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Copenhagen Airport and Major Airlines Agree on Airport Charges

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Following several months of discussion, Copenhagen Airport and major airlines operating at the airport have reached a significant four-year agreement on airport charges. This new agreement dictates the charges airlines will incur when using the airport’s extensive facilities, including terminals, runways, and other essential services.

Copenhagen Airport
Source: Copenhagen Airport

A Fruitful Negotiation with Airlines

The agreement is with the largest airlines operating within Copenhagen Airport—SAS and Norwegian.

Copenhagen Airport’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye, expressed satisfaction with the agreement.

“We have had a good and constructive negotiation process. With an agreement in place, CPH and the airlines will have predictability in the business for the coming years and a common platform for cooperation. For example, in investments, route development, operational efficiency, and the green transition,” said Woldbye.

Financial Implications of New Airport Charges

Since 2017, airport charges declined by 9%. However, in the forthcoming agreement, active from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2027, these will increase to 28%. This translates to an average increase from DKK 170 to DKK 217 per passenger.

Foundation for the Future at Copenhagen Airport

Thomas Woldbye highlighted the significance of these charges in securing a sustainable future for Copenhagen Airport.

“The charges airlines pay for using the airport constitute the foundation of our finances and our ability to invest in the airport of the future, the green transition and to maintain our position as the key international transport hub of Denmark and northern Europe,” said Woldbye.

Staying Competitive

Aligned with trends from other major privately-owned European airports, Copenhagen Airport’s revised charges maintain its competitive edge. Woldbye assures that not only will the pricing remain competitive, but the quality of service and efficiency will continue to be top-notch.

Steps Ahead

These key elements will soon be structured formally. They will be presented to airlines that aren’t included in this agreement. After this, the agreement will await the nod from the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.


Post approval by the concerned authorities, these revised charges will come into play from 1 January 2024, remaining effective till 31 December 2027. It’s worth noting that this new structure will not impact the financial guidance for the current fiscal year.

In sum, this new agreement between Copenhagen Airports and major airlines is a progressive step towards fortifying mutual cooperation, ensuring operational excellence, and leading the green transition in the aviation industry.

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