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Qatar Airways Oryx One Inflight Entertainment Unveils ‘The Ascent’ by Dana Al Fardan

As you settle aboard your next Qatar Airways flight, prepare to be serenaded by the new brand theme, ‘The Ascent.’ The Official Composer of Qatar Airways Group, Dana Al Fardan, composed the new symphony. It promises to be a harmonious companion during your journey, setting the mood for an unparalleled in-flight experience.

'The Ascent’ marks the trilogy of Dana Al Fardan’s onboard theme music**
‘The Ascent’ marks the trilogy of Dana Al Fardan’s onboard theme music. Source: Qatar Airways

The Legacy of Dana Al Fardan with Qatar Airways

This isn’t Dana Al Fardan’s first symphony with the airline. In 2016, Qatar Airways’ Oryx One Inflight Entertainment collaborated with Dana to conceive the onboard theme music. This partnership has flourished, intertwining Dana’s musical essence with the airline’s brand, symbolizing stylish travel with Qatar Airways.

The recent addition, ‘The Ascent,’ culminates in a trilogy of onboard theme songs. It follows ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Dawn.’ These compositions boast instruments like the piano, violin, viola, and cello. Dana’s ingenuity is evident in her fusion of classical music with a touch of Arabic charm. Her compositions prominently feature traditional instruments like the Ney and Rababa.

His Excellency, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Group CEO, encapsulated the sentiment by stating, “Music is a universal language. At Qatar Airways, we have chosen a theme song that uplifts the passengers and transcends them to a wonderful destination. I am proud of Dana Al Fardan. She showcases our Qatari culture through sophisticated art. Her onboard music has also become synonymous with Qatar Airways’ brand identity. It is now directly associated with travel, culture, and luxury. It brings me great pleasure to welcome passengers onboard with the rhythms of Dana’s new symphony.”

A Symphony Across All Platforms

Come 10th September 2023, music aficionados will be in for a treat. An EP titled ‘Trilogy of the Ascent’ will launch. Dana’s compositions for Qatar Airways will be accessible on all major streaming platforms. The trilogy features tracks from ‘The Awakening,’ ‘The Dawn,’ and the latest ‘The Ascent.’ Qatar Airways passengers will soon board planes enjoying the harmonies of this new symphony.

Drawing inspiration from her roots, Dana aims to amalgamate sounds from her homeland with diverse Arabic instruments and rhythmic patterns. She seamlessly combines two distinct sound styles, ensuring neither loses its authentic essence. Dana’s global reach extends beyond the airline. The Qatari composer has showcased her craft in London’s iconic Theatre Royal Haymarket. She has also composed for musicals like “Broken Wings” and “Rumi: The Musical.” The former was the first Middle Eastern musical to grace the West End.

Inflight Entertainment Like No Other

Once again, Qatar Airways continues to elevate its in-flight experience. With over 7,000 entertainment options, passengers can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows. The award-winning Oryx One Inflight Entertainment offers a rich tapestry of over 2,000 musical choices. The playlist is packed with prominent artists, including Dana Al Fardan.

As you plan your next journey for leisure or business, anticipate a delightful musical experience with Qatar Airways. The unveiling of ‘The Ascent’ promises a blend of culture, luxury, and travel, setting the tone for an unforgettable journey.

To listen to ‘The Ascent’ and immerse in the world of Dana Al Fardan, visit Qatar Airways’ official site.

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