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Discover Airlines: Embracing a New Brand Identity for Growth

Discover Airlines, previously known as Eurowings Discover, is soaring to new heights as it unveils its refreshing brand transformation. The young holiday airline of the Lufthansa Group is all set to redefine its journey and make traveling an even more exciting experience for its passengers.

The Dawn of a New Discovery

On September 5, the first aircraft, an Airbus A320 with the distinct identification of D-AIUR, showcasing Discovery Airlines new look, landed in Frankfurt. This aircraft will carry its first passengers to Palma de Mallorca on September 6th.

The rebranding is more than just an aesthetic change; it is a testament to the airline’s commitment to quality. This metamorphosis emphasizes Discover Airlines as the Quality Leisure Carrier of the Lufthansa Group in Germany.

A Design that Resonates with Wanderlust

This rebranding encapsulates the joy of traveling, the thrill of exploration, and the nostalgia of revisiting cherished places. The inspiration behind the new design palette is drawn from elements that resonate with holiday escapes.

The shades of blue, aptly termed “skylines,” are reminiscent of the sky, horizon, and water. Meanwhile, the splashes of yellow bring forth images of the sun and the beach. When one gazes out of the aircraft window, these colors paint a picture of the horizon and the sea. The new brand invokes wanderlust in every traveler.

Moreover, the prevalent blue hues denote the airline’s dedication to quality and strong ties with the Lufthansa Group. Discover Airlines perfectly complements the Lufthansa Group’s offerings, catering to the ever-growing private travel segment.

The Discover Airlines Brand Reveal Video

Discover Airlines Brand Reveal Video: Source: Discover Airlines

Design Nuances

Discover Airlines New Brand Identity details.

Discover Airlines’ revamped design retains its signature “discover” wordmark in lowercase letters, accentuated with a dot. This element has always been an integral part of its identity. It is now further enriched with the addition of “Airlines.” The aircraft’s tail design prominently features this recurring dot motif.

To underline the airline’s association with the Lufthansa Group, the “Member of Lufthansa Group,” lettering graces both sides of the aircraft fuselage. The Hamburg agency, Scholz & Friends, played a pivotal role in refining the brand.

Rolling Out the New Look

September 5 marked the onset of a phased introduction of the new brand identity with the landing of the revamped Airbus A320. All digital platforms, from the official website to social media channels, will transition to the new design by September 6. Over the ensuing weeks, modifications will be evident in signs at Frankfurt Airport, worldwide stations, crew uniforms, and in-flight accessories.

Expanding Horizons

In 2024, Discover Airlines is poised to bolster its fleet, adding five Airbus A320s and one Airbus A330. This will bring the total fleet size to 28 aircraft. The upcoming years are brimming with promise as the airline plans to expand its destinations and enhance its services.

Discover Airlines’ Route Map

Discover Airlines flies to popular vacation destinations worldwide, from Anchorage to Mauritus, Malé to Las Vegas, and Evenes to Windhoek.

Inside Discover Airlines’ Cabins

Discover Airlines offers two service classes on short-haul flights: Business and Economy. For long-haul flights, the airline offers three service classes: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy.

The Discover Airlines Team

CEO Bernd Bauer Comments on Discover Airlines’ New Brand

Bernd Bauer, CEO Discover Airlines

Bernd Bauer, CEO of Discover Airlines, expressed his pride in his team’s achievements. “We have built our airline in a record time of two years, hired around 2000 employees, listed 22 aircraft, and flown to over 60 destinations worldwide. The fact that we are already profitable after two years is due to the enormous commitment of the team. It is now continuing with the same vigor. The start-up phase is behind us. We are working on sharpening our profile and clear positioning in the higher-quality holiday and private travel segment. This also expresses the brand identity and, at the same time, underlines our affiliation with the Lufthansa Group. Discover Airlines stands for quality, joy, and ease. After all, people fly with us to the best time of the year.”

The FlightChic Take

Discover Airlines is set to embark on an exhilarating journey, and its new brand oozes freshness and optimism. With a dedication to quality, a contemporary offering tailored for private travelers, and an unwavering commitment to making flying a delightful experience, the airline’s customers are assured a bright holiday.

For more details, visit the official Discover Airlines website.

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