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Porter Airlines: Elevating Winnipeg’s Air Travel Experience

Porter Airlines is the newest airline partner of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. The Gateway to the West expands as the airline brings home its affordable, elevated, effortless, and eco-conscious flight experience.

Porter Airlines: A New Journey Begins at YWG

Porter E195-E2 aircraft at Winnipeg Airport
Source: Winnipeg Airport Authority
Porter E195-E2 aircraft at Winnipeg Airport
Source: Winnipeg Airport Authority

Starting September 7, Porter Airlines launches a twice-daily service connecting Winnipeg to Toronto Pearson International Airport. A boon for Manitobans, this new alliance promises an even broader horizon for travelers keen on exploring the eastern gems of Canada—be it Montreal’s European vibe, the maritime charm of Halifax, or the coastal beauty of St John’s.

Tailored Flight Experiences with Porter

Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, Porter offers two distinct economy-class and economy+ experiences. Budget-conscious travelers will find attractive fares and comfortable flights with PorterClassic. PorterReserve is perfect for those seeking an elevated experience—think early boarding, additional space, craft cocktails, and gourmet meals. The airline also offers different fare tiers that allow greater flexibility in baggage, travel experience, and cancellation policy.

Flying with Porter: Inside the Plane

Inside the Plane, Porter Airlines
Source: Porter Airlines

The In-Flight Menu

Founded in 2006, Porter Airlines aims to rekindle the golden era of air travel. Passengers can enjoy sipping free beer or wine from glassware (not plastic cups) above the clouds. There are also various beverages and treats on offer, from soft drinks to juice and the perfect in-between-meal snack. The airline prides itself on offering local products. Their in-flight menu features northern delights, including Hard Bite potato chips.

Passengers booking PorterReserve tickets get a complimentary meal included with their ticket (on flights over 2.5 hours) and free premium beverages. (No meal service is available on night-time flights.)

PorterReserve in-flight meal
Source: Porter Airlines

Passengers flying on PorterClassic tickets don’t miss out. All Porter flights offer beer, wine, premium snacks, soft drinks, and hot beverages. On flights over 2.5 hours, PorterClassic passengers will find fresh meal options and upsized snacks available for purchase.

Vegetarian options are available on every flight.

Window or Aisle: Porter’s No-Middle Seat Cabin

Source: Porter Airlines

Frequent fliers know the value of finding the perfect seat. With its 2-2 cabin configuration, Porter offers no-middle-seat flying. Whether you’re a fan of the view or prefer the easy access of an aisle seat, you’ll find your pick of seats with Porter.

Porter’s Embraer E195-E2 seat map
Porter Airlines Embraer E195-E2 (LOPA) seat map

There are exits on both sides of the aircraft. Two are at the front of the plane, two more sets of exits are in front of Rows 13 and 14, and two are at the back, behind row 33.

PorterReserve Seat Features (Rows 1-4)

  • 36-inches of legroom
  • In-Seat Power

PorterClassic Stretch Seat Features (Rows 5-7 and Rows 13, 14)

  • 34-inches of legroom
  • In-Seat Power

PorterClassic Seat Features

  • 30-inches of legroom
  • In-Seat Power

Stay Connected with Free Wi-Fi

If staying connected is crucial, Porter’s modern fleet of E195-E2 jets offers complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to work or indulge in their favorite streaming platforms seamlessly.

A Sustainable Choice for the Eco-conscious Traveler

Porter understands that sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility. Their commitment to sustainable flying starts with their Embraer E195-E2, an eco-friendly single-aisle aircraft that reduces carbon emissions by up to 30%. That’s 3,700kg less CO2 per flight. Porter also manages their environmental footprint by choosing biodegradable meal packaging and consciously cutting down single-use plastics onboard.

Porter’s Mobile App Makes Flying More Convenient

Porter has introduced a mobile app to simplify air travel. It enhances self-service options, giving passengers more control of their journey. Air travelers can quickly and easily confirm booking details and manage flight changes. When you’re ready to fly, you can check in with the app, pick your seats, add bags, and access digital boarding passes. With the app, you’ll also get real-time flight notifications.

“As Porter expands into dozens of new markets in the next few years, it’s important we maintain and elevate the level of ease and convenience that passengers are accustomed to when flying with us,” said Kevin Jackson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Porter Airlines. “The Porter app enhances communications, allowing passengers to take control of their experience, rather than waiting to speak with an airport representative or call centre agent.” 
Porter’s classic graphic design is showcased throughout the app, featuring the airline’s well-known style and charm, and Mr. Porter raccoon brand mascot.”

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Store.

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