDA)6:00 pm9:00 pmMon‚ Wed-Sun
Sep 15thBermuda (BDA)Westchester (HPN)7:30 am8:15 amMon-Tue‚ Thu-Sun
Sep 15thWestchester (HPN)Bermuda (BDA)8:29 am11:45 amMon-Tue‚ Thu-Sun
Sep 22ndBermuda (BDA)Fort Lauderdale (FLL)3:50 pm5:50 pmMon-Tue‚ Thu-Sun
Sep 22ndFort Lauderdale (FLL)Bermuda (BDA)6:35 pm10:20 pmMon-Tue‚ Thu-Sun

The Visionaries Behind BermudAir

  • Adam Scott, CEO of BermudAir, is also the visionary behind Odyssey Airlines, redefining business-class travel.
  • George Henderson, Chief Experience Officer at BermudAir, brings with him a legacy of crafting exceptional customer experiences across various travel domains.
  • Mark Bergsrud possesses a wealth of knowledge from his leadership at Servy and influential stints at airlines such as Northwest, Continental, and United.
  • Martin Amick, Chief Operating Officer at BermudAir, leverages his extensive aviation experience to ensure seamless operations.
  • John Bavister, co-founder and CFO of BermudAir combines his expertise in aviation with a solid business consultancy background to fortify the airline’s financial strategy.

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