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Lessons from the Tarmac: Summer Interns Reflect on their Experience at Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is more than just a hub for travelers; it’s a place of opportunity and growth. The airport relaunched its intern program this summer, welcoming 17 students from local high schools, community colleges, and universities. These budding professionals dived deep into various departments, gaining hands-on experience and invaluable insights into airport operations.

Summer Interns Share What They Learned at Philadelphia International Airport PHL
Summer Interns at Philadelphia International Airport. Source: PHL

Interning at Philadelphia International Airport: A Peek Behind the Curtain

From managing airfield operations to crafting marketing strategies, the PHL interns had the rare chance to work alongside full-time PHL staff, understanding the intricate workings of an international airport.

As Chevelle Harrison, PHL’s Director of Workforce Development, aptly put it: “It is our hope that they will take what they learned to become better students and, eventually, future aviation employees.”

The optimism surrounding the intern program was palpable, especially when Harrison shared the encouraging feedback from a luncheon she hosted with the students.

The camaraderie among the interns was evident, with sessions of sharing experiences and even a friendly game of PHL’s adaptation of “Family Feud.” CEO Atif Saeed also dropped by, engaging in a fun-filled game session with the students.

What PHL interns had to say about their experience:

  • Operations Intern: “Working here this summer has been a great opportunity! Every day was different in Ops.”
  • Community Engagement Intern: “I appreciate that we were seen as co-workers, not as kids who were in the way. They give us assignments that mattered instead of giving us busy work.”
  • Capitol Development Intern: “I can’t believe that I work on active airfields with my supervisor.”

Furthermore, the interns had the privilege of listening to Kyle Owens, a former intern and now a stalwart at PHL. Owens, who began his journey at PHL a decade ago, emphasized the airport’s immense learning opportunities, sharing his aspirations of becoming a commercial pilot.

Fostering Future Leaders: PHL’s Commitment

Chevelle Harrison beautifully summarized the program’s success: “We are so proud of the young people who spent the summer at PHL. They are hardworking and curious individuals. There’s no doubt that they will flourish – we look forward to watching their growth and development.”

Students from diverse educational institutions took part in the PHL internship program

Unit College/University Student(s) 
Community Engagement- Keesha Lane        Widener University Nashiya Richardson 
Security- Jason Sankey       Northeast High School Janely Naula 
Marketing & Branding- Megan O’Connell and Nicole Geyer Neuman University Mina Cromartie 
Government Affairs- Shane Doud         Morgan State University      University of Pennsylvania Ani Kimble  Jason Fischer 
Guest Experience- Elizabeth Moselle and Leah Douglas        University of Pittsburgh Elijah Carter 
Operations- Wallace DuBois      Delaware State University Derek Williams 
Capital Development Group- Allyson Radford         Drexel University Dai Ton  Tamika Tukes  Louella Girroir  Kankoue Folly  Franco Cima  Collin Wilkinson  Nicholas Moore 
Properties- Adam Mitchell and Lindsay Bodin Community College of Philadelphia Mariah Presley 
Air Service Development and Cargo Services- Edgar VesgaRowan UniversityMegan Steckler 
Capitol Development (GIS)- Nora DoughertyTemple University Aidan Marshall 

PHL’s intern program has provided students with practical knowledge and instilled a sense of purpose and direction in them. Philadelphia hatched a fresh batch of bright minds eager to take on the world of aviation.

Learn more about aviation careers at PHL.

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