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PriestmanGoode and Lantal Join Forces to Lead Aviation towards a Net Zero Future

In pursuing a sustainable future in aviation, design consultancy PriestmanGoode (PG) and Lantal have combined their innovative strengths. This collaboration showcases the infinite potential of digital processes in reducing manufacturing waste. Lantal’s award-winning DIGITAL DEEP DYEING technology has allowed PG to craft three exceptional carpet designs in three distinct colorways, thus addressing the aviation sector’s growing demand for lightweight, long-lasting, and easily customizable materials.

DEEP DYE Carpet: Sustainability Meets Design

Lantal’s DEEP DYE Carpet isn’t just another sustainable product. It’s a revolution. Only the necessary dimensions of the carpet are manufactured for each run. This is accomplished by mimicking principles from 3D printing and the zero-waste pattern cutting popularized in fashion. This means significantly reduced waste and faster production, even for smaller orders.

PG has masterfully woven in a narrative that marries age-old techniques with futuristic visions. This sustainable aviation carpet collection isn’t just bold; it carries an international allure owing to its inclusive design philosophy. By delving into Lantal’s rich history of crafting expressive aviation interiors, PG has rekindled that design magic. The importance of color for well-being and the role of printed patterns in facilitating navigation and accessibility have been key considerations, ensuring a fully inclusive and ‘design for all’ approach.

Moving from a Culture of Excess Towards Reductive Processes

Maria Kafel-Bentkowska, the Head of Colour, Material, and Finish at PriestmanGoode, expressed her enthusiasm, “It was exciting to be invited to be part of a positive story of future change. Change towards a more sustainable future will only occur through collaborative practice across design and manufacture. In a traditional sampling process for aviation clients, a minimum production of 5 meters of carpet is necessary to present a single sample. The new process reduces waste in production dramatically, but no aspect of the traditional process is compromised in any way. Moving away from a culture of excess towards reductive processes are important aspects of PriestmanGoode’s Route to Zero approach, guiding our clients in aviation and other transport sectors towards more sustainable solutions. In a live project, development time is rarely available, and therefore, we have appreciated the invitation from Lantal to collaborate on this project and for their total freedom in the brief.”

Iconic, Sustainable Aviation Carpet

Luzius Rickenbacher, EVP of Aviation Interiors at Lantal, echoed the sentiment. He said, “Our goal was to develop an iconic yet sustainable aviation carpet collection. It has been an inspiring journey to work with PriestmanGoode. Pushing the design and technology to another level with PG has been an outstanding experience, oftentimes exceeding our expectations. We love the outcome!.”

The New Collection: Choices Galore

The collection offers nine distinct carpet design choices, from the vibrant Maximalist Energy to designs resonating with Nostalgic Heritage and soothing Earthscape colors. And with the agility of digital technology, bespoke solutions are also on the table.

A Winning Innovation

At the recent Crystal Cabin Awards, Lantal’s DEEP DYED Carpet has already garnered acclaim, clinching the top spot in the Sustainable Cabin category. The technology’s impressive statistics are hard to overlook:

  • CO2 emissions: Reduced by 40%
  • Water consumption: Reduced by 60%
  • Waste: Reduced by 80%
  • Weight: 25% lighter than conventional two-frame carpets

About the Visionary Partners:

Lantal: Established in 1886, Lantal, a Swiss family-owned enterprise, has been at the forefront of crafting high-performance textiles. Since 1954, they have focused on designing airline interiors that epitomize heritage, brand identity, and passenger comfort.

PriestmanGoode: With operations in London and China, PriestmanGoode is a beacon of human-centered design. Specializing in infrastructure, aviation, transport, hospitality, and product design, they’re crafting experiences that touch millions globally daily.

FlightChic take:

This sustainable collaboration between PriestmanGoode and Lantal is a testament to the incredible strides being made towards a greener future in the aviation industry. Together, they’re flying towards a brighter, more colorful tomorrow.

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