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SAS Ushers in a New Era with Chief Transformation and Commercial Officers Onboard

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced the newest additions to its executive management. The airline welcomed Ginger Hughes as the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and Paul Verhagen as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

SAS 70 Years Commemorative Livery Source:SAS
SAS 70 Years Commemorative Livery Source:SAS

Ginger Hughes – Strategic Transformation

Hughes previously guided SAS through the Chapter 11 process in an advisory role at Seabury. Her association with the global airline industry spans three decades. During that time, Hughes made significant contributions to pivotal aspects of the business. These include strategic transformations, restructuring, aircraft financing, cost optimization, and the creation of loyalty programs and alliances.

“Ginger will be instrumental in driving the SAS transformation journey successfully forward. It’s with great pleasure I welcome her onboard,” shared Anko van der Werff, the President & CEO of SAS.

Hughes’ new role with SAS began on September 1st, 2023. She reflected, “As I step into this role, I am humbled by the legacy of this airline. It’s with great anticipation and pleasure I embrace the responsibility to drive SAS successfully through this very important transformational journey. I look forward to being part of SAS soaring to new horizons of success.

Paul Verhagen – Global Expertise and Local Insights

Paul Verhagen, hailing from the Netherlands, steps in to invigorate the commercial realm. Verhargen has a 25-year career in aviation, spanning 11 countries. His experience includes serving as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Iberojet Airlines. Verhagen was also Senior Vice President of Global Sales Strategy and Channels at Aeromexico. He also understands the Scandinavian market. Verhagen was the Regional Director for Air France KLM across Norway, Finland, and the Baltic States. This makes him a neat fit for SAS.

Verhagen assumed his role on August 14th, 2023. He will work to harmonize various verticals like sales, branding, customer engagement, product development, and loyalty. All under a unified umbrella, resonating with SAS’s holistic growth vision.

“Paul’s addition to the executive management team will undoubtedly be a pivotal factor in propelling SAS to new heights of competitiveness on the global airline stage,” said Anko van der Werff.

Verhagen remarked, “SAS’s journey resonates with me deeply. I am committed to contributing to its strategic priorities, from remaining Scandinavia’s preferred airline to championing cost competitiveness and sustainability leadership.”

SAS – Flying Towards a Sustainable Future

A frontrunner in the Scandinavian skies, SAS operates major hubs in cities like Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. Rooted in sustainability, the airline champions eco-friendly aviation. Ongoing endeavors include investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and championing technology innovations. SAS is committed to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

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